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TeknoParrot don't save controller mapping for others pc (NOT READY TO PLAY)


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Hi guys,

i have a big problem. I set my controller xbox360 for everygame on TeknoParrot, one by one.

It's located on my external hard disk, so if i connect this my hard disk on other pc, control mapping for everygame are mapped corrected but not works...

I don't know why... And i must re-configure all games one by one on this new pc too.... and so on....

How is possible ????? How to fix this problem for portability ready to play teknoparrot games ?

It's better other emulator? Jconfig? Please help me!!!!

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Windows doesn't always order the xinput/dinput controls in the same order.  I don't know how you could make it portable.  For my setup I have a few things always plugged in and some I only add when I need.  So I use x360ce and sync the hid guardian once my pc boots,  which keeps my first 3 controllers always in the same order. I also use devreorder for other emulators to hide all controllers except the one necessary.  Hope that helps at least point you in the right direction.  That's what I have to do to keep my controls in order on my arcade cab.

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