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  1. I got it working used the demul files & regular reshade setup thanks anyway Only how can i remove the top left reshade info when starting ?
  2. i can do that , but what this does is just adding bloom effect hlsl like just like in mame i just like it maybe some others dont And i use a scanline switch that i enable with it i enjoy the games on demul now @houb can make an special setup with ePSXe & PCSX2 like the Demul setup with his file i can use the scanline switch to get scanlines to appear , with the standard Reshade or latest version if i enable the scanline switch the display turns purple lol also the annoying welcome message is removed topleft
  3. @houb Could you do a file for ePSXe & psxce 2 plz Really like that you dont get that annoying Shader welcome message when you launch a game
  4. @houb awesome now its definetely 10 x better than before
  5. Does this gun have Recoil ?
  6. @Houb hello , I am currently using reshade with Gaussian effect with Demul /atomiswave /hikaru Its kindof like hlsl bloom I am using it with reshade , Could you implement this Gaussian effect I can send you a file if you want to look what options you can adjust with it it will look good with your reshade crt geom settings
  7. --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Error Loading DLL: .\Plugins\Release\OpenAL.dlo %1 is geen geldige Win32-toepassing. I get this error when i launch Justice League Arcade
  8. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    I think his latest plugin has improvements compared to the older ones
  9. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    \Yes i also but i thought thats its supposed to be like that never played initial d at the arcades but once you hit the wheel its like the wheel is freezing
  10. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    @Boomslangnz DOing some testing with the latest version of the plugin - SOnic all star when you turn the wheel it gives this ticking effect [ further it works great only feels strange sometimes when turning ] - Is the steering rotation with Initial D games set though the plugin or do i have to set it to 540 with logitech profiler with MKDX tried to adjust the water effect , as i drive through water gives no effect
  11. I dont know why Wangan Midnight Tune isnt playable it keeps getting stuck at the loading screen which didnt happen before [Hidden Content]
  12. Anybody that has problems with Ford Racing , the controls dont seem to work with [G27] Also Wangan Midnight Tune 5 hangs at the loading screen if i want to start a race
  13. for me I get trouble playing Wangan Midnight tune 5 it hangs at the loading screen also sega rally 3 insert coin isn't responding to keys inputs Virtua fighter 5 is it possible yet to play it full screen with latest Tekno p? Darius chronicles comes to mind as well Fast & furious super cars isntrunning full screen when enabled , only small portion of the screen
  14. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    Boomslang been testing the latest version of this awesome plugin Mario kart dx really feels great , compared how it is with a previous version , when I adjust the bar for the water friction it doesn't seem to do anything when you drive through the water With Sonic all star when you steer it makes this thicking sound [is that the tick feeling you described] Initial D 4 & 5 are 540 degrees games right , only the Logitech profiler allows you to point only at exe for adjusting the rotation setting ID 6 7 & 8 I can point it to the exe(s) I use a G27
  15. Ok i have a g27 its probably set as 180 degrees standard will try to adjust it in the logitech profiler only what file do you point it as jennifer isnt exe