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  1. Hi, Thanks for the link but need a password :( Edit : it's tomi
  2. [Dumps] Namco System 357 et 369

    Liens Gundam vs Gundam extreme ajoutés
  3. [Dumps] Namco System 357 et 369

    Hello, Can't be used at all at this day. Games are protected by security dongle.
  4. [Dumps] Namco System 357 et 369

    Mille excuses 7zxkv, c'est mon premier partage sur le site. Je m'en souviendrai la prochaine fois
  5. Salut à tous, Voici une nouvelle intéressante, des dumps 357 et 369 ont fait leur apparition. Pour le moment due à la protection des dongles, ils ne sont pas jouables mais il y a fort à parier que ce n'est qu'une question de temps. L'architecture de ces systèmes étant identique à la PS3, on peut imaginer qu'ils seront jouables via celle ci du moment qu'elle possède un CFW ou alors via un émulateur PS3 Les liens (il m'en manque car ils sont dead pour le moment) Tekken 6 [Hidden Content] Tekken 6 Bloodline Tekken Tag Tournament 2 [Hidden Content] Gundam vs Gundam extreme [Hidden Content] -- [Hidden Content]
  6. Salut, J'ai une Ghost Squad, à la base j'avais un type 2. Je l'ai modifié par un type 3 pour qu'elle soit compatible avec les systèmes récents. Après le hardware Namco est très spécifique à ce que je sais, pas certain que les io Sega soient compatibles. Le souci c'est que je pense qu'il faudra passer par la case d'émulation de l'io (vu qu'il ne sera pas reconnu par l'usb d'un pc) Ou alors passer par du matos arcade basé sur PC comme une Lindbergh (les yellow tournent déjà sous Linux) Mais je pense pas que ça soit aussi simple que l'installation classique d'un jeu
  7. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Ringedge too. This guy is a dumb as I can see and hear from him.
  8. Salut, Je veux bien filer un coup de main sur ce coup. J'ai le matériel (borne de tir / io bien que ça ne soit pas du Namco mais du Sega) Par contre le souci si j'ai bien compris c'est que ça tourne sous Linux. Il faut donc un pc dédié?
  9. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    ChangeLog de Teknoparrot: Versions: ======== TeknoParrotUI TeknoParrotCore OpenParrotx64 OpenParrotWin32 TeknoParrotN2Core OpenSegaApi UnityParrot 1.6 -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Star Trek Voyager: Added 30fps limiter - Star Trek Voyager: Fixed overflow on axis - Star Trek Voyager: Fixed sticky buttons - Star Trek Voyager: Removed console spam - Lost Land Adventure: Fixed free play - Lost Land Adventure: Disable Native Keyboard Inputs for X and Y Axis - Lost Land Adventures : Tweak Inputs - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: Add language option for Spanish users - Virtua Tennis 4: Remove checkbox check - Virtua Tennis 4: Fix low framerate when using dual jvs emulation, should now run at 60 - Afterburner Climax: Disable Native Keyboard Inputs on non orig elf - Afterburner Climax: Disable Native Keyboard Inputs - Emulate assert_fail: fixes an infinite loop in GSEVO when an error occurs -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - [Hidden Content] - Tokyo Cop & Tuning Race: Fix PIN Keypad not possible when fullscreen - Batman: Fix serial requirement - Batman Brake FIX! - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' - Genre dropdown added to Add Game screen - Lindbergh Card Reader: Remove RELEASE optimizations, since they seem to cause issues. - Lindbergh Card Reader Emulator: Add some logging for invalid received packages. - Mario Kart GP DX 1.17.27 Initial Support (devonly) - Virtua Figher 5 Ver C: Tidied up code - R-Tuned: Add hooks for card reader -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - [Hidden Content] - Virtua Tennis 3 Cards can be now used. Use Card Entry button insert card. Card saves when game prompts you to eject it. - Lindbergh RFID Card Emulator is now working at least in some sense, missing some special packages if problems come I implement them too. - Outrun 2: Add Hide Cursor to Test Menu - Virtua Tennis 3: Card basic functionality is now emulated, game thinks there is reader connected. Cannot enter cards yet! - Virtua Tennis 3: Removed old card disable patches that caused sometimes freezes after losing in coop. - Virtua Tennis 3: Card basic functionality is now emulated, game thinks there is reader connected. Cannot enter cards yet! - Virtua Tennis 3: Removed old card disable patches that caused sometimes freezes after losing in coop. - Virtua Tennis 3: Improved hooks, game now reads card reader data. - Virtua Tennis 3: Removed card code for new implementation. - Lindbergh RFID Card Reader Emulator: Code is now class based so we can easily stack multiple readers for games like Virtua Tennis 3, Virtua Fighter 5, Ghost Squad (Hack) and more. - Virtua Tennis 3: Improve card emulation, package logic works. Does not request replies yet because of some unemulated thing. - Rambo: Added fullscreen windowed option - Too Spicy: Added fullscreen windowed option - SEGA NU: KanColle Arcade (SDBZ) 3.01 additional print hook to get more information from game engine. - Sega amDongle new API emulated: amyDongleIsAvailable - SEGA NU: KanColle Arcade (SDBZ) 3.01 removed dongle missing patch as we have now emulated dongle properly - Sega amDongle now has init flag IsNu to emulate Nu keychip properly. - SEGA NU: amyEeprom and amySram now create TeknoParrot dir for the save data. - SEGA NU: amDs emulated - SEGA NU: amyEeprom emulated - SEGA NU: amySram emulated - Sega amDongle new API emulated: amDongleGetBillingMode - Sega amDongle system flag can now be changed easily. - Fix some funcs to static in Wonterland Wars file - Add printer emu from other branch - SEGA NU: KanColle Arcade (SDBZ) 3.01 now boots to attract and test menu saving works. - SEGA NU: Wonderland Wars static some JVS hooks. - The House of the Dead 4: Added fullscreen windowed option - Add Border Break X 5.07 (devonly) - Star Wars: fix freeplay crash on win10 2004 - Improve Border Break X (devonly) - Wonderland Wars: add 2.00 version, devonly - Virtua Tennis 3: Card emulation skeleton, does simple replies but requires some further improvements. - Added dropdown option to game settings - Changed region settings from text to dropdown - Outrun 2: fix hardcoded paths in test menu - Emulate glBeginOcclusionQueryNV, glEndOcclusionQueryNV, glGetOcclusionQueryuivNV, glGenOcclusionQueriesNV on AMD and Intel, fixes missing lens flare effect - Sega Race TV: fix elf internal shaders (AMD\NVIDIA), make elf internal shaders work on Intel, fix intel crash (NOTE: Intel needs normal shaderfix, will be posted on discord in fixes-channel) - Add Intel Fix for Sega Race TV - Pbuffer: Get proper pixelformat instead of hardcoding - Fixed mouse position calculation - Fixed window location logic - Started with game specific aim ranges - Added rounding - Added specific values for LGI - Added specific values for GG - Added more game specific values - Star Trek fixed - Fine tuned all the games - Moved axis ranges to profile xml's - Prevent input when window is not focused - Removed debug prints - Improve window hooks, fix window being in bottom right corner of the screen - Updated sound for Gaelco and Star Trek - pbuffer Emulation: Do some stupid testing - ElfLoader: External DLL Support for open source development - Add Linux Support for OpenParrot - Add support for BlazBlue Central Fiction 2.01 - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: Remove Reduce Steering Sensitivity option since users said it did not help - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: Fix Gas MY BAD - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: Add option to reduce steering sensitivity since xinput users seem to struggle with current setup - Star Trek Voyager playable for all. - R-Tuned playable for all. - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race playable for Patrons. NOTE: this game has online saves, but we have made it possible for you to save and load your game. After first time you have saved, you should go to load and enter any PIN. This will then load the last saved game automatically. -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - After Dark: Add initial support - fix windowed for Magical Beat and Operation GHOST - StarHorse 3: comment out unnecessary things - Starhorse 3: minor fix - BG4: Fix some server related file saving\loading - Add workaround for idmacdrv dll - Initial D 6,7,8: fix windowed mode attract crash - Tokyo Cop take off patreon - Star Trek Voyager Patreon on and add executable name. - Star Trek: hide unecessary open logging from rls build - Fix Star Trek crash - Fix Star Trek Voyager mouse - Star Trek Voyager now playable. -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Gaelco Tokyo Cop is also now out of patreon, enjoy! - Finally after months of work Star Trek Voyager is some what playable. - Nezarn also made nice extra features such as: Custom Resolution LinearFiltering toggle LineFix toggle Problems that are known: - Harms audio emulator does not emulate music and some ambient sounds yet. This was already a very very demanding task to do, so we have no idea when we will have those fixed. - Game is made to run only 30fps, you must limit the fps with RTSS(or similar) or the game will run 2x speed. - Some minor issues remain with controls, but mostly work great. Thanks Boomslangnz! ES1 Progress: - As we reached 500 patrons, we promised to start working on Namco ES1 and we have! - Sadly these games use lot more libs and are very annoying to work on. Currently we have initial emulation done for Tank Tank Tank, Nirin, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4 and Dead Heat but LOT more work is still required. We are not even able to boot a single game yet to attract :/ - Also improvements have been done in following non-ES1 titles: Street Fighter V (Taito Type X4) Primevil Hunt (Lindbergh) Virtua Fighter 5R (Lindbergh) Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (Lindbergh) -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Star Trek Voyager: Patreon module active - Fix lobby browser - Fix DX8 window wrapper and TroubleWitches (TTX) - Street Figher V: add more logging - Fix build - Primevil Hunt: sprintf logging - Street Fighter V: Add nesica logging - Street Fighter V: Add I/O hooks and logging. - VF5r: improve respatch - VF5fs: add respatch - Primevil Hunt: Implemented ungetc hook with logging - Primevil Hunt: Improve _IO_getc emulation - Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown: Emulate posix_memalign, game is now playable but still needs some work. - Primeval Hunt: improve home folder hook - Add linear filtering option to startrekvoyager, add linefix option - Star Trek Voyager: add option to toggle linear filtering (default = enabled), add a workaround for custom resolution black line (related to linear filtering, LineFix only turns off filtering on textures that cause the issue) - DeadHeat: add setlocale emulation - Dead Heat: Boots until using weird file system apis. - Dead Heat: Prevent crash if free pointer is zero. - Dead Heat: Skip some initial folder checking routine. - TankTankTank: some cleanup, add clock_gettime emulation (not sure if 100% correct, but at least it doesn't hang\crash) - Dead Heat: Resolve cout problem with a hack - Tank Tank Tank: localtime / time hooks - Tank Tank Tank: Skip uptime check - Tank Tank Tank: Boots fullscreen. - Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Initialization now boots without memory errors. Now creates window and boots until game starts to load files. - ELF Loader: