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  1. Hello, Please have someone modified Game (Rom) House of the Death (Prototype) on Model 2 (NEBULA) emulator The game was dumping already, It was necessary to rewrite rom and CRC (original Game) Please is uploads?
  2. Hello Teknoparrot works perfectly with me Thanks for the good work of Reaver and the whole team working on this great emulator. Small Problem with Daytona usa Championship. (game turns on twice) I tried all versions of teknoparrot (, ... 126, ... 122) Does anyone dump: lets go Safary?
  3. I also have this problem 1.93 works perfect 1.94 many games do not work
  4. x360ce.exe in the Game folder. Rename xinput1_0_3.dll to xinput9_1_0.dll --------------------------------------------------------------------- When you run x360ce.exe for the first time The program searches for your devices Run x360ce (32bit) version Then - Game Seting, Add and Insert FNFSC_LAUNCHER_v5.exe Then save General - you can change the steering wheel buttons as needed Sorry(Google Translator)
  5. I have (Logitech MOMO Racing Force Feedback Wheel) Software x360ce (32bit) Everything works
  6. I want to thank very much (Mohkerz) Really invaluable work, the game works great Pouzivam (360ce) and with steering wheel works perfect Thanks for the great game (Mohkerz)
  7. Hello Another great game of Teknoparrot Grid Arcade, works fine on teknoparrot, Thank you Reaver and all Dev working on this great project (Teknoparrot) Game Grid is very playable and very addictive (Repeat). Sega had (probably) greatly influenced the development of this game as Publisher Personally I do not have much advice in peas, use (Turbo, Nitro) and I'm happy you did not use it in this game. My Top Games on Teknoparrot (Simulator) Daytona 3 Sega Rally 3 Grid Arcade
  8. Hello Perhaps we have another great progress in Lindbergh emulation Lets go Jungle Sega Race TV Virtua Fighter 5C Great work with Reaver and all Dev [TeknoParrotUI:master] 1 new commit 233a7f6 Add VF5C, Fix Sega Race TV and some other stuff - ReaverTeknoGods [TeknoParrotUI:master] 1 new commit 4e3d5dc Add LGJ, Fix Sega Race TV - ReaverTeknoGods [TeknoParrotUI:master] 1 new commit 86aa328 Rename Project Diva as all RingEdge builds have... - ReaverTeknoGods
  9. Thank (linglang) Help: The game must be run in the system as (Admin) A card is loaded (iccard.bin, iccard.txt) correct Thanks for your help
  10. I use the steering wheel (Direct Input) And the game works with FFB only from C: Sega .. From a different placement, the game works without FFB I do not have an Xbox controller, so I can not help..
  11. Hello The game must be on C: Sega/Daytona... And the FFB works
  12. Reavervčera v 12:14 Shining Force Cross Elysion Shader Fix by sqrt(-1) shader.farc
  13. Hello, Please, can someone upload the already set card (iccard.bin, iccard.txt) On the game: Shining Force Cross Elysion (2012) Shining Force Cross Raid (2010) I have a card from the first side of this branch but it does not work ..
  14. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r775

    [Hidden Content]
  15. Hello Reaver announced on Discort: Reaver at 17:32 ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT new teknoparrot next week