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  1. Hmm, well, the machine i have that does have an internet connection is the one that says it's offline. I did try disabling the internet but leaving in on LAN, but that didn't change anything. Maybe i need to play around with that more. Maybe i can try taking the "online" cab off the network completely and see what the game says when it loads up. My test menu doesn't look like the one in that manual you posted, btw. I'll try to grab a screencap of it, options seem to be named wrong. In the test menu, the coin button drops you back to normal game. If you want to save you have to go down the last entry in the list "VideoID" or whatever it is, and hit start. The entry above that for "Video Split" is how you reset to default settings (on confirm). And where the Video split and video ID and split options should be, it call them Start and Preparing. They still show the 1/8. 2/8. 4/8 like the manual you posted though, so they're still the same options, just named wrong. In that manual, P52 and 53, in the top right corner it's showing machine 211. Given my "online" cab calls itself car 100 and the final octect of it's IP is .100, i reckon it's got to be something to do with that. 211 just seems totally random, given there can only be 8 cars in the setup - so maybe it's like they can all be on the one LAN at an arcade and that's the random IP the cab was given? Maybe you need a separate number up there, and also to set the video id/split correctly? Let me know if you figure out a way to alter machine number and/or turn the network on and off in the test menu! The networking section of the manual doesn't look anything i can find in the game itself. Sigh, i have to go on hols for ten days on Monday, but i'll try to check in while I'm away to see if you manage to figure anything out
  2. To begin with, before you change anything, do your machines say online or offline in the top right corner of the test menu? (at least, it's the top right on my small screen)

    It looks like the file patcher site will TELL you what still needs patching. Any box that's ticked when you dump the right file onto the site has already been patched. (you can test this by unticking something, and dropping the file back onto the site.) If the box is not ticked, ticking it will apply that patch. So to test your file, patch it, then drop it back on the site to see if the box is now ticked automatically. The archive in the OP seems have the main game exe already fully patched. It's only amdaemon and serverbox that need patching, can anyone confirm? I should actually ask as well... does version 2.11 work for LAN play in TP?
  4. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Hmmm, given how active the Demul discord is, i wonder if there's newer builds somewhere. I'd like to ask politely...
  5. There are some settings in the test menu, but i'm not sure how to get them to save... Or exactly what they do.
  6. That's all good. I appreciated the reply, it's good to have help thinking things through. I can't see anything in the mydocs folder, nor in the appdata one - though i haven't looked too hard into the latter.
  7. Lol, i do thank you for the reply, but where did it go? I noticed something else - in SRG the "online" PC (IP reports itself as car 100 in the test menu. The "offline" PC (IP reports itself as car 0. I did try changing the IP to like 4 but it doesn't change anything. Weird. I wonder if you get one shot, and it's creating a (pro)file somewhere outside the SRG directory that stays the same when i reinstall the game. You can get to the test menu, btw, just bind a key to it. The coin button will exit the test menu. IF someone could try that and report back what you're seeing vs your IP that would be awesome.
  8. I'm having trouble with LAN in Storm Racer G (using J-config). I have two cabs which normally network fine. The first cab says SRG is online (while running and going into test menu) and the other does not. They are (online) and 1.101 (offline). I've tried everything i can think of, changing IP's to lower than 100, copying the online/working SRG game folder onto the other machine (where it promptly says it's offline when the game is run, even if i swap IPs between machines.) I can only imagine windows is blocking something. I have allowed racing.exe through the window firewall, removed it, added it back again, added public networks, etc. And i have no other security software besides Windows defender, which doesn't flag any threats and so hasn't quarantined anything. Have i missed something, does this "online" indication in the test menu not matter and the cabs link in some other way? I have both instances running but when i coin up nothing happens and both go into separate/offline races. I'm totally out of ideas, and would greatly appreciate any tips to get things working :/
  9. I did fix this in the end - by upping the rendering resolution but leaving the windowed resolution low. Thanks for the tip about jconfig in the first place, it runs really well. Shame there isn't a jconfig for the ID games as well! And especially for OR2! EDIT: oh, though i see the ID games are being worked on! Could be pretty cool.
  10. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Can IDZ on TP newtwork at the moment?
  11. I just tried Borderless Gaming and i get the same problem. Thanks for the idea tho
  12. I'm trying to run SRG at 1024x576 windowed - this is about the max res my old arcade monitor can reach. The game runs fine, but the window only draws the top/left two thirds of the game, with a big grey border along the lower and right hand sides. The dials and indicators show up in those grey sections just fine, but none of the 3d. I've tried adjusting the x/y offsets in jconfig, and reducing the window size to lower that screen res, etc. And the desktop is set to 1024x576 with 100% scaling. Am I doing something stupid?
  13. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Cheers for the reply. I have set the desktop to the same res, and i already have the shaderfix from the front page, but trying to load the game in fullscreen just crashes. I should maybe add that my driving setups output to 15kHz PVM-2730s, so i'm always running things at weird video modes and having to find workarounds. I have OR2 set to run at 1024x576@50i - which works fine in a window. I did just try using the resolution patcher to set 640x480 and also using the jennifer_vga elf already in the dump, and either way the game *will* load in fullscreen, so that was my bad. My screen switches to 480i, but then when the game window opens it's setting its own 480p modeline - which being 31kHz is displaying a double-image on my 15kHz monitor (and not for long, as i'll shut the game down pretty quick on seeing that). I do appreciate the help, but I might have to take a hex editor to the elf and see what i can see. EDIT even easier would be a way to limit the framerate of a windowed application, and if anyone knows a way to do that i'd love to hear about it
  14. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Can anyone with an AMD card get Outrun 2 SP SDX to load in fullscreen at the moment? Fullscreen crashes for me with a long list of shader errors before getting to the game window. I can load windowed mode but then i can't lock the FPS so the game is tearing up at 150% speed and it's not playable.
  15. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    There's a program called UCR that will map controls to other controls. It can map a mouse axis to a joy axis. You need a joy axis first though, and to get one you can use something like V-joy. I'm using both those programs as a workaround for an older racing wheel and they're pretty functional. I haven't tried the mouse axis trick though, but i don't see why it wouldn't work.