Now has flag for skipping free memory in special cases. SHOULD NOT BE TURNED ON PERMANENTLY!!! - Elf Loader: Improve MSys hooks by adding game region auto-detection. - Elf Loader: Auto locate emptyRepStoragePtr on init. - ELF Loader: Clean up lot of MSYS code, make a generic function for memory allocation emulation. Supports inside elf pointers too when range start and end is specified. - Virtua Tennis 3: Push WIP card emu code. - added --startMinimized command line option for --profile/--emuonly stuff - R-Tuned: add option to stretch 2D and turn on antialiasing - R-Tuned: add option to stretch 2D (hud, menu, etc.) only works if using custom resolution, add option for turning on anti-aliasing - VF5r: fix fullscreen, add experimental resolution patch - R-Tuned: add respatch, to use it enable "CustomResolution", add region options - R-Tuned: fix fullscreen, add experimental resolution patch - R-Tuned now enabled for Patreons - VF5fs: fix some typos - R-Tuned: add ne mem allocation, now boots - Virtua Fighter 5R: Now boots to attract with perfect sound and video. Gameplay untested. - Added sound options to Gaelco games - Update DariusBurst profile, remove version from the name (since now we support 1.05 and 1.16) - Add support for DariusBurst 1.16 - As requested, if you set a key to Wheel Axis Half Turn and hold that key down while pressing Wheel Axis left or Wheel Axis Right it will turn axis half way - Initial D Games: Tweak RealGearShift since wasn't working for certain users. Thanks for testing SonicSP - Forgot to add --tponline flag to join game - Attempt to fix KOFXIII - Fixed TPOnline bug (tponline needs overhaul at some point) - Fix KOFClimax input, fix D: issue for TTX games - Blade Strangers: Disable Default Keyboard Inputs for Last Version - KOF SkyStage: Add temp fix for turbo fire issue until real fix comes - Change Daytona 3 mouse cursor to move out of screen on bigger res monitors - Blade Strangers: Disable Default Keyboard Inputs on updates - BladeStrangers: Disable default keyboard Inputs - Add support for KOFSkyStage 1.00J - Attempt to fix KOFXIII Climax - Initial D Games: Modify to prevent possible crash - Add support for Battle Gear 4 2.03 - Add Shifter as selectable in BG4 Normal Mode - Initial D Games: Modify to prevent possible crash - Add Helper Function - Afterburner Climax: Add Hide Cursor option - Mario Kart: fix amauth not quitting - GTI Club 3: add proper exe name to profile - Arcana Heart 3 (exboard): fix buttons (test and service is swapped, also game doesn't have button 6) - Daemon Bride: fix resolution not changing back - Get that sweet sexy coin sound in BG4 - Phantom Breaker: Add fullscreen hack (needs monitor with 1280x720 support) - ArcadeLove Pengo: Fix resolution not changing back when quitting fullscreen - Remove Outputs option from HOTD4 as Output Blaster does not support - Blade Arcus: fix player 2 buttons - Tweak how Output Blaster loads if using Outputs with Mamehooker etc - Phantom Breaker: attempt to fix input - Initial D Games: Add check to avoid crash - Initial D4,D4Jap and D5 (Again) fix Real Gear Shift to work for everyone (issue with AMDfix) - Can now use axis as a button on Dinput - Initial D4,D4Jap,D5 fix issue where RealGearShift would crash game upon load and not work - Fix buttons for Blade Arcus - Changed Keyboard For Axis option to Keyboard/Button for Axis - Koihime: fix window title - Blade Strangers: properly fix input - CaladriusAC: fix windowed mode - Blade Strangers: fix double input - Guilty Gear XX: show cursor in windowed - Koihime: show cursor in windowed - Improve Window hooks (no more topmost window) - Fix small mis-print on Star Wars XML - Add support for Battle Gear 4 Professional - Fix typo - Blade Strangers: fix resolution in the new version - GGXrd REV2: fix hang - Blade Strangers: add support for another version - GGXrd REV2: add support for another version - GGXX: add support for another version - GGXX: fix windowed mode - Koihime: add support for another version - Improve window hook - Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing: fix windowed mode - Fix Tokyo Centered value to not include brake - Added extra settings to Theatrhythm game profile - Modify Keyboard Axis Input stuff - After Burner Climax: Fix Control Issue with Non "orig" elf - After Burner Climax: Add support for non "org" elf - After Burner Climax: Fix windowed mode - After Burner Climax: Fix missing attract movie (WIP, debug only) - Scanning: Add missing header - Outrun 2: remove resolution patch, re-enable old sun hack - Added RealGearShift option to ID4,ID4 Jap,ID5,ID6 & ID8 - Initial D Series: Added ability for H-Pattern gear shifting on ID4,ID4 Jap, ID5, ID6 & ID8 - Outrun 2: add Linear Filtering option and remove sun height hack - Outrun 2: Calculate sun position based on resolution, remove sunheight hack - Outrun 2: Add option for Linear Filtering - Ring Riders: Implemented sound settings - Tokyo Cop: Implemented sound settings - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: Implemented sound settings - Outrun 2: fix some float casts - Outrun 2: re-enable sunheight hack for nvidia - Add Outrun2 respatch - Remove sunheight hack - Add dongle\pcbregion - Lets Go Jungle Special: add workaround for flickering - Outrun 2: Add proper resolution patch (integrated in TP), fixes sun issue, also makes FOV correct on ultrawide resolutions - Linux Loader: Autodetect image size, including base location 0. - TeknoParrot: Remove VMProtect stuff from DEBUG builds - Ring Riders: Added workaround for memory leak - Primeval Hunt: hardcoded path fix (boots, but crashes at intro\when pressing start, also missing graphics) - Primeval Hunt: fix windowed mode - Improve Hooking.Patterns stuff - Add option to modify keypad keys - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race Add ability for user to decide pin numbers on keyboard by choosing Virtual Key Code for each key in TPUI - Tokyo Cop: Add ability for user to decide pin numbers on keyboard by choosing Virtual Key Code for each key in TPUI - Ring Riders: Added SetGaelcoGameId - Tokyo Cop: Added SetGaelcoGameId - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: Added SetGaelcoGameId - Ring Riders: Updated Sound Offsets - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race:Pin code work only if foreground window - Avoid possibility of typing code elsewhere eg Discord by mistake - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: Fix Issue with Pin - Add Star Trek Voyager stuff - Ring Riders: Remove Motion Log Error - Ring Riders: Fix Brake Detection issue - Ring Riders:Inputs now fully working - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: Fixed Volume Control - Ring Riders: Some Inputs Added - ELF Loader: Add shlwapi reference - ELF Loader: Emulate glXQueryExtension - ELF Loader: Implement use of VcXsrv in DEBUG build - Police Trainer 2: Remove GLUT window creation hacks and implement use of VcXsrv. - Tokyo Cop: Input Changes and Add Keyboard Test Menu - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: Re-Write Pin Code - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: add external sound lib support - Ring Riders: add external sound lib support - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: Input Changes - Star Trek Voyager: Improve Service Menu Inputs - Star Trek Voyager: Add Service Menu Inputs - IDZ fixes (finally) - Update Outrun 2 description - Outrun 2: AMD Fix (fixed shaders in fixes-channel) - Outrun 2: Fix some hardcoded paths (ranking should save now) - Ring Riders: add resolution patch - ELF Loader: Add info2 for logging - Virtua Fighter 5 R: Remove lot of weird stuff. - Top Secret Game: Reroute GetErrorStream to GetLogStream - Top Secret Game: hook _fopen64 from msys - Top Secret Game: Emulate realpath - Top Secret Game: Stub WatchdogTimerTask - Top Secret Game: Patch various paths - Top Secret Game: Improve emulation of gmtime, time and strftime. - Top Secret Game: Add support for loading libpq.dll. - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: Ignore useless GLError checking thread. - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: Patch INTEL cpu check - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: fix amd shaderfix typo - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: Enable Pin during Tournament Mode - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: Finish Pin Code - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: Tweak Pin Code - Top Secret Game: Improve file system hooks - Top Secret Game: Handle LPC Bus check - Top Secret Game: Hook addional memory alloc funcs - Top Secret Game: fix Usb Driver init hook - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: fix test menu saving - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: More Pin Work - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: Add Pin Code & FreePlay/Language - Star Trek Voyager: Make service mode (test menu) bootable - Super Top Secret Game: add some file redirection - Super Top Secret Game: Add memory hooks and missing fopen64 - Star Trek Voyager: Added FreePlay Toggle - Super top secret game emulation module added - Star Trek Voyager: Inputs mostly complete - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: partial AMD Fix - Ring Riders: partial AMD fix - Star Trek Voyager: Inputs more complete - Star Trek Voyager: EarlyControls Added - Star Trek Voyager: Inputs now work from keyboard and mouse. Input code should be investigated and integrated with TeknoParrotUI. - Star Trek Voyager: Inputs now work from keyboard and mouse. Input code should be investigated and integrated with TeknoParrotUI. - Add Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] profile - Star Trek Voyager: fix fullscreen mode - Star Trek Voyager: add option to change resolution - Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]: fix windowed mode - Star Trek Voyager: Improve V-Sync. - Steam: Disable loading steam components while in debug. - Star Trek Voyager: Fix 10000000fps issue by implementing proper vblank. - Star Trek Voyager: Hook addional sound api - Star Trek Voyager: Support external audio plugin dll. - BudgieLoader: Add check for fwrite file handle - Star Trek Voyager: Wrap sound apis so game does not crash. - Star Trek Voyager: fix typo - Star Trek Voyager: hook printf, fprintf and vsprintf. - Star Trek Voyager: skip vblank - Star Trek Voyager: Wrap read_keyboard - Star Trek Voyager: Fix data dir location - Star Trek Voyager: add missing folder redirects - Star Trek Voyager: skip resolution error, fix windowed - Star Trek Voyager: Wrap read_cpu_MHz - Star Trek Voyager: Wrap mega jamma update - Star Trek Voyager: Wrap init_megajamma - Star Trek Voyager: Wrap unbuffer_stdout - Star Trek Voyager: Emulated _open flags - Star Trek Voyager: Emulated some write/file creation functions - Star Trek Voyager: Properly wrapped dongle function - Star Trek Voyager: typo fix - Add Star Trek Voyager (doesn't boot yet) - Tokyo Cop : Create save folders if they don't exist - RingRiders: partial AMD fix - Added numpad keys for saving/loading games and added gas pedal in menus for Tokyo - Gas to work in menus of Tuning Race - BudgieLoader: Experimental support for __fxstat - American Army: Wrap close() - American Army: Improve homedir emulation - Linux emulation general: Improve fopen and open logging. - American Army: Fix homedir hook - American Army: Hook CalcHomeDir and return gameDir/TeknoParrot dir. - American Army: Create TeknoParrot folder in game dir. - Fix Star Wars profile - Add America's Army (doesn't