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  1. It's the same exact issue. Losing controller input is happening across all Namco io boards with this image. As @arcadeforty mentioned it's not tested or written specifically for that hardware. I have experience it happens if you leave it idol in the menu or run some of the newer systems (TTX3,ES3, RingEdge) There is no problem on older systems which indicates something that's loading alongside those newer systems so button inputs work (jconfig/teknoparrot) and that's what could be causing the lock up...hopefully an easy fix. @zuberpedroo Mentioned that he managed to get it working but he hasn't come online since he made that post.
  2. We already established this issue if you just read a few posts above.
  3. Hey Zuberperdro, Any chance of getting a link to the image via pm? Thanks in advance
  4. Actually i did some more testing...It seems all the emulators that are using jconfig or whatever(basically everything from ttx2 and up) dont work or it stops working after few button presses or so. This issue then causes the menus to stop functioning (no buttons presses or joystick movement). I am assuming it's to do with the controller assignments or the emulation of the joysticks in the newer emulators (jconfig, some other exe's running etc ) and the namco IO may not be compatible with these protocols or they just need to be re-defined for the Namco io board. I also noticed that with the sega IO the joystick works even in explorer, but with the Namco it doesn't. Whatever is running constantly to emulator the KB to joy isn't doinmg so for the Namco IO. We just need to configure that im guessing?? Perhaps insight from the developer/compiler of the multi can shed some light. It just seems the wrong assignments causing the issues on the Namco IO, as the older emulators work flawless (neo geo, naomi etc)
  5. Sorry I haven't clarified what I am actually trying to achieve...I'm trying to add individual PC Games to the pre existing categories. I have got a few to work flawlessly (Streets of Rage 4, The Messenger, Downwell and a couple other) But some games i tried (Battletoads, DragonBall Fighterz) don't detect the joysticks at all. Im assuming this is where those .a3x scripts would come in handy to launch the emulated keys fast2kb or fgastiio.exe etc when the game loads?
  6. You can add to existing menu section. Just add .lnk to the list of executable files. Basically just add the game shortcut on main directory where .a3x or .bat files are and modify the config file like .a3x;.lnk and it will pickup the game. Just add the dmac driver dll and the fast io in there to add controls. The part I'm stuck on is modifying the controls for each new games.
  7. Have you figured out how to add custom games? I am stuck with the script files, not sure if anyone else here has managed to add individual games to this multi yet.
  8. Hi, I also own a Noir cab and have tested this multi there as well. Same problem for me, most games controls don't work at all, but some do for a few minutes then stop working...It's definitely the Namco IO. I tested on my Vewlix cab with Sega jvs io and it worked perfectly fine for all games.
  9. I understand that some games cant be played locally offline on 2 player control panel (Tekken7,SFV etc). has anyone tried to see if a simple cross over cable connected to two ttx3 unit's Lan port works on this multi? Can someone test this theory? In order for Tekken 7 to work, the ip range should be 192.168.138.xxx, so basically this means changing local ip on network adapter with an IP address like for one machine and for the second machine and subnet as and leave everything else blank. Then try and ping the other pc ip address from a command prompt and see if successful. Then attempt to try and play 2 player Tekken 7 from the multi. This will determine if i need to buy a second unit or not haha