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Tutorial: How to enable Force Feedback in MAME and Teknoparrot


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My original FFB tutorial got taken down because of a bullshit DMCA copyright claim from Bandai fucking Namco Japan, because of the 2 minutes of Wangan Midnight footage I used right at the end of it. I've contested it, but I don't think I'm ever getting this video back (F'n annoying as it'd just got past 10,000 views), so I've made a new version. If you used my original video to help get the FFB plugin setup, could you please do me a solid one by leaving a comment or a like on this new version to try and help it gain a bit of traction with the YT algorhythm gods. If you do and we ever meet in person I'll buy you a beer! Cheers



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29 minutes ago, MrThunderwing said:

Thanks dude.


Hey, quick forum related question: How do I change or add a picture to this topic to be displayed in the TUTO main directory? I couldn't see any option to do that when I was creating the topic 🤔

1.Click ... 
2.Select Edit
3. Insert Image or Image URL before write anything.

Note: Do this Steps in your 1st Post. Picture automatically set on topic

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