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  1. Everything runs perfectly on MaimaiDX. But I found that if I slide fast the slide will miss. I have to slide slower than the real Maimai Arcade. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?
  2. The img show's it has a Linux system in it. I have burned this img to an HDD. But the system can not boot. It shows there is no system on disk. Does anyone know what show I do?
  3. 1920*1080 Just show on one screen. And the touch area is very small. If I use 2 1920*1080 screens to show. One screen can just show 1p. So the play area is bigger.
  4. Thanks a lot. Still doesn't work. I have set force to use 765M and high performance to run the game. But while I use 2160*1900 display mode to play the game the fps sometimes go down to 30fps. I found that some songs are ok with 60 fps. But some difficult songs just got 30fps~40fps.
  5. Does anyone know the hardware list of Maimai DX? Especially the Graphics Card. I have a Geforce 765M 2G graphic card. Maybe my laptop is too old to play this game. So I want to buy a new graphic card. Maybe the memory of my card is not enough(just 2G). I can play maimai dx in 1920*1080 one one screen. But while I use 2080* 1920 mode with 2 screens the game is not fluent enough and all my taps are got late results. Does any graphic card recommend for this game?
  6. Thanks very much. This really helped me. I can use aime now.
  7. I have the same issues. I found it maybe because the developer didn't update the docker-build file. Use ubuntu 20.04 can build it without problems.
  8. Can you share the github link of SDEZ segatools?
  9. Could u share your segatool? I think maybe because we used different segatool.
  10. The card number you used was realy aime card access code or just 20 random numbers? I have used 20 random numbers and got a QR code while login, told me to scan and register.
  11. How can you make a new card work, can you show your steps and configurations? Thx.
  12. I just followed the steps mentioned in this topic. aqua server 0.19 aqua server [Hidden Content]