boot yet) - Add TargetTerrorGold (doesn't boot yet) - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: add resolution patch - Add ExecutableName to some profiles so people can only select the proper exe by default - Fix Tokyo Controls and added Tuning Race controls - Added Freeplay flag to Tokyo Cop - Transformers: fix windowed, add hide cursor - Let's Go Island 3D: fix windowed mode, add option to hide cursor -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: *Get your MAME CHDs and extract this baby from them. *First ever Gaelco Custom PC game emulated, wow. *Many other Gaelco games will most likely be supported soon, we already have 2 of them running as posted before. - Gaelco Tokyo Cop now enabled for Patreons. - Audio emulation is still missing but being worked on, also there are small input issues but they will be fixed at some point. To play the game simply copy gameport (executable file) from separate folder to salidas folder. (MAME CHDs has this game, you need to extract it yourself.) For custom resolution, simply adjust the game settings in TeknoParrotUI, even HD resolutions work and look very good! Top tip: Use AMDCrashFix to play with AMD GPUs. - Add hidecursor to Let's go Island 3D - Tokyo Cop: Try to improve performance, currently very laggy. - Let's Go Island: fix windowed mode - Golden Gun: add hide cursor - Police Trainer 2: Add some comments - Golden Gun: fix windowed mode - Police Trainer 2: Do Network Init - Police Trainer 2: Improve filesystem emulation - Police Trainer 2: Fix paths for some texture files - Police Trainer 2: Skip some func that is not needed. - Police Trainer 2: Fix file path - LGJ\LGJS: add hide cursor (default off) - Forgot to add for tokyo - Tokyo Control Changes - Tokyo Cop: Support external audio emulator library, skeleton built for Harm. - Update TokyoCop profile to include respatch - Tokyo Cop: Fix coins. - Tokyo Cop: add resolution patch - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: Add gluBuild2DMipmaps emulation - Police Trainer 2: skip some errors and fix hardcoded paths - Dead or Alive 5: Fix windowed mode - PhantomBreakerAC: fix windowed mode - Police Trainer 2: Handle putenv() to prevent crash. - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: Improve emulation, goes further. - Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: handle exceptions properly, game now boots to attract. - Ring Riders: Improved heap emulation. - Ring Riders: Skip errors so we can boot in game. - Ring Riders: Ignore Platform init to speed up boot time. - Ring Riders: Add gluProject emulation, game now looks clearer. - Allow changing the resolution for GGXrd REV and SIGN from the UI - GGXrd SIGN: fix windowed\fullscreen - Fixed IDZ individual shifter - Add Tokyo Cop dev profile - GGXrd REV2: fix windowed\fullscreen - Tokyo Cop: test menu works, but does not permanently save. - Tokyo Cop: Test menu controls and few normal controls work. - Tokyo Cop: Disable Motion Platform - Tokyo Cop: Force Free Play as coins are borked right now. - RingRiders: Skip controls for now so we can boot in game. Crashes after first in-game banner. - Gaelco Championship: minor fixes (still won't boot) - RingRiders: boot until test menu - Ring Riders no longer crashes while loading textures due to improve create/read/write/close emulation. - Ring Riders no longer crashes on AMD CPUs. - Linux emulation - Added close() emulation. - Ring Riders Clearing stack more securely while loading textures to prevent corrupted memory problems. - LGS: change PCB back to RingWide - LGS: fix windowed mode - Fix typo in Jvs - Correct Let's Go Safari PCB emulation from RIngWide to RingEdge. - LGS: Set default region to USA - Add Gaelco Championship Tuning Race (doesn't work yet) - Add PoliceTrainer2 (doesn't boot) - RingRiders: fix crash and add file redirection - More RingRiders stuff - Add RingRiders (doesn't boot yet) - Add missing open, lseek, write and read emulation required for Gaelco Ring Riders. - Coins now work with Tokyo Cop - Improved intf_command emulation - MeltyBlood(RE2): fix Windowed mode - Under Night In-Birth(RE2): fix Windowed mode - BladeStrangers: fix Windowed and double input - BladeArcus: fix windowed mode and hide aime error - Fighting Climax: fix Windowed mode for every supported version - Clean up code and add some I/O emulation test code. - TokyoCop IO hooks, just logging no functionality yet. - TokyoCop crashfix - TokyoCop AMD Crashfix - TokyoCop added Nvidia OGL APIs, boots until attract - TokyoCop now boots until window is created, gets stuck on Nvidia OpenGL APIs. Tokyo Cop now boots in debug mode, we are still working on I/O emulation. This game also needs sound emulation, currently it has no sound. - Add pBuffer emulation as debug only - Fix premake - Fix fetching from git in the bot -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Arcade Love Plus Pengo! RE2 Update 1 Support fixed. - Arcade Love Plus Pengo! RE2 Base version supported. - Arcade Love Plus Pengo! Windowed mode fixed. -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - QOL improvements to add game - Was missing a / in fieldinformation Following cores are now playable with public build: - Batman - Blade Arcus - Blade Arcus Update 1 - Blade Strangers - Blade Strangers Update 1 - Blade Strangers Update 2 - Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Patch 3 - Fighting Climax Ignition - Fighting Climax Ignition Update 1 - Fighting Climax Ignition Update 2 - Fighting Climax Update 1 - GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN- Update 1 - GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2 - GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2 Update 1 - KOIHIME - KOIHIME Update 1 - KOIHIME Update 2 - KOIHIME Update 3 - Lady Luck - Let's Go Safari - Mario Kart DX 1.05 English - Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code (RingEdge2) - Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code Update 1 (RingEdge2) - Phantom Breaker - Phantom Breaker Update 1 - UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH - UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Update 1 - UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[st] - UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[st] Update 1 - UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[st] Update 2 - UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[st] Update 3 - UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[st] Update 4 - Yugioh 5DS Duel Terminal 6 (USA) Following cores boot now with public build: - Code of Joker - Initial D6 Server - KanColle Arcade - MJ5 - MJ5Evo - Medaru No Gunman - Sega Showdown - Sengoku Taisen - StarBoat - Xiyangyang Initial D Zero: - nzgamer41 has made third party support of Initial D Zero via DJHackers SegaTools to TeknoParrotUi. Very nice job by DJHackers and nzgamer41 wow! Ongeki Plus now has full open source emulation MOD here: - [Hidden Content] -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Skip calibration in Chase HQ2 - Fix missing "General" category in LGJ(S) dongleregion, and add dongle\pcbregion to SRTV - Fix MessageBoxes on Lindbergh games. - This has some minor internal changes, such as improved Batman emulation and Lindbergh pbuffer emulation (incomplete) - H2Overdrive FIX / H2Overdrive controls FIX v2 - Some changes in some controls - [PATREON] Batman is playable (Thanks coffeeman) - [PATREON] Yugioh 5DS Duel Terminal 6 is playable (Thanks coffeeman) - [PATREON] Shining Force Exlesia 3.10 is playable. - House of the Dead 4 Ver. C Supported - 2Spicy audio issues fixed. - 2Spicy no longer requires patreon - Rambo no longer crashes on stage 2. - Rambo no longer requires patreon. - Sega Race TV no longer crashes when boosting. - Sega Race TV no longer requires patreon. - Let's Go Jungle Special no longer requires patreon. - Pengo Arcade Love RingEdge2 version is playable. - Mario Kart DX now has ability to Freeze Countdown timer. Thanks Harm. - Improved GL emulation, now you can use third-party tools to lock Lindbergh game FPS in windowed mode. - Shining Force Cross Raid AMD Fix. - Shining Force Cross Elysion AMD Fix. -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Added missing coin bindings - RAMBO Sound fix for new segaapi - Luigi's Mansion no longer requires patreon, this was forgotten. Sorry! - Project Diva 1.01 no longer requires PATREON (Another forgotten flag) - Remove Patreon only Free Play / Charged play setting. Now you can use Coins with non-patreon. -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Fixed weird bug in controller settings when switching between X and D input on the same game - Fix game list focus - Make analog stick use correct values when xinput for SWBP Throttle - Fix for h2overdrive jump etc - Also Tekken 7 Vanilla loading from TeknoParrotUi was fixed, sorry about that! - AutoAccelOff has been added to Dirty Drivin'. - Update Dirty Drivin GameProfileReviison - Added a bunch more nesica games with help from RuFo_ThE_oNe - Border Break and Caladrius AC no longer require Patreon. - [PATREON] Border Break Scramble is now supported including card saving. Press F3 to lock mouse on screen and F4 to insert card. You may use CustomBotMap to change the default 5 map to other ones. 0 1 2 3 do not work at least, but 6, 7 etc. does. - [PATREON] Ghost Squad Evo is now playable as soon as we have JVS profile in TeknoParrotUI. - House of the Dead 4 Internal Resolution fix re-applied properly. - Border Break Scramble playable PATREON ONLY - Caladrius AC playable - Dirty Drivin changed to OpenParrot - SnoCross changed to OpenParrot - Tekken 7 addional modules - H2Overdrive added and playable -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Changing game name broke this, so lets use emulationprofile instead - H2Overdrive dev profile by coffeeman - Update SamuraiSpiritsSen.json - Fixed library remembering the last played game - Fixed star wars analog, as well as made a change to the automapper - TR7 Force Offline - Use a snackbar for "save complete" messages instead of MessageBox - Fixed game profile that had the wrong & symbol in - remove camera error checkbox - Added CustomResolution bool for toggling on\off the resolution patch - Dirty Drivin profile and Star Wars Profile - Add EX3 Loader and Star Wars support - [Patreon] Dirty Drivin supported! Thanks coffeeman Also OpenParrot will soon get lot more new cores as we start to further open source our project. - Misc fixes -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - GameProfile updates - Support for Tekken 7 FR - Fix Tekken 7 FR Problems - Tekken 7FR Language options -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - [PATREON] Luigi's Mansion Speed Fix Exe is now supported. No more frame drops! :) Thanks ArcadePunks. - Let's Go Jungle, Let's Go Jungle Special and House of the Dead 4 2 player mode now working. -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Download FFB Plugin now goes directly to github release page over discord - [PATREON] Luigi's Mansion is now playable. - Rambo and House of the Dead 4 resolution patches - Initial D 4 (JAP and EXP) AMD Fix (shaderfix in discord) - Added patched cgGL.dll for AMD users so cgGL.dll doesn't need to be overwritten anymore with the one from fixes (fixes doesn't break anymore when TP core updates) -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Fix Freeplay on KO Drive & Added ResetHint to Pokken - Improved internal resolution of games: House of the Dead 4, 2spicy and Rambo. - Making the games look much much better! - Originally the