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  1. [Emu] Spine PS4 Emulator

    sorry, maybe a stupid question, but can we run this on Windows using WSL (a compatibility layer for running Linux binary executables natively on Windows 10, Windows 11), or it needs real legit linux OS, i'm too lazy to install dual boot, since it broke my PC the last time i uninstalled it (stuck in the GRUB rescue screen)
  2. yeah, i have Japanese locale installed
  3. thanks to you, now there's a progression, changin the .dat file of centralmode, it makes the game to Free Play, the touch does work, but the banner "ただいまオフラインのためプレイできません" (which is mean, "Welcome, you can't play, because you're offline") makes the game soft-locked, maybe all we need is a server emulator, or bypass the server check if you want to try by yourself, >> setting_ls4_center.dat copy the file to D:\LL3\ make sure, you're run the ll3.exe from desktop, Right-click on it, add -centralmode, in the "Target" example : "D:\Games\Love Live SIFAC\game\ll3.exe" -centralmode
  4. still no updates about the config or the game ?? (Love Live SIFAC)
  5. Probably wrong installation, both game, and LL3 needs to be in D drive, or you're stuck on second screen, the game has 2 screen
  6. WinUSB isn't a coding tool to write Keyboard connection, isn't it?? What i know is, it's for Bootable PC through USB
  7. thanks for sharing, now all we need is just someone to emulate the NESICA card
  8. some of it, kinda messed up my mouse, can you help me, by enabling this option ? navigate to this, change the top word "Play Mode" from 1 Coin, to "Free Play Mode" i don't have touch screen, and it's kinda hard to apply the changes (the Japanese word in the bottom), choose the 1 option also NESICA thingy, to OFF Edit : after trying emulate the touch screen using my Tablet, yeah, it's detecting touch event, but still cannot apply the settings, kinda messed up the screen position
  9. here's what the test menu looks like, cannot do much here, keyboard arrow or mouse didn't move the selection Translation (i only know few Japanese) : Test Mode (Satellite) -Monitor Test in out test 1 (maybe I/O Test 1) in out test 2 (same) LED test Card Scan Test Network Config Sound Config System Config Tournament mode Config Event Mode Config Factory Default Setting Book Keeping (?) (i don't know what's the last one) End Test Mode QUICK EDIT : IT DOES DETECT MY MOUSE, i just clicked randomly, and using ALT+TAB to see where's my mouse position, tried clicking on one of the menu, it does responded
  10. So all we need is emulate mouse touch, and keyboard press as the button emulation, and card emulation, because it seems like reading cards to enter the game
  11. is there anyway to emulate the touchscreen on PC ?? because i've downloaded the love live arcade, i read the notes, it requires touchscreen to work here's what written in the game notes : Love Live! School Idol Festival: After School Activity Next Stage Satellite boots past the IO check but that's as far as it gets. It requires a touch screen, and it will work with most touch screens like a laptop if you want to try and make it work. It will need IO hooks coded, there is no keyboard or game controller support.