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  1. FnF SuperBikes gas/brake fixed! Need files from this PR and the sdaemon.exe that enables TP input (floating around in this thread). [Hidden Content] Now we just need it compat. with the HD exes or new ones generated that are compat. with TP. Then we're all set!
  2. Supercars and Bikes run fine for me on 1.65, but yeah still no input for Bikes.
  3. Just tried. I got a in-game achievement for doing it, but no new cars appeared post race. I see 4 more slots on the "Upgrades" screen prior to 'Race Start". So it does look like there's 4 available. Unless they ripped out cars in the new versions and didn't bother to update this ui component.
  4. Where can I find the link to Rambo? I didn't see it on 1st page.
  5. [Tuto] Operation G.H.O.S.T. : Info and use

    So is there any way to run fullscreen properly (native res.) with just vanilla TP? I always get a black border on bottom no matter what I do, with gfx "smearing". Tried that 'workaround' file but no change. Fullscreen works fine for me with just All RH Game Loader.
  6. Nice, works great. One trival issue is the cursor will not change back if you [X] the window. Using Esc though it's fine. Thanks for putting this together!
  7. Yeah, exactly. That would be great!
  8. Sorry for the bother, could you provide an exe that JUST switches cursor. I assume TP will fix the cali at some point, but I do want a way to easily switch the cursor. Thanks!
  9. Hey, H2Overdrive is great! We need the only true Hydro Thunder sequel playable for sure someday.
  10. You using native resolution?
  11. I just checked and it's 2.06 (according to boot screen) and there's no F&F branding/cars. So sounds like their website is wrong and it lost it's stuff before 2.09.
  12. Do not spam threads asking for an update. If there was an update, it'll be here. Why would it not be?
  13. That's awesome! Thanks for doing that. Do you know what 2.06 adds over the current community dump?
  14. Run the config file and set them there. Only like 5 keys. No way to 'reload' your gun manually though, gotta wait until clip is empty to have it auto-reloaded in-game for you.
  15. Wow, the game just got better! Works fine for me at 1920 x 1080. Is it stretching the image at all? I can't tell.... Also, it doesn't seem to play nice with the navigation decision arrows (soon after entering hospital). It wasn't registering properly. Now if we could just reload the gun in between attacks, the game would be perfect!