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  1. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r830

    The deluxe version uses tilting (left, right) using the engine and responds exactly to the controls in the game These outputs are not yet emulated
  2. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r830

    I think the Model 3 Hardvare detects which machine is being used and switches the graphics to a Deluxe or Standard machine. Or Test Menu is not fully functional. (Fully emulated) In Mame, the same game (rom) windscreen I do not know
  3. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r830

    Hi We had versions of Scud Race Deluxe (50 ") and I played a lot on them and I know 100% of the use of windscreen views But the Standard Edition does not have this display So it's pretty chaos .. Scud race deluxe yes Scud race standard no Only the owner of Scud race deluxe can confirm
  4. Rick Dangerous

    I played this game 1 and 2 on a (Didaktik) clone of ZX Spectrum, those were nice memories. I had to know uff by heart every level. It's a pity she didn't get another sequel .. I also had a similar game (Benefactor) Amiga
  5. Thank you Flybit for the new JConfig (Change Language, etc.) It works great
  6. Wiimotes as light guns

    I can't advise you I don't own 2 wiimote.
  7. Wiimotes as light guns

    In the GPU settings(Rpcs3), select: Write color buffer And the shooting in the game starts working ..
  8. I do not need to calibrate again, it remains saved. to check the show the cursor and the weapon works exactly 95% then I'll just start when I go to play - RSLauncher.exe after calibration I only press test mode ---------------------------- I tried to use jconf also for the game lost land adventure he writes exactly the same error as described by kimsama call the operator, etc.
  9. i have flood baseinput.ini but i think jconfig uses its own when setting up and saving..and bypassing this setting in baseinput.ini
  10. Yes you have to use JConfig and properly calibrate and the accuracy is much better than before. When calibrating, you must aim at the target in the corner completely off the screen. Time crisis 5 probably uses two connected screens, maybe you can be a player 1 also shoot on two screen ?...
  11. Very nice game, the action itself..I like the flood music from Time Crisis 1, After calibration, the aiming is almost perfect. You no longer need to use the cursor. Thanks Kimsama for this game If it was possible to produce JConfig also for the game (Lost Land Adventure) and also calibrate it in the Test menu, it would be great ..
  12. Yes activating mouse and save patch Sensitiviti for Dinput - setup - 4
  13. Did you try to change the values (Baseengine.ini) on the other pc in reverse? Port=7777 PeerPort=7778 to Port=7778 PeerPort=7777 I know that this works in some emulators. I don't currently have the opportunity to try ..
  14. Calibration in the test menu works well, you have to aim at the target completely off the screen in the corners, and after calibrating the accuracy is much better (90%). It needs to be fine-tuned .. I'm using a video projector, it will definitely be even better on the monitor, I'll try ..
  15. kimsama I don't have this mistake, I've already calibrated and saved the settings and the aiming is a bit better but still not perfectly .. I'm working at home in the garden so I went to try it. I have no idea why you have this error ..