games were only rendered at 800x480, since the Lindbergh didn't have enough power to run these games on original resolution. -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Transformers no longer requires patreon. - Fighting Climax no longer requires patreon. - Sorry was skipped lol. - Sorry mistake in build, now should be fixed. -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Clean up MKDX USA - Fixed issues with old version. - Dark mode fixes - SnoCross now uses D3DCREATE_SOFTWARE_VERTEXPROCESSING so it does not crash, however without emulating this properly the game will not run very well. -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Add Let's Go Jungle Special profile - Add DPad support for Theatrhythm, as well as tidied up button checking - Forgot to change game profile version for theatrhythm - GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN- is playable. - Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Patch 1 is playable. - [PATREON] Sega Race TV now boots to game, also AMDFix has been added. NOTE: Shaders need to be fixed, they are in some obscure .PAC file and we cannot currently modify them. Pls help -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-star Carnival playable. - Fix Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- not running - Game-specific executable name filters + disable 64-bit games on 32 bit OS -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - [PATREON] KO Drive is playable. - [PATREON] GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN- is playable. - [PATREON] Dead or Alive Arcade 5 Ultimate Patch 2 is playable. - Upgrade KO Drive to Patreon - Upgrade GG XRD SIGN to Patreon - Add missing buttons for Fast I/O so all Final Fantasy buttons work -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - [PATREON] SnoCross is playable. Thanks coffeeman. - Added SnoCross profile by coffeeman - Internal changes - Fix version issue -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - [PATREON] Transformers Human Alliance Supported! - [PATREON] Fighting Climax Supported ! - [PATREON] Dead or Alive 5 Arcade Patch 1 Supported! - Justice League Heroes United Added - Dead or Alive 5 Arcade base game no longer requires patreon. - Transfomers default region to USA - Initial D6 1.2 Windowed mode fixed! - Output Blaster added. - FNF+GHA-fixes (again++++++) - Change iDmacDrv checking code a bit - Hack menu VIEW button - Misc fixes -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Superbikes2 to OpenParrot - Open source FNF SB2 - Added Enable Outputs bool - FnF fixes (and again) - Misc -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - actually fix pattern library - Tiny fixes again -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Add Global Reg hooks for Coffeeman - Add option to disable Dual JVS emulation -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Fix Patreon flag in DOA5 -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Steam related crashes fixed in TeknoParrot Core - Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade supported (PATREON ONLY) -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Guitar Hero Arcade supported! - HD patches for various FnF games - Windowed / Fullscreen modes fixed for various FnF games - SuperBikes 2 and GHA profile properly added, Thanks 00C0FFEE - Fix support for Superbikes 2 by 00C0FFEE (PATREON ONLY) -------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Auto Update Release: - Fixed stuff so it can be resized for smaller monitors - Fix crash with Initial D4 Export - Counter-Strike Neo Map 06 crash fix - Printing added back since it is informative - Removed some prints as they are completely useless - Merge pull request #36 from 00C0FFEE/FNFSB_added - Add support for Superbikes 2 by 00C0FFEE (PATREON ONLY) New RawThrills titles supported: - Fast and Furious - Fast and Furious Super Cars - Fast and Furious Superbikes - Fast and Furious Drift were added by 00C0FFEE. --------------------------------------------- We no longer do releases via our website but TeknoParrot is now autoupdating itself. Please always enable the autoupdater to get latest updates for TeknoParrot! Changes: - [Boomslangnz] Controls should no longer be buggy for After Burner Climax - [Reaver] Mouse should now work properly in gun games. - [Poliwrath] Various UI fixes. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Release: - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] Improved amAuth emulation accuracy, many RE2 games show online. - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] Fixed coin issue with Golden Gun. - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] GUILTY GEAR XX ACCENT CORE PLUS R test menu now saves properly. - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] amAime is now emulated very simply to not crash but no card functionality. - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] Fix amAuth in Under Defeat HD+. - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] Fix amAuth in Arcade Love with Pengo. - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] Accurate PCB emulation for RingEdge, RingEdge2 and RingWide respectively. - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] Better game detection for non default imagebase games. - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] EEPROM emulation accuracy is increased. - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] House of the Dead 4 now has cursor hidden. - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] House of the Dead 4 now throws grenades with mouse 3. - [Reaver][BudgieLoader] Fixed Windows 10 compatibility issue where Budgie would not work at all. - [Reaver][BudgieLoader] Added more output while booting so it is easier to figure out problems. - [Reaver][TeknoParrotUi] Fixed UI crash with old userprofiles. - [Reaver][TeknoParrotUi] Fixed issue where mouse hooks would still be present after game has been quit. - [Boomslangnz][TeknoParrot] Mario Kart DX auto acceleration can now be disabled. - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] Started fixing UI resize issues - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] Made changes to updater to make it more reliable - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] Temporary window fix setting minimum height to 740px PATREON ONLY: - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] 2Spicy no longer has 0.00001fps. - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] 2Spicy now has cursor hidden. - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] 2spicy now works properly with controller. - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] 2spicy now works properly with mouse. Use left/right arrows movement. - [Reaver/Nezarn][Lindbergh] Rambo (Debug elf RamboD.elf) is now playable. NOTE: Videos only play properly in fullscreen mode! NOTE: There is level select enabler in settings, use it for skipping levels/other fun. NOTE: Audio issues still linger in Rambo. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Release: *STATEMENT BY REAVER* Full open source is closing in on us. The more contributions and support we get from community developers, the more we will open source. Do you understand the magnitude of what we can do with the ElfLoader? Basically run ANY/ALL linux games on Windows like Wine does for Linux. Especially now that our elfloader can emulate even libs(.so)! The following months will tell us what will happen, if support is great and community is friendly. All source code will go public. Special thanks to Nezarn, Boomslangnz, sTo0z, nibs and nzgamer41 for working on stuff tirelessly with me and keeping me motivated despite all the hate. And remember, none of the Patreon funds come to me for personal use. All of the money goes to developers and hardware to get more work done. - [Reaver/Nezarn][OpenParrot] Darius Burst Another Chronicle is now supported, open source ftw. NOTE: You can play up to 4 players! NOTE: 2nd screen is not inverted, truly epic achievement by Nezarn. Best things come first in TeknoParrot as always! NOTE: Test Switch does not work right now, will log on real cabinet at some point to fix this issue. NOTE: Copy folder b74e8ba0fff8b4f7b32099c84f9d1c23_000 to gamedir and rename to Db74e8ba0fff8b4f7b32099c84f9d1c23_000 NOTE: Copy folder EDData to gamedir and rename to DEDData NOTE: NESYS is emulated, enjoy lots and lots of missions/modes! NOTE: Here is proper config for init.ini: 2720 768 60 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 NOTE: 4th parameter is fullscreen. Feel free to change resolution, best played on ultra wide monitor. - [Reaver][OpenParrot] Fast I/O emulator now supports 3 and 4 player controls. - [Reaver][OpenParrot] Fast I/O emulator improvements. - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] fixed the patreon page - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] fixed focus on the listbox - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] fixed it so it'll remember what you clicked on when you go to settings --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Release: - [Reaver][OpenParrot] Open source GRID and GTI Club 3. - [Reaver][OpenParrot] Add missing emulated package to Fast I/O emulator. Groove Coaster 2 now boots and is playable. - [Reaver][OpenParrot] Add missing reg query, used by USF4. - [Reaver][TeknoParrotUi] Fixed issue where TeknoParrotUI would stay in background after closing. - [Reaver][TeknoParrotUi] Groove Coaster 2 profile. - [Poliwrath][TeknoParrotUi] Show EmulatorType in game info. - [Poliwrath][TeknoParrotUi] Add (Patreon Only) to game names if they have the patreon bool. - [Poliwrath][TeknoParrotUi] Add Patreon bool to 2Spicy. - [Poliwrath][TeknoParrotUi] Check iDmacDrv64.dll legitimacy - [Poliwrath][TeknoParrotUi] Add RequiresAdmin bool to GameProfile, add warning before launch if UI isn't running as admin - [Poliwrath][TeknoParrotUi] Fix formatting/clean up GithubUpdates slightly - [Poliwrath][TeknoParrotUi] Change GRID and GTI Club 3 emulator to OpenParrot - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] Fix autoupdate issues. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot Release: - New naming convention because we have now automatic builds coming from AppVeyor. - This release needs to be completely separate from old version due to lot of changes, you may however copy UserProfiles to this new version. - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] Automatic update of TeknoParrotUI, OpenSegaAPI, OpenParrot and OpenParrot64 from Github Releases. NOTE: This way any approved open source community change is instant to the end users. Such as: Fixes, improvements and more! No more waiting for a month to get community fixes! - [Reaver][Lindbergh] Games now work again, sorry about that. - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] TeknoParrot.dll, SteamChild.exe and BudgieLoader.exe are now signed with official COMODO certificate to get rid of false positives on virus scanners. - [Poliwrath][TeknoParrotUI] Fix controls not working in GRID/Sega Rally/Europa-R games. - [Poliwrath][TeknoParrotUI] Check if HookedWindows.txt exists before reading it. - [Nezarn][OpenParrot] Fix OpenParrotLoader argument count - [Nezarn][Lindbergh] Initial D4 Export SRAM fix. - [Nezarn][Lindbergh] Virtua Fighter 5 Ver. C home/ram folder fix. