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  1. hmmm I didn't know KOF Climax is working it doesn't run for me a while ago
  2. thanks will try it out , @Houb theres no way to use the reshade with individual .ini settings for mame ? otherwise i have use different mames for different reshade presets
  3. Okay i found out what the problem was , i had ini files which i ran were pointing to an older version then it appeared i removed them it its ok Thanks though im still settings things up in rlaucher i use this Reshade with certain games over Mame's Hlsl so i can use both but now rocketlauncher is setting something up causing to write ini then it launches the game with that stupid pixel effect its when i run the game through rocketlauncher it causes something setting off the effect fixed it @houb i had to put so something like that : mameui64.exe -noka kof95 noka - > for disabling aspect ratio to appear full screen im happy it worked thx
  4. @ducon2016 maybe he can help okay i made a .bat file to launch a game with mame, but it appears pixel blocky if i run it when i start mameui64 and run the game it appears how i set the game up and looks like it should you should try this out - > with a .bat example @echo off d: cd mame start mameui64.exe kof95 if you run the game with a bat its like its removing a layer inside reshade possible its activating some command when you start mameui64.exe to get reshade to appear fully with its effects
  5. Houb i like to use Reshade with Mame for certain games i like more than Mame hlsl Is it possible like demul to have various ini 's for different games with one Demul version , to do the same with Mame ? im struggling to get various mame versions with various reshade setups working , especially with rocketlauncher modules i can tell the difference when launching the game through rocketlauncher it looks pixelated when launching the game through mameui itself its how it should look. when running the game through rocketlauncher its like its disabling a layer inside reshade with mame
  6. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    I have a G27 but I also adjusted deadzone but if I leave the sensitivity default 100 it feels less responsive when turning, if I tone it down to 40 - 50 its like I control the car
  7. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    been playing around with Mame little bit , to me you have to also adjust the steering sensivity in Mame to get the right feeling i had to tone it down to 40 - 50 , standard its set to 100
  8. how do i get the screen fully stretched if i remove the bezel with the new version
  9. which is better for these ALG games ? winuae or Daphne singe i find the accuracy with Daphne singe off if i remove the crosshairs i use an aimtrak on a 27 inch lcd screen i hope Mame can run these because the accuracy is better i find if i remove the crosshairs
  10. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    i know that ace driver doesnt have ffb in the steering wheel , but the mechanizm the machine itselfs moves around during racing i played it some time ago
  11. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    did those games had FFB games like Final Lap Exhaust Note in the Arcade I ask cause I never played these but will be cool it can done of course
  12. Resident Evil 3 Remake Announced

    my nephew got nightmares after I played that game for real back then
  13. theres a vhs shader which contains the jitter but it probably works with the latest Reshade 4.xx i put it in the folder but this Reshade version doesnt recognize it unfortunately a user on the forum ported the vhs shader over to reshade let me know what you think about
  14. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    Its working , also had to install some visual restributables Whats the best setting rotation to setup mame -> 270 Degrees in Logitech profiler Mame config -> Joystick saturation set to .1 Joystick Deadzone to 0.5 It seems it plays better when the profiler is set to 200 degrees , just a bit confused Also i have mame ui64 crashing after exit (dinput8.dll seems to be reported)
  15. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    one question do i need to setup the rotation for initial d series games or isnt that neccesary setup with the FFBplugin some people mentioning initial d need 540 degrees rotation