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  1. Not sure what you're saying but you can play either 2d or 3d (with passive 3d glasses/monitor). Those are your two choices and you decide that when starting the game.
  2. Nov 2019? Shit. That's going to be a sad day for the arcade community. What's the current list of games that will become unplayable? Sega Rally 3, Silent Hill (using moherz loader), .....
  3. Use NoMousy tool. [Hidden Content]
  4. I think it just has a few random crashes - it's heavily patched to get playable.
  5. Yes, please share method for "full window". For full screen, you have to use demushooter or 'mouse fix' (same person) on a old version of TP (122?).
  6. For those interested, all (known) missing input have been fixed across all Fast and Furious games (key entry, view button, shifters, etc.), which I don't think are available via other loaders. [Hidden Content]
  7. I do love that feature on Discord. And yeah, I think I'm just an appreciative person and can't wrap my head around the intense negativity toward the project/devs on here sometimes. I'm just grateful Reaver/team are making these amazing arcade games playable. Rambo??!! I mean c'mon, who thought we'd be able to play that at home (even sans sfx). Transformers? Pretty nuts. I go to arcades all the time and thanks to TP (and other loaders/Mame), I literally can play most of them at my house. Cool feeling being able to walk around and say "I have that, I have that, don't have that but I got that one!" Do some things break from time to time? Yes. But that's how it works on every emu I follow. Most emu devs open a PR, the COMMUNITY tests and reports regressions, they fix, merge PR and move to next thing. TP does open PRs but no one is really testing them - smaller community I guess. So they get merged without full regression passes. Obviously, things will break. But then the community can then report them, and they'll try to address them in a timely manner. Thanks to the auto-updater that could be hours, days, weeks, maybe longer. If you don't like it, turn off auto-update or be proactive about noting regressions and updating the compat list. Takes less time than you think. At the end of the day, just remember this is all free. They don't work on your schedule or prioritize things like you would. Most of it is open source nowadays and feel free to jump in and help out. No matter what, just try to be grateful for you what you have, cause you have a lot of freaking awesome arcades games that you wouldn't without TP, including the ones that magically started working on other loaders weeks after becoming compatible on TP.
  8. Go look at my replies the past week, that's all I've been doing, especially on Discord. Heck, I even logged this issue which lead to a lot of input issues in F&F getting fixed. Instead of people complaining constantly on here about the thousands of regressions that happen for every single release, create a list and post here or better yet, take 2 min to log an issue.
  9. Not sure why you're so hung up on their QA process. I see no more regressions in TP per release than I do the other 15+ emus I follow. The community maintains the compat list, everyone should contribute and help keep it up to date or note regressions there. TP is not an emulator, correct, I get it, it's a loader, but there's plenty to compare there, and folks should have similar expectations about functionality, progress, defect management, etc. kd-11 does not fix bugs unless you report them.
  10. Let's not start this stupid crap again. Here's a prime example of stuff getting fixed with a proper defect. [Hidden Content] These lazy crybabies need to take 2 mins log an issue and be patient. OMG, rpsc3 has 427 open issues, what a piece of shit.... [Hidden Content] Changes/fixes are getting checked in constantly. [Hidden Content] You just are not aware of what's going on at all and you have very skewed, uninformed expectations of emulators. We just got a near perfect Transformers, stuff became non patreon and yet a select entitled bunch of trolls still need to find something to complain about, with hand-wavey, blanket statements with no data to back it up. Please provide a list of all the tens of games that have regressed in the last quarter. I would really like to see this.
  11. [Arcade PC] Super Bikes 2™ (Raw Thrills)

    Yeah I added that last night to the issue tracking input problems with F&F games here: [Hidden Content]
  12. All merged, you can give it a shot now and report issues.
  13. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] You need the files from those 2 PRs and then just map a button to it in controller config. Else just wait for merge then auto update.
  14. Guess what's working now...
  15. You have to install the Rambo NVIDIA Shader Fix by Nezarn I think.