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  1. [Arcade PC] Super Bikes 2™ (Raw Thrills)

    I can't find 1.0 anywhere anymore. Does everyone else have this gfx issue? The changelog only noted a tweak to the deadzone.
  2. Thanks Houb! Alpine Racer works perfectly now with minimal added files. THIS is the best way to play the game. You don't even need to disable jconfig wrapper. I turned off the "background" as just black bars are always better than some bright, distracting logo bezel.
  3. the files that come with the mod - reshade ini and dxd8 and dxd9 dlls
  4. Thanks so much! Great to see a mod with just a few files needed. Works perfect EXCEPT game crashes when loading character select screen. If I remove the 3 files + reshade dir, gameplay loads fine. What is it changing that could cause a crash you think?
  5. You need to have game closer to root and/or shorter folder names to avoid crashes after char select.
  6. There is. I don't want to throw a bunch of random files in my game dir for reshade, dgvoodoo, etc. I just need a simple script to rotate the screen and the game will be perfect.
  7. Has anyone compiled a simple script to just rotate the screen 270? The script a few pages back doesn't get the screen displayed in the proper orientation.
  8. 1.13 also has audio sync issues. Loader Issues: No music button (that I found) + Camera buttons don’t work on Upgrade screen (can’t change car and maybe neon)
  9. Edge and Swing need to be mapped to sticks, then calibrate properly
  10. Thanks, works great BUT it goes every direction except the one we need for this game. It's either upside down (8) or sideways (9) the other direction. Tried numerous times. Can you make it not upside down for 8?
  11. Just don't hold it all the way to the left. Current Jconfig bug. Stop when it's around zero. Not sure why everyone is spreading this. Game works fine on other drives but path just can't be too long/far from root. This works perfectly for me: D:\F&F\F&F SuperCars\rawart PRO TIP: KEEP STUFF OFF YOUR OS DRIVE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.
  12. Doesn't need to be in C root. Just close to root. I have all my RT games in something like this and they're fine: D:\F&F\F&F SuperCars\rawart Keep stuff off your OS drive as much as possible.
  13. Fantastic job, another RawThrills game playable home. Nice! Game is prefect but I can't see what Swing Left/Right is actually doing. What does it do and is it working for everyone? Update: Need to map Swing to analog sticks and then you also need to recalibrate after for it to work properly.
  14. Yeah, seem unneccesary. See the changelog I posted above. I don't see anything desired from launch (1.13) until the last build in changelog (2.02). I think we got enough (launch build and final build playable). Rather that time go into more games! 1.13 - Jconfig 2.06 - MohkerzLoaderz 3.59 - Jconfig and TP
  15. I have 1.13 working perfectly BUT I can't get the steering to work right. Always pulls to the right. I've calibrated the wheel several times in game. Anyone else have this problem? Update: Fixed it. Think a jconfig bug. During calibration in game, pressing all the way left results in a broken value of 65k, instead of 0. If I hold it partially to the left and complete calibraition it works fine. Shouldn't have to do that though obviously. Using a Xbox SX pad and xinput.