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The Ghost Blade Dreamcast Iso ?


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Have some weird issue on Ghost Blade HD on pc. Game runs perfekt but.... 

After finishing game... After credits a loading screen appears and after 20 seconds game closes with ctd... I installed this game on my win 10 64 bit first edition. I don't wanna update this Windows cause there are also my Teknooarrot colelction installed which is running great. Is it possible that the problem on Ghost Blade HD occur from the windows version? Is there a fixed exe out there? 



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13 hours ago, hombreimaginario said:

Thank you so much for this. I've been looking for it for some time.


However, this is CCD+IMG+SUB... Will it work for GDemu? I think it's only CDI or GDI...?



EDIT: nevermind, I found it:



Did you get this to actually work?? I tried it with the redream emulator and it didn't work.

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57 minutes ago, hombreimaginario said:

Sadly, it didn't work with GDemu either, but I didn't know until a few hours ago.


I found another one, in IMG/CCD/SUB format:



Thats the one that I tried and could not get it to work. Surely there is a version that works out there somewhere. I know you can buy it for the switch for 8.99 or steam for 9.99. I'm going to keep trying before I actually buy it though.

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