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  1. Hi jospel. Hope you're still around (or anyone else who can help?). Great collection there, i am almost with you although i am not including games outside of Daphne/Singe/Singe2 yet. I would love to get your altered cliffhanger rom (if indeed it is altered) and batch file to get this Goal to Go working please. I already have the gtg.m2v (1.22gb) and gtg.ogg (23.5mb), so hopefully i just need a couple of teeny files and a few notes. Any help on getting this working, much appreciated. Many thanks. Hitm4n.
  2. [SINGE 2] Triad Stone (complete)

    Thanks for this and all your other releases poiu (and Karis). Regards. Hitm4n.
  3. Hi Sirdrak, i've got DL1 set up and working and it looks amazing compared to the old version. As this was close to 5gb, i will have to wait a bit to grab the other 2 sets of files, damn 5gb per day limit. Anyway, i posting this mainly to say a big thank you for these, they do look and work great. Once i have these all set up nicely, i will move my new emulation PC over to my BIG tv and introduce my kids to these amazing old games. I do have a question though Of course. As i'm getting these files i am getting more and more familiar with how Daphne or Singe1/2 works, with framefiles, how the loader looks at those, where they need to be and what needs to be in the batch files etc. But i'm certainly no expert. I wonder, is there a way to use your upscaled version within the DaphneLoader menu so i don't need the batch file? Absolutely fine if this is not possible, but i'm hoping with some guidance it is, and i wil use that knowledge to add Star Blazers v2 and Freedom Fighters to the menu also. Possibly even Goal To Go and Firefox if i can source the files and get them working. I wonder. Can i use your video files to replace the ones that get downloaded maybe? Or... Is there a way to get your files to appear in the menu list alongside the default version of DL1? (I would just remove the original DL1 from the menu, i do know how to do that bit :)) Hope you can advise. Many thanks.
  4. Really great thread Maabus. This helped me get a near complete set all sorted in Daphne, Singe 1 and Singe 2. I wish it all worked in Singe 2 with assets for the GUI, but maybe this will come in time. I know Singe 2 is very new and work is ongoing. For now, i am content with multiple emulators. One idea for Singe 2 would be for the GUI to also play attract sound. The video clip used could also be definable by the author in an ini or xml. This would ensure a good part of the main video plays for the attract mode. The GUI is nice, but it really would be great with attract sound playing too. Maybe in the next version eh Scott? The last games i am looking to make work now are... Firefox (i have M2V and MPG versions of this video, but no files to make them work, need some framefile and guidance) Goal to Go (i have an M2V and OGG version of this but no other files to make it work, no framefile etc. Like Firefox, hoping for some guidance) Mad Dog McCree 1 + 2 (//edit - I now have these both working in Singe 1) Can anyone who has these same video versions, and have got it working in Daphne, or Singe, or Singe 2, please post their framefiles, batchfiles and any other files needed to make these work. Of course, everything apart from the video (much less to share and upload). Many thanks. Hitm4n.
  5. Hi Karis. Just wanted to give a huge thanks for all the work on these games. I have managed to grab all the Singe2.0 official games from the Kangaroo site. Then i have grabbed yours and upgraded Cliff Hanger and Fire and Ice. I'm REALLY excited to play Sucker Punch (one of my all time favourite movies), i've taken a quick look so far and checked all games are working, Sucker Punch is so nicely put together with the overlay gfx, skill mode options and logos etc. Absolutely great stuff and THANK YOU.
  6. Sorry, i should also mention thanks to SirDrak for the original deep learning upscales too that LizardKing worked from. Great stuff, both of you...
  7. Hi. I'm building an emulation PC at the moment, one of the last parts i've always wanted is a Daphne collection and its my current focus. This forum is the place to be for that of course (like you lot need telling) and i have read and been amazed by the amount of work done here in ripping, scripting, upscaling and sharing these old laserdisc games. I'm going to thank many of the other contributors shortly on their threads and i do have some questions along the way, but i just wanted to say... THANKS