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.94 Release: - [Poliwrath][TeknoParrotUi] Fix Initial D8 / Mario Kart DX card errors (picodaemon/AMAuthd not running) - [Poliwrath][TeknoParrotUi] Fix test menu for games that don't use seperate test executable - [Poliwrath][TeknoParrotUi] Fix the icon for the first game in the game list never loading (After Burner Climax) - [Poliwrath][TeknoParrotUi] Added Back button to Emulator Settings, no need to restart UI to load new changes - [Poliwrath][TeknoParrotUi] Reload game list when Add/Delete game is pressed, no need to restart UI for new games to appear --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.93 Release: - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] OpenParrotLoader now handles injecting of all OpenParrot/TeknoParrot files. - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] TeknoParrot64 removed as all code is already in OpenParrot64 - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] Removed TeknoParrotLoader and TeknoParrotLoader64. - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] Activation is now handled by BudgieLoader. - [Reaver][OpenParrot/TeknoParrotUI] Added coins to Fast I/O emulator. - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] Created new user interface and set it up. - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotOnline] Moved TeknoParrotOnline code to inside new UI - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] Added ability to register and deregister Patreon key from inside UI - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] Added a simple MD5 verification system so you can compare your game to a clean dump if it's completely not working NOTE: If you've used patches like AMD Fix or English mods, or your game is more up to date, it will show invalid but in reality it may be fine. - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] Icons have been moved to a download option, where the Icon will only be downloaded if you play that game. - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] XInput/DirectInput can now be specified by game - [Poliwrath][TeknoParrotUi] Using the mouse as a gun in gun games can now be specified by game - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] Games now copy over your preferences when new profiles come out, so no more remapping controllers! - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] There is now a description field where game information like AMD fixes required and such can be displayed - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] Removed old force feedback stuff, replaced with button to download Boomslangnz's far superior FFB Plugin - [BirdReport][TeknoParrotUi] Added invert buttons option for MaiMai GreeN - [Nezarn][TeknoParrotUi] Fix console in new UI. - [Nezarn][Lindbergh] Games now work on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, thanks to the cross-platform Faudio project [Hidden Content] - [Nezarn][Lindbergh] House of the Dead 4 sound effects are now working. - [Nezarn][RingEdge] Shining Force Cross Raid and Elysion now work windowed. - [Nezarn][Lindbergh] VF5B home/ram folder fix. - [Nezarn][TeknoParrot] Added missing game names in TeknoParrot Steam Integration. - [Nezarn][Lindbergh] Initial D5 Crash issue fixed. - [Nezarn][Lindbergh] Initial D4 Jap/EXP, Initial D5 resolution patch. PATREON ONLY: - [Reaver/Nezarn][Lindbergh] 2spicy is now playable. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.92 Release: - Fixed non-patreon issues with Let's Go Jungle, Project Diva and Virtua Fighter 5 Ver. C. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.91 Release: - [Nezarn][Lindbergh] Let's Go Jungle has now AMD Fix, requires fixed shaders from our discord. NOTE: Characters and frog boss is broken but the game is playable. - [Reaver][Lindbergh] Virtua Fighter 5 Ver. C no longer requires Patreon. - [Reaver][Lindbergh] Let's Go Jungle no longer requires Patreon. - [Reaver][RingEdge] Project Diva no longer requires Patreon. PATREON ONLY: - [NTAuthority][NAMCO N2] Counter-Strike NEO is now playable, first N2 emulated game! NOTE: Dump file is called contents2.bin and file to load inside that is csneo2\linux\hlds_amd NOTE: sha256 hash of engine_amd.so: fac2dc3e7966555e4848549655a5749251f55f420bf1fb2f147014c57bcf62c0 (from contents2) NOTE: If you have AMD GPU copy N2\AMDFixByNezarn to N2\ NOTE: Requires some missing linux libs in \csneo2\linux\, you can download them from our discord: [Hidden Content] NOTE: console = ALT+F7 or ALTGR+F7 depending of keyboard layout. NOTE: To play the game do the following: - Wait for menu to load, move mouse so it asks for card. - Write login [2 random digits that are card id] in console (Example login 12) - Exit console and set some name. - After setting name it takes some time to timeout, so be patient. - Host via console: First write sv_lan 0 . Then map [mapname] to start server - Join via console: connect <ip> to connect to listen server. NOTE: ESC is disabled, open console and write quit to exit. NOTE: Forward ports: 18243-18260 for online play. NOTE: To have FreePlay Run game once and after that edit TeknoParrot\setting.ini Add line FREEPLAY=1 under [COINSETTING] --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.90 Release: - [Reaver][Lindbergh] ID4 Export, ID4 Jap, ID5, Virtua Tennis 3 and Let's Go Jungle now have proper window titles. - [Reaver][TEKNOPARROTUI] Let's Go Jungle mouse gameplay now works. - [Reaver][RingEdge] Project Diva now has FullHD option. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.89 Release: - Added missing icons, thanks to POOTERMAN. URL: [Hidden Content] --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.88 Release: - Outrun 2 Special Tours Super Deluxe BlackscreenHack is now removed as NVIDIA shader fix can be found in our discord. PATREON ONLY: - Let's Go Jungle is now playable, some shader and sound issues remain. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.87 Release: - [Reaver/Boomslangnz][EUROPA-R] GRID is now playable, including link play. NOTE: Edit following file to point in the current game directory in case you don't want to run it from C:\Sega\: debug\config.xml -> <sega_shell shell_path="c:\sega\Shell" shell_data_path="c:\sega\ShellData\" shell_data_ini_path="c:\sega\ShellData\ShellData.ini" shell_game_ini_filename="Game.ini" shell_game_settings_ini_path="c:\sega\ShellData\GameSettings.ini" shell_shutdown_time_limit="60" /> PATREON ONLY: - [Reaver][Lindbergh] Virtua Fighter 5 Ver. C Japanese is now playable. NOTE: Copy rom from disk1 to disk0. NOTE: Copy file: gameid from /tmp/segaboot/ to disk0. NOTE: Game only works properly with AMD graphics card, NVIDIA fix can be found in our discord. NOTE: If you want to play in VGA, use VgaMode. Game boots 1280x768 by default. NOTE: Game runs only windowed for now. - [Reaver][Lindbergh] Sega Race TV now boots until stage select where it gets stuck. (help pls?) NOTE: Remember to set your IP settings from TeknoParrot as this game uses network even in standalone play. - [Reaver][Lindbergh] Let's Go Jungle boots but crashes after window creation. - [Reaver][RINGEDGE] Project Diva is now playable. NOTE: Only works with NVIDIA GPU and has some graphical issues. NOTE: Touch emulation is not working but the game is playable regardless. Just use Square to change difficulty. NOTE: No card emulation. NOTE: Wait in the init screen for a while, takes some time for the game to boot. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.86 Release: - SEGAAPI Audio emulation of Lindbergh is now separated from BudgieLoader to OpenParrot repository in project called Opensegaapi. NOTE: Copy your compiled Opensegaapi.dll to teknoparrot directory for development, BudgieLoader will automatically load it and route the APIs. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.85 Release: - [Reaver][RINGEDGE] Shining Force Cross Elysion 2.06 no longer requires Patreon for real. Oops - [Reaver][LINDBERGH] Forgot one test code included in elf loader which caused instability in Lindbergh games. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.84 Release: - [Reaver][RINGEDGE] Puyo Puyo Quest 1.00.04 no longer requires Patreon for real. - [Reaver][RINGEDGE] Shining Force Cross Elysion 2.06 no longer requires Patreon for real. - [Reaver][RINGEDGE] MaiMai GreeN no longer requires Patreon for real. - [Reaver][RINGEDGE 2] Under Defeat HD+ no longer requires Patreon for real. - [Reaver][RINGWIDE] Arcade Love with Pengo no longer requires Patreon for real. - [Reaver][TEKNOPARROTUI] Removed Patreon texts on TeknoParrot Online. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.83 Release: - [Reaver][LINDBERGH] Network code improvements, Outrun 2 SP DLX multiplayer should work again. - [Reaver][LINDBERGH] Outrun 2 BlackTextureHack, this gets rid of black textures when playing from outside the car view. NOTE: This does make the car invisible for brief moment during the level transition! - [Reaver][RINGEDGE] Puyo Puyo Quest 1.00.04 no longer requires Patreon. - [Reaver][RINGEDGE] Shining Force Cross Elysion 2.06 no longer requires Patreon. - [Reaver][RINGEDGE] MaiMai GreeN no longer requires Patreon. - [Reaver][RINGEDGE 2] Under Defeat HD+ no longer requires Patreon. - [Reaver][RINGWIDE] Arcade Love with Pengo no longer requires Patreon. - [Reaver][NAMCO ES3A] Mario Kart DX 1.10 TeknoParrot Online works. - [Boomslangnz][LINDBERGH] Virtua Fighter 5 Ver. B now works again. - [Boomslangnz][LINDBERGH] Added SunHeightValue hack to lower the sun in resolution hacked elfs. NOTE: Use value of 15-50 or so to have nicer gameplay. - [Boomslangnz][Namco ES3B] Fixed issue where Pokken Controls didn't work. - [nzgamer41][NAMCO ES3X] WMMT5 now has event 2P and 4P mode option. - [nzgamer41][TEKNOPARROTUI] Added a built in updater that will download and extract teknoparrot. - [anonymous201712][NAMCO ES3X] Dome Hack for MachStorm, removing the dome curvature. PATREON ONLY: - [Reaver/Boomslangnz][EUROPA-R] GRID is now playable, including link play. NOTE: Edit following file to point in the current game directory in case you don't want to run it from C:\Sega\: debug\config.xml -> <sega_shell shell_path="c:\sega\Shell" shell_data_path="c:\sega\ShellData\" shell_data_ini_path="c:\sega\ShellData\ShellData.ini" shell_game_ini_filename="Game.ini" shell_game_settings_ini_path="c:\sega\ShellData\GameSettings.ini" shell_shutdown_time_limit="60" /> --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.82 Release: - [nzgamer41][NAMCO ES3X] fixed crashing bug with wmmt5 - [Reaver][TEKNOPARROTUI] Fixed mistake by community developers where xml files would not be updated after recent big changes if extracted over old version. