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  1. No you do not. Direct input works just fine.
  2. [Trad.] MarioKart GP DX English Mod

    You have two choices at the moment; Either dump your own US version Mario Kart arcade rom and swap out the audio files. Or go visit you're buddy Jack Meurlizzi with the game's script and a tape recorder and get him to record his voice for you. But I have to warn you, I spoke with Jack or (Jack-O as he likes to be called) and it turns out he is very anti-emulation. Said he will not allow a US dump to be made public as long as he lives! Oh, I suppose there's also a third choice.... you can wait like the rest of us. Thanks for sharing the continued translations ADMIN!
  3. Maybe you have a different or modified dump of the game then the rest of us? Perhaps a different sdaemon file...
  4. In both F&F Drift and Supercars the car turns right for me using a steering wheel. Tried both dinput and xinput, same thing. Both games run fine outside of teknoparrot. Any suggestions? Tried calibrating the wheel in Supercars but it's not happening..... I just get an minimum-maximum turn error. All other racing games play well with the steering wheel via teknoparrot. - update - I got the steering working properly. Still not sure how to do a wheelie with the steering wheel though.
  5. Fast and Furious SuperCars only runs for me from C: drive. (game directory name doesn't matter) Can anybody confirm that you can run it from other drive letters?
  6. Am I the only one here not seeing the "General - UseMouseForGun" option under game settings for Let's Go Jungle? Keyboard input works to start the game but I can't move the game cursor or shoot. Worked fine in 1.92.
  7. [Trad.] MarioKart GP DX English Mod

    Great work! Thanks a lot for the update.
  8. Yeah, it's just funny how the game ran fine yesterday and today the controls don't work. I even deleted the LGJ eprom files under AppData/RoamingTeknoparrot. Re-installed TP 1.92 once again. Nothing helped. Thanks for all the tips. Time to get ready for work. I'll give it a shot tomorrow
  9. I don't need to "add" custom resolutions. I just right click the desktop and can change it to 1360x768 on the fly as it's already available to choose from the list. Once I apply the resolution change I'm good to go. I don't see how changing resolutions will affect controls within the game. I've had issues with House of the Dead 4 as soon as it became playable. I would get the controls to work sometimes, but most of the time I would get no controls. Seems to me like it's something related to the whole "use mouse for gun games" option. As soon as I uncheck that I can map the controls and they work fine. But of course I have no mouse controls which is what I want to be using for gun games.
  10. Same as EmuAl. I had it working on 1360x768 (proper resolution) and 1920x1080. Controls worked fine. Today it's a no go on any resolution as far as controls go. I did get an JVS I/O Error like 10 minutes into the game and it crashed. But I went into the game multiple times and it worked every time.
  11. Same here. Controls worked fine yesterday when I tried both games on 1.92. Today I have no controls in both games. If I uncheck "use mouse" for gun games, I get keyboard controls back, but as soon as I check "use mouse" no keyboard or mouse response.