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CD-i Thunder in Paradise & Digital Video Cartridge


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Il y a 1 heure, petje a dit :

What emulator ?

I guess Mame or CD-I Emulator.

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13 hours ago, Arcadegamer1 said:

hi no cdi emulator emulates the video cartridge yet

There was beta support 


Proof-of-concept support for MPEG playing on Gate Array MPEG cartridges


There is currently no working beta version of CD-i Emulator (public or otherwise).

CD-i Emulator, version 0.5.3-beta2 for Windows

This version is no longer functional because of a built-in 2012/01/01 date limit and will immediately display a "You have exceeded the evaluation time limit" message after starting emulation.



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Cdi-emulator is realy better than mess.

I m using the beta 4 ATM http://www.cdiemu.org/site/download.htm

You can find a patch to remove the limitation. It works but on some situation you can have speed problem, and I can't explain what cause that and how to solve it, make a try to see how your system react.

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big thanks guys ! you rocks


I managed to run those famous video cartidge games

it's not perfectly emulated but still can see Hulk Hogan in action

too bad they didn't perfected it, it was really a promising emulator





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