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.81 Release: NOTE: Due to nature of multiple contributors, first field always describes the person who worked on the feature. - [Reaver][NAMCO ES3A] Mario Kart DX no longer overwrites H:\ USB sticks. NOTE: This was due to Namco AMCUS default config, this has now been changed to save in chuck.img instead. - [Reaver][RingWide] Sega Racing Classic LAN works again. - [Reaver][LINDBERGH] Initial D5 no longer crashes on card entry. - [Reaver][LINDBERGH] Virtua Tennis 3 no longer requires Patreon. - [Reaver][LINDBERGH] Virtua Fighter 5 Ver. B no longer requires Patreon. - [Reaver][LINDBERGH] House of the Dead 4 no longer requires Patreon. - [Reaver][TEKNOPARROTUI] Nice christmas red color for title bar. - [Poliwrath][TEKNOPARROTUI] Major code improvements. - [Poliwrath][TEKNOPARROTUI] Discord RPC, you can now show others what you are playing with TeknoParrot, toggle on from Emulation Settings. - [Boomslangnz][SEGA PC BASED] Daytona Usa 3 fixed XInput controller required to play. - [Boomslangnz][SEGA PC BASED] Daytona Usa 3 Force Feedback is now working with FFB Arcade Plugin. Download: [Hidden Content] - [Boomslangnz][SEGA PC BASED] Daytona Usa 3 MSAA 4x setting disable for people with slower GPUs. - [Boomslangnz][SEGA PC BASED] Daytona Usa 3 no longer has reverse controls in championship mode. PATREON ONLY: - [Reaver][RINGEDGE] Puyo Puyo Quest 1.00.04 is now playable. (game exe is: bin\Pj24App.exe) NOTE: Edit following fields from hod5.ini: isNetwork = 1 -> 0 Auth = 1 -> 0 isUseAime = 1 -> 0 UseDownload = 1 -> 0 s_input = touch_panel -> mouse Have fun testing other changes, maybe you can activate addional content! - [Reaver][RINGEDGE] Shining Force Cross Elysion 2.06 is now playable including card saving. NOTE: Like Raid, iccard.txt/iccard.bin need to be in C:\ root. NOTE: You can also upgrade your Raid card save, note that you can no longer then use the card on raid. (Take backup before upgrade!) - [Reaver][RINGEDGE] MaiMai GreeN is now playable. NOTE: Touch is unemulated, this will need 3rd party plugin. You can find the touch struct at: 0x8DF9C0. By editing it you can get touch input (Use Test Menu). - [Reaver][RINGEDGE 2] Under Defeat HD+ is now playable. - [Reaver][RINGWIDE] Arcade Love with Pengo is now playable. NOTE: 4 player mode is disabled due to insufficient JVS emulation (it crashes with VT4 profile). Feel free to fix, source is in github. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.80 Release: - [LINDBERGH] Improved Linux emulation, many more supported APIs. - [LINDBERGH] Initial D5 is now playable without Patreon. - [LINDBERGH] Outrun 2 Special Tours Super Deluxe is now playable again. - [LINDBERGH] Windowed/Fullscreen mode should now work for: House of the Dead 4, Virtua Tennis 3, After Burner Climax, Initial D4 JAP/EXP and Initial D5. - [LINDBERGH] Improved gameid accuracy for all titles. (Overwriting patched elf gameids) - [RINGEDGE] Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R has now proper button set. - [SEGA PC BASED] Daytona Usa 3 is now playable. (Thanks Boomslangnz) - [TEKNOPARROTUI] Many many fixes by Poliwrath, thanks! - [ES3A] Mario Kart DX online timeouts should now be fixed! - [TEKNOPARROTUI] Daytona3, HOTD4, VF5 and VT3 icons added, made by POOTERMAN. PATREON ONLY: - [LINDBERGH] Virtua Tennis 3 is now playable with some minor graphical issues. NOTE: If you want to play in VGA, use VgaMode. Game boots 1360x768 by default. NOTE: FullHD hack obviously ignores VgaMode. - [LINDBERGH] House of the Dead 4 is now playable with some sound and graphical issues. NOTE: Fixed shaders are required! (Look at wiki) Special Special thanks to sqrt(-1) for the fixed shaders. "Shaders forever!" NOTE: Please use offscreen reload mode for now, accelerometer will be added soon! NOTE: If you want to play in VGA, use VgaMode. Game boots 1280x768 by default. - [LINDBERGH] Virtua Fighter 5 Ver. B Export is now playable. NOTE: Copy rom from disk1 to disk0. NOTE: Copy file: gameid from /tmp/segaboot/ to disk0. NOTE: Test menu is not tested and don't know if it saves or not. NOTE: Game only works properly with AMD graphics card, NVIDIA fix will be coming soon! NOTE: If you want to play in VGA, use VgaMode. Game boots 1280x768 by default. NOTE: Game runs only windowed for now. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.69 Release: - [NESiCA] D:\ file redirection should be complete now, no more crashes on init or non-saving test menu. - [NESiCA] RFID emulator hooks rewritten. - [NESiCA] Crimzon Clover is now playable. - [NESiCA] Ikaruga is now playable. - [NESiCA] Magical Beat in no longer stuck on Initializing. - [NESiCA] Arcana Heart 2 is now playable. - [NESiCA] Arcana Heart 3 - LOVE MAX SIX STARS!!!!!! is now playable. - [NESiCA] Raiden III is now playable. - [NESiCA] Raiden IV is now playable. - [NESiCA] Senko no Ronde DUO is now playable. - [NESiCA] Trouble Witches AC - Amalgam no Joutachi is now playable. - [NESiCA] Groove Coaster 2 now boots but to a Fast I/O error due to wrong kind of emulation. - [NAMCO ES3A] Fixed a bug in Mario Kart DX where amauthd would not run on launch and you could not connect to online server. - [TEKNOPARROT UI] Update checker is now included and will prompt on launch in case of new updates. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.68 Release: - [NAMCO ES3X] WMMT5 including 0-21 support and all save code for current dumped version moved to OpenParrot. - [NESiCA] Fixed 2x Fast I/O hook missing that caused IO errors NESiCA games. - [NESiCA] Nitroplus Blasterz (1.07 and 1.09) is now playable. - [NESiCA] Goketsuji Ichzinoku - Matsuri Senzo Kuyo is now playable. - [NESiCA] Also fixed a bug that caused hooks to be missing if game loaded iDmacDrv32.dll later than from Import Table. - [NESiCA] Groove Coaster 2 now boots but gets stuck to a black screen. - [NESiCA] Ultra Street Fighter (Dev exe) is now playable. - [NESiCA] Space Invaders is now playable. - [NESiCA] Strania - The Stella Machina is now playable. - [NESiCA] Aquapazza Aquaplus Dream Match is now playable. - [NESiCA] Do Not Fall - Run for Your Drink is now playable. - [NESiCA] Elevator Action is now playable. - [NESiCA] En-Eins Perfektewelt is now playable. - [NESiCA] Rastan Saga is now playable. - [NESiCA] Puzzle Bobble is now playable. - [NESiCA] Homura is now playable. - [NESiCA] Vampire Savior - The Lord Of Vampire is now playble. - [NESiCA] Hyper Street Fighter II is now playable. - [NESiCA] Street Fighter Zero 3 is now playable. - [NESiCA] Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2 is now playable. - [NESiCA] Street Fighter 3rd Strike is now playable. - [TYPEX/NESiCA] Registry emulated for TYPE X and NESiCA titles, values settable via INI. - [TEKNOPARROT UI] Other emulator blacklist now works properly, it no longer has false positives. - [TYPEX] Battle Fantasia now playable. - [EXBOARD] eX-Board is now emulated. - [EXBOARD] Daemon Bride is now playable. - [EXBOARD] Arcana Heart 3 boots but gets stuck. - [EUROPA-R] Ford Racing now has windowed mode. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.67 Release: - Pokken Tournament moved to OpenParrotLoader. - Removed DEVMODE from OpenParrot so NESiCA titles work again. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.66 Release: - OpenParrot is now included with TeknoParrot, freeing up code for public domain. - OpenParrot is now released and source code available at: [Hidden Content] and [Hidden Content] If you wish to contribute in development or learn how things are done you are welcome to our discord. [Hidden Content] Expect lot of new content available in near future as we are working on some cool stuff! :) --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.65 Release: - Mario Kart DX card should now work properly again. - [KONAMI] GTI Club 3 is now playable, includes test menu saving and network play. More Konami support coming soon! Use the japanese exe. PATREON ONLY: - [LINDBERGH] Initial D4 Japanese is now playable on TeknoParrot Online. - [LINDBERGH] Initial D4 Export is now playable TeknoParrot Online. - [LINDBERGH] Initial D5 is now playable on LAN and TeknoParrot Online. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.64 Release: - [TEKNOPARROT UI] Added Icons for ID4, ID5, ID8, School of Ragnarok, Mach Storm, USF4, LGI3D and GGXX by POOTERMAN. ( [Hidden Content]/gallery/ ) - [LINDBERGH] AMDFix removed from ID4/ID5 since they are obsolete thanks to Nezarn. [Hidden Content] PATREON ONLY: - [LINDBERGH] Outrun 2 Special Tours Deluxe Network play now works with 2-4 players. - [LINDBERGH] Partial Initial D5 network emulation, does not link yet. Coming soon! - [LINDBERGH] Free play is now toggleable on and off properly. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.63 Release: - [TEKNOPARROT CORE] Fixed JVS Wheel emulation for all games (borked in 1.62 without stooz) - [TEKNOPARROT CORE] Initial D5/D6/D7/D8 wheel should now be as in the real cabinet, earlier values were wrong, sorry! --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.62 Release: - [TEKNOPARROT CORE] JVS Wheel is now properly emulated for Initial D4/D5/D6/D7/D8 and Sega Sonic All-Stars Racing (Only in non-sto0z mode!!!) PATREON ONLY: - [LINDBERGH] Initial D5 card crash fixed. - [LINDBERGH] Initial D5 TeknoParrot Online enabled but does not function properly yet. Will be fixed soon. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.61 Hotfix Release: - School of Ragnarok and Pokken Tournament now work without Patreon, sorry about that. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.61 Release: - [TEKNOPARROT CORE] Separate Patreon releases are no more, now both are available same time but some modules are blocked to only patreon users. Simply if you have Patreon serial, use register_patreon.bat to register your serial. - [TEKNOPARROT CORE] JVS Emulation improvements. PATREON ONLY: - [LINDBERGH] Initial D5 is playable with cards. NOTE: SOUNDS ARE BUGGED, NETWORK DOES NOT WORK YET! PUBLIC: - [LINDBERGH] Initial D4 Japanese is finally playable. Also supports cards but no network yet. - [TYPE X3] School of Ragnarok is now playable. - [ES3A] Mario Kart DX 1.10 now playable with saves (online only) and local multiplayer (or Hamachi). - All previous Patreon changes included. Please read previous 1.54a-1.60b patreon changes for more information! --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.60b Patreon Release: - Mario Kart DX 1.10 crash bug when changing items and various other crashes fixed. - Mario Kart DX 1.10 no longer goes offline when playing mirror cup. - Added missing Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena profile. - Added missing Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold profile. - Reason for USF4 not working is that we only tested the very special developer exe and not the vanilla USF4 exe. This will be resolved soon. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.60a Patreon Release: - More Nesica titles now playable: * Blaz Blue Central Friction Supported. * Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma * Magical Beat Supported. * Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena Supported. * Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold Supported. * Ultra Street Fighter IV Supported. - Pokken Tournament Banapass Emulated, no functionality yet. - Wangan Midnight 5 Banapass Emulated, no functionality yet. - Mario Kart DX 1.00-1.10 Support. * Network Play. TP Online coming soon. * Banapass emulated, press F2 to insert card. * ALL.NET and Online cloud emulated. * Resolution selection (this breaks entire game, suggested not to use until better patch comes) * Full save support including multiplayer stats: 1. Register+Login to [Hidden Content] 2. Generate your own MKDX PlayerId via [Hidden Content]/mkdx 3. Add PlayerId to Game Settings in TeknoParrotUI. 