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outrun 2 for lindbergh emu


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il y a 18 minutes, prdekker a dit :

Hello arcade fans!


Can anyone give me a lnk where i can find the rom or image for OUTRUN 2 on lindbergh hardware?


Thanks in advance for bringing me this most popular arcade game ever!





use power iso to extract files

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Le 26/03/2022 à 09:28, Distance a dit :

These files are the images to recover the hdd of the game




i took VT3 and  OR2

I have extracted the files with power iso but i can't lunch the game using Tekno Parrot.


How to run the game with Tekno Parrot?


Thank you very much


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Il y a 3 heures, mamefan1 a dit :

extract disk 0 from the bin file

use the jennifer file in the disk0\Jennifer\ folder for TP. 


Thank you so much it works.


And i found another VT3 set here Virtua Tennis 3.7z (uptobox.com) and it works 


Any clue to disable music for V TENNIS 3 ? I cant enter service mode ... how to ?



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