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  1. great news , i havent been messing with it some time i had some problems with Demul , In Demul the games look graphically better if you up the internal resolution , like House Of The Dead 2 it looks best when i up it to 4x But then the Shader resolution is messed up its like this tiny small window And i havent got it right when i was busy with it If you disable the internal resolution then it will fit auto , but the games graphically look blurry and not as sharp as Demuls internal resolution is enabled Maybe you could enhance this in the next version update !
  2. where can i download custom Costumes for Ultra Street FIghter please?
  3. DirectX 11 i have and its working on win 7
  4. where can you download these costumes Lol if you call it costumes what you have in your pic
  5. well would be fun if Reaver can make Online with this one Tekken 7 , SFIV series like he did with Initial D
  6. IF theres a way to change difficulty it says it sets to normal in the Lower right Corner
  7. Just tested it is there a way to change difficulty facing the arcade opponents seems like its set to very easy
  8. I use a G27 wheel , so the camera view cannot be used with G27 or with xbox360ce progr
  9. Yes its mostly for those Taito type x games Raiden III IV Giga Wing Generations Homura etc. shikigami SO just like in Mame that automatically puts the vertical game mode with those shoot em ups i get constantly explorer.exe crashes , dont play those games because of ..
  10. The camera View buttons dont seem to respond with Daytona 3 i use a G27 , i assigned them on the buttons on the Shifter anyone knows how to fix or what the problem is
  11. The Camera change buttons dont seem to work for me guys
  12. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    @Boomslangnz I noticed alot improvements Impressive , maybe im doing something wrong i cant get FFB to work with the Lindbergh games i saw in the readme that SDL22.dll needs to be removed. I removed it from the Tekno Parrot Main folder. Lindbergh games cannot start without that file
  13. Rambo doesnt start up for me , midnight wangan tune 5 hangs if i select certain mode, with time trial it loads thats the only mode working Darius doesnt load through TP. those are a few
  14. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    Great! work on the new features and hard work cant wait to test it
  15. hope reaver can implement vertical option rotate in TP because this gives all kinds of problems when using HyperSpin or without vertical mode locks up explorer.exe hangs crashes pain in the ass