4. Play with full saves! NOTE: * Mario Kart DX Must be run as admin since emulation of Namco amAuth COM interface does not work otherwise. (You cannot get online) * As gateway put your local area networks own gateway. (For example * Get PlayerId from [Hidden Content]/mkdx (after registration) * Leave ServerAddress and ServerPort as is unless other servers come around. * AmAuthPort leave it unchanged unless you have to use only certain port on your local machine for amAuth emulation. * Full player statistics pages coming soon! Thanks Peter Katt for the card dump. 100% more innovation than other es3 emulators. Support the innovators, not the imitators! --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.54a Patreon Release: - Support Pokken Tournament all versions. NOTE: Cards not working yet. NOTE: Network versus works (Also VPN). NOTE: If your ping with other player is higher than LAN (over 30ms), the game will be unplayable due to horrible lan code. NOTE: Please enable free play from TEST MENU as coins are currently broken. - Support School of Ragnarok NOTE: This game has weirdest button configuration on planet, Button 8 start. NOTE: Remember to set local area network ip settings from Game Settings. NOTE: NESYS / Cards are emulated however online saves are not yet emulated. NOTE: Game has known issues with PS4 controllers, we are investigating the issue. - Added missing 6th button to Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R. - Added Pokken Tournament icon by POOTERMAN. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.53 Hotfix Release: - Fixed problems with GGXX, LGI3D and SFCR105. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.53 Release: - All 1.52x Patreon changes. - AMDFix flag for Initial D4. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.52e Patreon Release: - Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code and 1.07 now function properly. - Let's Go Island 3D now saves test menu settings properly. - Sega Sonic All-Stars Racing Arcade now saves test menu settings properly. - Unresponsive Sega Racing Classic XInput controls fixed. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.52d Patreon Release: - Outrun 2 and After Burner Climax are now working again, sorry about that! - Ford Racing Brake now functions properly. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.52c Patreon Release: - Virtua Tennis 4 is now playable with 4 players. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.52b Patreon Release: - Support Let's Go Island 3D. - Support Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R - Support Shining Force Cross Raid 1.05 - Test Mode can no longer be enabled from UI for games that have no separate test mode (Use test switch in game!) --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.52a Patreon Release: - Lindbergh: * Initial D4 Export is now playable including card emulation, there are some sound emulation issues and also no link play yet. - Mario Kart DX should now work again. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.51 Hotfix 2 Release: - Lindbergh stuff fixed more, sorry about that. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.51 Hotfix Release: - Lindbergh games now function properly. - Initial D8 Infinity TeknoParrot Online now works. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.51 Release: - All patron changes --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.50f Patreon Release: - Picodaemon now automatically run with ID6, ID7 and ID8 when using old card code. - After Burner Climax should finally work on all pcs. - Initial D8 Support, including FFB, Online and card saving (only old type). - WMMT5: No longer crashes when playing a LAN game with saves. - WMMT5: "SkipMovies" option added for PCs that have strange crash just before intro. (This is due to some MFPlat codecs?) - WMMT5: Added NameChanger, this does not however go over network yet. - WMMT5: Cars now save properly by car model, so now you can have save for each car. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.50e Patreon Release: - After Burner Climax now works. - Fixed a crash with TP online. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.50d Patreon Release: - Fixed a bug where Lindbergh games would have no picture. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.50c Patreon Release: - Fixed glut32.dll which caused Lindbergh games not to run for everyone. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.50b Patreon Release: - Added missing SteamChild.exe. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.50a Patreon Release: - Added Samurai Spirits Sen, Taisen Hot Gimmick 5, Outrun 2 SP DLX and After Burner Climax icons by POOTERMAN. - Removed .exe only filtering since Lindbergh executables have no extension. - SEGA Lindbergh emulation support with new family member BudgieLoader. NOTE: Test menu saving works, highscore saving works. NOTE: Minor graphic issues, will be solved soon! * After Burner Climax Supported NOTE: Copy abc from disk0 to disk1 and run from there! * Outrun 2 Special Tours Super Deluxe Supported including Force Feedback. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.43: - Fixed a crash with TP Online. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.42: - All 1.41x Patreon changes and some bug fixes. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.41e Patreon Release: - Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 Experimental Force Feedback. NOTE: Adjust the Spring value if you wheel does not autocenter. - Fixed WMMT5 Gas and Break pedals to be properly sensitive, please recalibrate your game. - Fixed some force feedback effects. - Added WhiteScreenFix for people who are getting the whitescreen freeze on beginning. - Fixed a bug in the method of getting haptic ids, this caused some people to not have force feedback at all. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.41d Patreon Release: - Force Feedback stability fixes. - Chase HQ2 and Wacky Races force feedback now working. - Initial D6 and Initial D7 force feedback now working for more wheels. No need for old TeknoFfb. NOTE: Set Force Feedback level to 10 from test menu. NOTE: Friction and Sine are not finished yet, will be done for 1.42. - WMMT5 crashes fixed. - WMMT5 car HP is now saved, each car has own save in TeknoParrot_Cars folder. NOTE: Color is also saved for the car, so changing color does not work. NOTE: To make your custom car, copy and rename any car file example: 000000000000000D.car to custom.car NOTE: If custom.car exists, this is always loaded instead of the selected car save. NOTE: Feel free to edit the file and experiment making custom cars like Namco Taxi :-) NOTE: HAVE FUN AND MAKE COOL CARS ;)))) --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.41c Patreon Release: - Fixed a bug where Initial D7 would crash for some people constantly. - Added custom gear shift with 6 speeds to Initial D7. (Experimental!) - Force Feedback for the following games, select your haptic device from Emulator settings. * Sega Racing Classic * Sega Rally 3 * Ford Racing NOTE: If it behaves strangely for you or you have Thrustmaster T-GT, enable Thrustmaster fix! NOTE: If you get error such as "Unable to create xxxx effect, disabling Force Feedback!". Get a modern wheel. NOTE: If your wheel is not in the menu, it is not supported or does not have Force Feedback. NOTE: But I have a controller! Ok well get a wheel instead. NOTE: If your wheel has too much power or too less power, try to edit the Sine/Spring/Friction/Constant values! NOTE: SRC uses all of these, Sega Rally 3 / Ford Racing only uses Constant. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.41b Patreon Release: - MachStorm supported. - Fixed an issue with WMMT5 where it would be stuck if certain webcam brands were connected. - Fixed many issues involving DirectInput such as joysticks not functioning or multiple devices not being listened. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.41a Patreon Release: - Partial saving for WMMT5. NOTE: Saves campaign, points and some other things. NOTE: DOES NOT SAVE CARS YET! NOTE: Save is done when you select NO in the continue screen. NOTE: Save is saved to progress.sav file in game directory. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.41 Release: - All patron changes - Added WMMT5 icon by POOTERMAN - Added missing Cab3IP and Cab4IP from SRC. - Fixed SRC networking. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.40b Patreon Release: - Fixed a crash when using DirectInput in any game. - Fixed a crash on splash screen when playing WMMT5. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.40a Patreon Release: - DualAxis now works properly with DirectInput. - Other DirectInput code improvements. - Mario Button added to Mario Kart DX. - Sega Racing Classic 1-4 gears now work properly. - Custom incremental - + gearshift for Sega Racing Classic. - Sega Racing Classic no longer shows "File" menu in fullscreen or windowed mode. - Support even wider range of JVS buttons in JVS Emulator. - 64bit TeknoParrot! - Support for Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5. NOTE: - Full JVS support including 6 position gearshift, perspective switch button and interuption switch button. - Custom + - Gearshift option added for users without 6 gears. - Saving is not yet supported. - Local play with 1-4 systems works fine. LAN NOTE: - Only one terminal emulator instance can exist on your network! Untick TerminalEmulator from TeknoParrot GameSettings on other PCs! - TeknoParrotOnline coming soon! --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.35 Hotfix Release: - Fixed Shining Force Cross Raid error. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.35 Release: - All patron changes - ID6, ID7 attract mode should no longer crash. All game specific ghost etc. data now redirected to UserData folder in game directory! --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.34b Patreon Release: - Added many icons by POOTERMAN - Updated SharpDX libs (DirectInput, XInput etc.) to help with the idiotic input issues. - Added option to ID6 and ID7 to use old card code. Just disable "EnableNewCardCode" from options in the TeknoParrotUi. NOTE: This does require you to manually run picodaemon once again. Will be made automatic for public release! - Experimental FFB code for ID6 and ID7. Have fun tinkering with it! How to use: follow instructions on the README.md: [Hidden Content] --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.34a Patreon Release: - Added ID7.png by POOTERMAN - Added ShiningForceCrossRaid.png by POOTERMAN - Shining Force Cross Raid 1.00 Supported! NOTE: - Windowed mode does not work currently. - Works only on NVIDIA (due to shaders) - Cards work, place our generated card files iccard.bin / iccard.txt to drive root for example C:\ or on USB stick! NOT GAME DIR! - To enter card press F2 - Touch screen works, just use mouse or if you have touch screen, use that. - Multiplayer links but no modes are unlocked, feel free to hax! - If you have black textures, download shader pack from wiki. Thanks to ShaderGOD for fixing them. Didn't want to be credited. Cards and shader fixes can be found at: [Hidden Content] --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.34 Release: - Added new code by sto0z that make his super popular control adjustment even more adjustable! - TeknoParrot Online now available for everyone, look at earlier changelogs to understand how it works! - New card system now available for public too! Do not use modified game files or the cards will corrupt! --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.33a Patreon Release: - Steam Online works as usual also for Initial D6AA 1.2. - New card code extensively tested, also now cards are not encrypted for maximum modding support! --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.33 Release: - Mario Kart DX STRPCB error resolved permanently. - Fixed a critical developer bug in Mario Kart DX that caused the game never to run on some systems. (Causing STRPCB as a side effect) - Initial D6 / D7 no longer let's you create more cards than 1, which seem to be the issue when cards corrupt. NOTE: - If you now get corrupted card, please send it to the dev team. