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please i need help i isolated the UP command in the Karisframework in the file KarisFramework/Script/main.singe
I have already isolated part of the code

the overlay displays the animation
I have the text message in case of failed movements
but I don't have the part with the sound for the movement succeeds
and the part with the sound for the miss movement
I can't isolate it

Karis is missing again I can't ask for his help, can someone help me please
here is the isolate part of the code

------------  part 1

elseif (move[currentMove][correctMove] == UP) then

                fontPrint(getMiddle("UP"), OVLH/2, "UP")

--------------- part 2


            if (move[currentMove][correctMove] == UP) then

                fontPrint(getMiddle("YOU SHOULD HAVE GONE UP"), OVLH/2, "YOU SHOULD HAVE GONE UP")

----------------- part 3

elseif thisMove == UP then


                if heartbeat then

                    if posyUARROW > endyUARROW then posyUARROW = posyUARROW-LINEH end


------------------ part 4

sprArrow[UPBAD]         = spriteLoad(MYDIR..MIDIRES.."arrowup.png") (modifié)


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