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  1. The main reason there are only 28 pages in this thread is because at the beginning this thread was "locked" for several years, meaning you could not post comments in this thread during all that time.
  2. [Arcade PC ] Nicktoons Nitro (Raw Thrills)

    Cool, thanks for the answers
  3. [Arcade PC ] Nicktoons Nitro (Raw Thrills)

    What other lower resolution games can this be applied to?
  4. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    This link still works....
  5. Weird.... I had a working version ages ago as well, then I ended up updating spice tools and the game stopped working but once I installed the version that I posted the game works for me again. --Edit-- It's a long shot but try this jgt.dll file that I uploaded. (feel free to back up the one you have) [Hidden Content]
  6. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    The game does not have to be on the root, and it does not even have to be on drive C: .... but it never hurts to try. Game runs fine on my S: drive with a super long directory structure. If you're still having issues with running the game you can try this older version of spice tools and see if it makes a difference --> [Hidden Content]
  7. Can't speak for the other Windows 7 users, but my arcade cab runs on Win 7 so I'd like to see this run on my cab. My main PC is running Win10 and I have the PC version of SFV running anyway so it's not a big deal to me if I get this running or not.
  8. Can someone confirm this game runs on Win 7? Thanks.
  9. Ahh, very nice. It's a good thing we have smart people involved in the hobby so that a dumbass like me can enjoy these older games at home.
  10. Stupid question but; are to hitting left or right after you scroll to your desired colour?
  11. Just tried version 1.4, works great. Thanks ducon2016. Without getting too technical, what was the ultimate solution?
  12. I tried it and it still drops frames for me every few seconds. -- Edit -- What's even more "interesting" is now that I went back to the older dic32u.dll and back to anti-lag it's dropping frames once again. Maybe that initial time I just got lucky somehow.
  13. Sounds great. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and help with everyone.
  14. We have a winner! That did it Runs smooth now. I bow to you good sir Not a big deal to me, but is implementing saving doable or is it out of the question?