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  1. Ah, nice! Thanks! Any chance other exes can be provided to select each chapter? A lot of rail shooters have this built in functionality, but not all games like this one unfortunately.
  2. How does this file differ from the original?
  3. 00C0FFEE has continued to iterate on input for H2Overdrive. With this last fix, all issues are gone: [Hidden Content] He even fixed SB2 menu input with the same discovery.
  4. [Arcade PC] Need for Speed Carbon (Global VR)

    Don't spam the topic, it will obviously be posted when there is some.
  5. ....aaaaaand H2Overdrive is now perfect! [Hidden Content] One of my favorite arcade games ever is literally perfect now. Can't believe every little issue is addressed. Nothing left! Dare you to find something. Unreal. Thank god for 00C0FFEE! Changelog: -new graphics fix: no more inverted numbers or flashing boost, game is now PERFECT! -view button in menu is now fixed, allowing menu selection flawlessly -Windowed Mode added -full Throttle support -TEST & SERVICE now mappable
  6. Interesting. Little bit of cheating since jconfig is the real arcade way, but I'll take it still.
  7. H2Overdrive is now not only on par with the other loader but better in that it doesn't have these issues: - Boats don’t render on select screen - Opponent indicators only work when steering to right - No Test menu -Missing infinite boost effects These issues those remain and are common with the other loader: - Track backwards tag flickers like View is being spammed-blocks track preview too - Can’t select other crafts unless you hold View - Boost have flickering textures (trivial obviously, but so close to perfect!) Fixed in last build: Audio, water gfx, stunt txt no longer gets stuck, bomb weapon doesn't go crazy and last whole level anymore. You need the updated exe from arcadepunks.com
  8. My results are completely different. v3: full screen perfect, esc works v4: full screen broken(doesn't autohide taskbar until the game is closed), esc works
  9. Same questions. Not sure what to do with them. Any ideas what they add, just bug fixes?
  10. Awesome, confirmed this version works great! Thanks again!
  11. Can v3 get reposted? Links are dead on previous pages. v3 worked perfect. v4 isn't full screen (taskbar doesn't get hidden) and then Esc exits game and THEN hides the toolbar until you manually reset the setting. Like the hide & game launch is out of order or the timing is off. And as someone said, the middle button doesn't even map to Start P1. This version just seems broken.
  12. Just update your exe and backup old: [Hidden Content] TP has every button/action available and perfect gfx but I'm not sure if others have the same.
  13. No, if there was it would be posted. No need to ask and bump threads.
  14. For nvidia, there's a shader fix there: [Hidden Content]
  15. Reaver is requesting logs to debug. Please provide those to help troubleshoot.