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Trying to get Chuck E Cheese Funhouse working with no I/O board.


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Hello, recently, I've looked into how I can get Chuck E Cheese Funhouse working without any of its factory components. I installed the arcade restore disc for Funhouse to a Virtual Machine, and it turns out that the machine runs on Ubuntu 11.04.


After reverse engineering the Funhouse program in Ghidra, I've done a bit of digging on how to hack together my own I/O board with an Arduino Uno, and a series of buttons and LEDs:




Here's a picture of the board when it's powered on and connected: 



The setup I've put together here isn't fully working. It tricks the Funhouse program into getting into the main photo booth setup, but it all happens very fast, and it's quite glitchy, there's no guarantee that it will pick the correct filter, or that it won't crash the program sometimes.

Here's a video of it in action:




Does anyone know enough about electronics like this to give me suggestions? I'm looking for ways to make the fake I/O board a bit more stable, because right now it definitely could use some work.

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