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Sega Lindbergh Dumps Decrypt?


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Bonjour à tous,




On the Internet there are some Sega Lindbergh CD ISOs available. They are unplayable because of Copy Protection and Encryption according to the Iso Dump Distributor.

If somebody is able to crack it, you can play it on your lindbergh and if someone writes a launcher and patches I/O and other checks it could be playable on a normal PC with Linux MontaVista.


Now with 2 Linux Arcade Games Dead Heat & Tank!Tank!Tank!  are dumped and cracked, maybe some experienced hackers can try to crack it together??


There is Virtua Fighter 5 (J) ISO available.


I want to hear your opinions


Merci à vous

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Unless you own a multigames on the real hardware or a professional reader to extract CF card content, you can't play the dumps with a Linux distribution on your computer as Sega libraries are not available and the CF card is heavily protected.

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