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.32 Release: - Sega Sonic All-Stars Racing Arcade works again! (no network) - Initial D6AA 1.2 supported. - DirectInput issues should be fixed and DirectInputOverride.txt should no longer be necessery. - If you have issues with XBOX controllers, please use XInput. NOTE: Also Oculus Rift can conflict with XBOX controllers when using Direct Input! - Mario Kart DX 1.0 public support - Mario Kart DX TEST button now works by pressing it once instead of holding. - Parrot UI now detects if it is already running and terminates the stuck processes for you if you wish. - Steam Online only for Patreon builds for now until is stable. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.31 Patreon Release: - Fixed issue of crash when double clicking a lobby in TeknoParrot Online - Fixed DirectInputOverride.txt to not read the empty fields. - Added warning if GUID was not parsed correctly from DirectInputOverride.txt - Fixed an issue where loading a save would cause random crashes on Mario Kart DX. - Fixed a bug where TeknoParrot Online would stay open in background even after closing. - Fixed a bug where TeknoParrot Ui would crash after exiting a game. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.30 Patreon Release: - Mario Kart DX 1.00 supported including: offline saving, 2-4 player local multiplayer and 2-4 player online steam multiplayer! NOTE: Calibrate your wheel and pedals to get rid off control issues! NOTE: If you get STRPCB error, this is not actual STRPCB issue but game bug related. Will be resolved soon! NOTE: If you get blue graphics issue, try to change resolution and hz settings. Also reboot. Do not run ParrotUi as admin! NOTE: If you get Direct3D error, install Directx SDK from here: [Hidden Content] --------------------------------------------- - Initial D7 multiplayer (Steam Online and DirectIP) --------------------------------------------- - Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror Instinct saves no longer saved in D:\ but in game dir. - Sega Sonic All-Stars Racing works again (no multiplayer) - King of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A getting stuck fixed. - Initial D6 and D7 card corruption fixes. --------------------------------------------- - DirectInput override, if your DI device does not work for some reason. You can add GUID(s) to file called DirectInputOverride.txt and it will only use those! - Use included exe called: ListDirectInputGuids.exe to see GUIDs and Descriptions! Just put GUID per line on the txt file and nothing else. --------------------------------------------- - Steam online for: Initial D6, Initial D7 and Mario Kart Deluxe 1.00. Features: * NAT punchtrough, no need to open any ports or use Hamachi / Evolve etc. * Fully seamless, no need to set any IP, cabinet id or anything! * Join our Steam group to find players: [Hidden Content] How to use: * Install Steam from [Hidden Content] and register account. * Run ParrotUi * Set your buttons, game dir and other settings for the game you wish to play. * Save your settings * Close ParrotUi * Run TeknoParrot Online * Either simply create or join a game * Enjoy!!!! --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.21 Release: - Fixed a bug where cards would corrupt. - Added missing AMD Fixes for ID6 and ID7. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.20 Release: - All TEST changes. - Ford Racing Brake is now fixed - Battle Gear 4 Full screen mode fixed. Please pick 2 pedals in game or controls won't work! - Initial D6 and Initial D7 now auto read card if it exists. Cards are now saved in the game directory. - DirectX8 games now run windowed. - Melty Blood and Sega Sonic All-Stars Racing temporary disabled, will be enabled soon! - Sega Golden Gun now works again. - Gun sensitivity works again. - Various JVS emulation improvements. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.20 TEST 12 Release: - Improved code that checks for other emulators to prevent crashes. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.20 TEST 11 Release: - Fixed crash on start. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.20 TEST 10 Release: - Initial D6 and D7 card loading fixed, cards now save in the game folder. - Samurai Spirits Sen launch issue fixed, windowed mode does not work yet! - ParrotUi now checks for the game folder for other emulators to prevent errors with users. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.20 TEST 6 Release: - ID6 / ID7 crash fixed. - Unbinding buttons now possible with right click. - DirectInput no longer crashes stuff. - Various DirectInput improvements. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.20 TEST Release: - Many many internal things we forgot to add here. Sorry! - New games supported from Taito Type X series: * Battle Gear 4 Tuned * Blaz Blue Calaminity Trigger * Blaz Blue Continuum Shift * Blaz Blue Continuum Shift II * Chaos Breaker * Chase HQ2 * Giga Wing Generations * King of Fighters 98 Unlimited Match * King of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A * King of Fighters Sky Stage * King of Fighters XII * King of Fighters XIII * Power Instinct 5 * Raiden III * Raiden IV * Samurai Spirits Sen * Senko No Ronde Duo * Shigami 3 * Spica Adventure * Street Fighter IV * Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition * Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Export * Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver. 2012 * Taisen Hot Gimmick 5 * Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror Instinct * Trouble Witches * Virtua R-Limit * Wacky Races - Steam integration, now all your friends can see what game you are playing with TeknoParrot. - I/O emu: New I/Os emulated in the JVS emulator. - I/O emu: JVS Emulator now supports Taito specific commands and other strange Taito only things. - I/O emu: com0com is no longer necessary, all JVS I/O traffic is now emulated without virtual com ports. No addional software needed! - I/O emu: Namco specific commands JVS commands working! Tested working I/O emulation on various ES3 game dumps. No problems! - I/O emu: Brake now work on Ford Racing - I/O emu: Now special E0/D0 issues are handled properly. - I/O emu: Various fixes for JVS errors. - I/O emu: Comm modem state emulated now properly for all Namco/Taito/Sega titles. - I/O emu: Induvidual button settings for each game, xml based. Easy to add new profiles and test emulation. - Ring Core: Sram is now saved per game, fixing issues with non-saving test menus, various highscore savings and more. - Ring Core: Initial D6/D7 cards are now emulated directly in the executable, rendering the need of picodaemon obsolete. This also gets rid of all errors and makes saving instant. NOTE: Old saves are no longer compatible. - Ring Core: Initial D7 is now supported, no multiplayer. - ParrotUI: Refactored UI - ParrotUI: All config.ini settings are induvidual per game and can be set from the loader. Removing confusion what is for which game. - ParrotUI: Windowed mode for all games now built in the emulator. - ParrotUI: DirectInput multiple devices support, you can use as many devices as you want example: 10 keyboards, 20 joypads and 50 wheels! - ParrotUI: Removed tons of old garbage code, fixed insane amount of bugs that caused various problems. - ParrotUI: Separate commandline executable is no more. - ParrotUI: Separate executable for game directory settings is no more. - ParrotUI: You can set game directory from Game Settings in the UI. - ParrotUI: Probably tons of more which I forgot. - ParrotUI: Now you can run games directly from the commandline with game running or just i/o emulation mode. Parameters: To select game profile, use: --profile=. Example: --profile=sr3.xml Parameters: To run in the test mode (if supported), use: --test Parameters: To run game with only I/O emulation (running parrotloader.exe yourself via script for example), use: --emuonly EXAMPLES: Parameters: To run game directly from command line: ParrotUi.exe --profile=sr3.xml Parameters: To run game directly from command line to test menu: ParrotUi.exe --profile=sr3.xml --test Parameters: To run game I/O emulation only (still needs TeknoParrot.dll injected): ParrotUi.exe --profile=sr3.xml --emuonly SIMPLE! --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.06c Patreon Release: - ID6 and ID7 card files are now separate. NOTE: Make sure you use ID6 dir picodaemon for ID6 and ID7 dir picodaemon for ID7!!!! Do not use scripts that are currently around as they just use ID6 dir for both. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.06b Patreon Release: - AMD Fixes for ID6 and ID7 are now integrated in the TeknoParrot. To enable AMD fixes you need to add "EnableAmdFix=true" under [General] <-------------------------------------------> Example config.ini for Initial D6/D7 settings: <-------------------------------------------> [General] DongleRegion=JAPAN PcbRegion=JAPAN FreePlay=1 EnableAmdFix=true --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.06a Patreon Release: - Experimental ID7 support, cards work but no multiplayer. - Activation process now has more information finally printed out instead of error code number. - Re-Activation of serial is required as there is small change in the code. - Sega Racing Classic multiplayer support up to 4 players! JEEZ! <-------------------------------------------> Example config.ini for Sega Racing Classic LAN settings: <-------------------------------------------> [General] DongleRegion=JAPAN PcbRegion=JAPAN FreePlay=1 [Network] Dhcp=1 Ip= Mask= Gateway= Dns1= Dns2= BroadcastIP= Cab1IP= Cab2IP= Cab3IP= Cab4IP= --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.06 Public Build: - Card reader emulation works again. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.05 Public Build: - ID6 Pair Play! Read 1.04a notes for instructions. - Easier mode for loaders with Ultimate ASI Loader! ([Hidden Content]- ... r/releases) How to use: * Instead of using ParrotLoader, you can now drag and drop "Extra_For_Loaders" content to game dir. NOTE: Copy winmmbase.dll only with ID6 as it's needed for cards, other games are fine with dinput8.dll alone! * Note that this does not work yet for Mouse games but will be fixed soon! * This way you can just use DumbJvsCmd to init the JVS emulation * After this run the game exe directly, even the card reader picodaemon.exe will work! --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.04a Patreon Release: - Pair Play now works in Initial D6AA. NOTE: You may also use Hamachi, Evolve, Tunngle or other VPN to play with your friends. Just remember to use their IP addresses and gateway etc. not your local! NOTE: DO NOT USE IDLOGGER OR NETWORK DOES NOT WORK!!!! Hopefully this will be fixed soon in idlogger. <---------------How-to----------------------> 1. Go to TEST MENU, set cabinets ID to A1 and other A2. 2. If you want to use cards you can do that, remember to enable card readers and start picodaemon! 3. Once your settings are saved and each player has separate id you need to edit config.ini <-------------------------------------------> Cab1IP is A1 cabinets IP. Cab2IP is A2 cabinets IP. BroadcastIP is the connections broadcast ip. Windowed mode also now enable for NVIDIA users, so the minimap doesn't break. <-------------------------------------------> Example config.ini with LAN settings: <-------------------------------------------> [General] DongleRegion=JAPAN PcbRegion=JAPAN FreePlay=1 Windowed=true [Network] Dhcp=1 Ip= Mask= Gateway= Dns1= Dns2= BroadcastIP= Cab1IP= Cab2IP=