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  1. Delightfully, somebody released Taito Game [Hidden Content] ——————————————— Haunted Museum for Taito Type X ——————————————— Controls: -Aiming: Mouse -Fire: Left Click -Credit: S -Start: 1 -Test: S -Service: Esc Notes: -Runs without jconfig -Run once to generate english save file -Overwrite data in "Sv" folder with save from "Additional Saves" to change language Config: In museum.ini -Set FULLSCREEN to 1 for fullscreen -To change size of window increase both SCREEN_WIDTH SCRREN_HEIGHT and RENDER_WIDTH RENDER_HEIGHT to the same new resolution or it will look dumb Download Links: [Hidden Content]
  2. DEMUL v0.7 WIP 11.11.17 (+ nvram/Bios/Config Pad Xbox360)

    New Demul is out: Demul v0.7 171111 [Hidden Content]
  3. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.21 Publique) | Arcade PC

    Hi, Ford Racing uses seting same - (Sega Rally 3) Aspon works very well with me. [CalibrationData] AccelUp = 39 AccelDown = 211 BrakeUp = 42 BrakeDown = 206 SteeringLeft = 12 SteeringRight = 254
  4. We are sorry, your service does not work, If anyone confirm that my method works (Sonic says just copy the contents of the ISO to the root of HD and will start) Yes, this is how it works for me. Have You Tried formats HDD's installation CD of Windows XP? And then copy Connect the HDD as a single HDD in PC Bios see whether a hard drive is found and is connected 3 HDD(80GB) got works I tried 1 HDD at (18 gigabytes) I had the same problem, a blinking cursor I reformat the disk intalacnym Windows XP CD, abort the installation and then joined as a slave and directly copies the game, then joined as a single PC, the game will start without any problems, I also tried other PC Pentium Celeron processor, ATI, Radeon, but the game goes very slowly Now I play the game on PC i5, GeForce 750, so I had to install the , .NET Framework 4, servce Pack 3 and XP driver for Geforce driver 750th works perfect I wanted uploads games, but the game is more than 4GB, and I have a slow internet Use the program Power ISO, insert Aliens_Extermination.Img, select all files and data export to somewhere as the desktop, these files copied to the HDD, connection as Slave.
  5. Game contains Windows XP SP2, Is no longer necessary to install Windows.
  6. Card can be Ati, GeForce, the game is fully compatible - I also tried to Ati, I have Geforce 750, You may not use clone, and in other forums write that game goes fast in cloning. I just copy the game and immediately launched, HDD IDE, I just formatted and copies the game on an empty HDD
  7. Yes, just copy and paste, My game works perfectly and at normal speed Not Need Clone!! It can be used all the capacity disk, thus installing SP3, frameworks, I tried on several HDD and functioning normally The game uses USB gamepad, the steering wheel,mouse Staci during the game press '6' and calibrate
  8. I think that the constituent ($ RECYCLE.BIN) contains about Key Try to copy the individual components gradually, their (19) and attempts to replace those which are rewrite ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "" right button mouse to mark and insert the ( classic copy)"" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Iso data and then extract Inport somewhere on the disc and then Copy HDD to determine which is then connected as Masters. Picture shows what should be on the HDD. VMDK image does not work for me. AliensExtermination.img - Used Power ISO -------------------------------------------------- ----------------- ppjoysetup-0-8-4-6 works very well After the game starts, press the key (6) and calibrate Mouse 1 button mouse - Guns 2 button mouse - bombs 3 wheel mouse - flame
  9. It must be copied Everything will be key in any constituent that is missing, Assayed with Intel, AMD, ATI, Geforce, and the game works, PC must be more powerful, because the game slowly.
  10. Must drive formatted the Setup CD Windows XP. And then copy files
  11. Only Acronis True Image, landfill is created in this program. After installing Acronis, data mount an image and creates a virtual disc in windows. Kod landfills is 6 Stars (******)
  12. Game I found on another forum: [Hidden Content]
  13. La suite du sujet ce trouve ICI: ARCHIVE: Download: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] ---------------- Batman Arcade dump is not working (Dongle Key) It must one free HDD capacity of 20 gigabytes + Program: Acronis True Image Connect the HDD data recovery and disk using Acronis Then plug the HDD as the Masters and the game starts This game to control the hardware key, and then reboot the system more ... That was just the first time you start the game to stop the ctrl, alt, delete and stop control. Does anyone know how to emulate Dongle Key ?? I found something about it but I do not know if it works well in games by Raw Thrills ?? -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- If your old key, it's pretty trivial to new from what I've seen ... basically this is actually a flash drive (lolwtf) 1. Get a cheap ass USB flash drive from the Amazon. 2. Locate your flash utility 3. Set the VID and PID 0B9A 0C10 4. Set the series to something like "27062101XXXX" Unlike the real key, the game itself does nothing except call libusb ... literally everything he does. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ This method works ?? crack HASP protection?
  14. Hi, Downloads - Aliens Extermination, there is file - "Aliens_Extermination.img" He open in the programs - Power ISO and extract data on the HDD, only those files - Copy all to another HDD and then attached as Masters. It is simple.. The game starts
  15. In this , I do not have much experience Vmware,