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  1. dark escape will be emulated?
  2. Hello everyone! to make this game work I tried everything but nothing. I win 10 1803. I created the disc w: I used the mohkerz patch and replaced it with the old runme.bat maybe I can't configure the game loader ... someone is kind enough to post a guide to run this game ??? please
  3. thanks, since you are so kind, I take this opportunity, also this window opens with a relative problem .. I would also like to know if FarCryACR.exe and RunMeACR.bat replace Farcry_R and Runme.bat
  4. sorry someone knows to show me the keys to play silent hill
  5. Excuse me but rambo when???
  6. can anyone tell me which file to choose to launch let's go to 3d island?
  7. My windows defender si nota active
  8. excuse me from this morning when I launch teknoparrot telling me can not find parrotloader.exe
  9. sorry is correct that in hod4 do not hear the shots but only music? transformer is playable ??
  10. but only for patreon members?