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  1. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r782

    Do you guys only help “regulars” around here? I have asked questions ever since joining this this forum asking for help whether it comes to Nesica and you people seem to ignore newcomers.
  2. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r782

    Magical Truck Adventure has bad graphical glitches in attract mode in the ocean stage as well. Is this a Power PC frequency issue too?
  3. Game Loader All Rh

    Does anyone know if the frame limiter has problems with overclocked monitors? I’m running a 165hz GSync panel and the Nesica version of Raiden IV was running at 165 FPS too. No matter the settings in AGLRH it was not limiting the frames to 60. I ended up downloading a small portable frame limiting app that works with Vulcan/OpenGL, DX9, etc. and that fixed it. It’s weird the Nesica version of Raiden III is fine. Don’t know why Raiden IV busts balls so much.
  4. Can anyone else confirm if Raiden IV's controls are hardcoded as 1 - service button & 2 - Service Menu? Type_x config does not remap these even after putting in different buttons. I didn't have this problem with the older version of allgame rh....
  5. Hey guys, just bumping this thread. I’m using dual aimtraks. Problem is offscreen reload is the flame thrower button. This can easily be changed in the Aimtrak Utility, but I’m running the game via a front end, and the aimtrak utility software does not have command line support to change what the buttons do.
  6. Game Loader All Rh

    Is anyone running the arcade PC stuff on Win 10 without issues? I might upgrade my cab to a coffee lake CPU but Win 7 support is iffy at best and that's what I'm running now.
  7. Yea forget it. I got the Aladdin Key, successfully installed on Win7 x64. Shows up in device manager....but the game can't see it. Unreal. Like I thought I think the game is hard coded to look for a 32bit only file. Oh well. Maybe someone can find a way around this but I'm done lol.
  8. Oh hey I forgot to answer you before. You have to force Vsync in your graphics settings to stop it from running 100 miles an hour. I have one more trick up my sleeve. I found a new tutorial on installing HASP on Win7x64 and getting it working with Multikey64. If this doesn't work than yea I give on 64 bit. I'm not even sure if the game will see a 64 bit dongle emulator if I happen to get it to install.... the game might be hard coded to look for the x86 dongle. But yea I'm glad we can get it to run on at least w7 now...
  9. Find a 64bit HASP driver and I think the Multikey will work. Hdd32.exe is obviously x86. There is a HASP 64 bit driver installer called HaspUserSetup.exe. I'm at work right now and can't try it but if someone wants to give it a whirl....if not we are going to have to wait for a proper crack that removes the game looking for the dongle.
  10. I can verify this as well. Fuck. Yep.... the driver installs no problem when it's in test mode and I even signed it with a program. But you don't get that "Found new Hardware" message in Win7 x64 and it doesn't show up in device manager. Are you using the newest version of Multikey64? There are many people that have had problems installing a functioning Multikey64 on Win7x64.
  11. You will get that message if you try to run the game outside of the root of you Windows Install. The PC folder must be placed there.
  12. Ok after watching your video again, it complains about the driver being unsigned hence why the dongle fails. I ran this by one of the users over at the BYOAC and he states that to install unsigned drivers, you must put windows in "Test mode" first, then install them and it should not complain anymore. Have you tried this?
  13. Excellent work!!!!! At least we can run it now without the horrendous job of wasting an HDD to run the entire image. To get rid of the ''Unable to open AVI frame'' I think you may need to copy the divx codecs on the original aliens hdd image and install them onto your current system. You will also need the pjp's joyids program installed which is on the original hdd image as well as that is what helps the game recognize joysticks. It may work without it though I don't know. Have you tried screwing with the compatibility mode on the game.exe to remedy the 64bit issue? No one runs x86 really anymore. If we can get it going on 64 it will be major!!!
  14. Again, this is what I had to do. Sonic is saying you just copy the contents of the ISO into the root of an HD and it will boot. I don't know if his computer will boot it and not mine because it's older, but when I copied the contents of the ISO onto the root of a HDD, when I would boot I would get a black screen with a blinking cursor in the top left which means the BIOS cannot find a bootable HDD even with it set as first and masters. Again this could be an issue with my PC, but I had to write the boot sector with an actual winxp install disc.
  15. Ok are you using an Nvidia card? The speed issue can be because of ATI...