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  1. That doesn't work either.... :(
  2. 5 and 6 together just brings up the game menu, not exits to desktop. Tried a lot of permutations around this and only ever got the menu.
  3. Thanks Argonlefou! The cursor stuck in top left is fixed for me! Cursor is now perfect. Two Questions: 1) Is the very opening of the level slow for anyone else? Once I get inside it's full speed, but I'm worried about that...I have a very high end machine. 2) How can I close the game, other than task manager which the only way I can find.
  4. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.34 Publique) | Arcade PC

    Stop with the paranoid bandwagon Reaver hating Meezermox. .He should get every dime of support since he provides the community with countless (newer) playable arcade games that we would not have playable otherwise. Go hang out with your buddies over at 1cc that like to make things up about him and believe Patreon/asking for a measly $5 for early access is evil. The rest of us will simply enjoy all these new games that we get monthly. Make sure you don't play Let's go Island 3D or Transformers which we'll be getting soon because you know...that would be hypocritical.
  5. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.34 Publique) | Arcade PC

    Merry Christmas! Thanks so much! Is this the latest version (1.12 or 1.14)?
  6. Game Loader All Rh

    3 questions: 1) What's the deal with the 'trial expired' thing? Won't let me proceed now after using it for a while. What the heck am I supposed to do at this point? 2) Related to number 1, now i get what you see in the screenshot and I can't get it to do anything now. All it does is close...even after a fresh copy. [Update] Found you need to add this to ini: [ignore] Warning = Agree ^^so unnecessary.... 4) When is the juvenile "virus" garbage going to be ditched from the file name, instructions, etc.? The joke was never funny and after years, it should just be removed. Causes more false positives I'm sure because of this crap, causes confusion and puts off a lot of potential users. How many times do we have to tell people it's not a virus? Well we're perpetuating that perception big time. What are we accomplishing with all these childish messages? What's the goal??
  7. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.34 Publique) | Arcade PC

    Such an ignorant comment. What are you even upset about? Why are you trying to spread dumb conspiracy theories? Have you tried Cemu? My god, how can you not be blown away with where it's at? You can even play online now! What do you want kid? You want them to go f themselves because they create something that's free and provide an optional support mechanism for free previews? Wow, when you grow up and get a job someday, you'll realize how stupid you were being here. They are both free, so get some patience, wait for the non-Patron version and use them as there's NO substitute for what they provide. You don't like them? Don't use them, but don't come on here acting like a moron saying a bunch of paranoid, inaccurate, make-believe garbage. Grow the hell up child and stop being so entitled "I want everything right now, perfect and for free and I contribute nothing myself to anyone. Hmph". Little brat...
  8. Did anyone get the Silent Hill image running above?
  9. I get the "windows did not start successfully" error. What non-default options to use when creating the machine? I've tried Window 7 x64/x86 and XP x86? Does ram matter? Do I need networking installed on VirtualBox? A screenshot of you VM system screen would be helpful. Let me know when you can! Thanks!
  10. [Arcade PC] Chase Hq2 Decrypted And Playable (TTX)

    Ok, that was the issue. Thanks.
  11. [Arcade PC] Chase Hq2 Decrypted And Playable (TTX)

    Really dude, who's being lazy, you didn't even read my post. I stated this: "Followed all instructions in readme and this thread. Tried the file above. Spent an hour troubleshooting. Can't get it. This continues to get brought up here and on 1cc." What more do you want me to do? So I don't know where you get off attacking me. I tried everything possible in my eyes but it did NOT work. That's why I asked. This is a common issue and following your steps is not a 100% fix! "Go to test mode then to I/O test and then Acel / Brake calibration." Yeah, I tried that. Works for pedals, but calibration fails on the steering test. Everytime. Tried 5+ times (each one takes several mins). THAT'S the problem. How do we get past that? This is not spam. Once it's address clearly for all users, we can update the first post properly and avoid any more discussion on the topic.
  12. [Arcade PC] Chase Hq2 Decrypted And Playable (TTX)

    Was the first game ever made playable? Also, I can't get calibration to succeed. Followed all instructions in readme and this thread. Tried the file above. Spent an hour troubleshooting. Can't get it. This continues to get brought up here and on 1cc. Someone needs to get out a real fix for everyone.
  13. [Arcade PC] Battle Gear 4 Tuned (TTX)

    Can someone reup the "Update 8" file and the "24 tracks" file. But links in 1st post are dead. Thanks!
  14. So wait, are SuperBikes 3 and Terminator Salvation actually cracked/running? It only appeared to me that they've just been dumped. Are they running (on Linux)?
  15. Brilliant instructions. Thanks so much. What about game controllers? I assume there's a way to use Xbox One pads?