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  1. Aliens Extermination

    Never mind I fixed it by limiting Frame Rate
  2. Aliens Extermination

    Hi all, Game stars great, mouse works as gun and resolution is great but the game runs at warp speed unplayable when you start it. I ran DIVx60 to see if that would help but it doesn't, I couldn't find any solutions?
  3. Sega Golden Gun

    There is only a flash on screen not a cross hair. I saw a you tube with a guy that had a cross hair up on the game didn't know if it was a addon or not.
  4. Sega Golden Gun

    Thank you
  5. Sega Golden Gun

    Hi that worked perfect thank you. Do you know if there is a gun site patch? If i turn mouse cursor off its hard to tell where its aiming
  6. Sega Golden Gun

    Howdy all, I have a lot of games running well on Teknoparrot but I can't get Sega Golden Gun to go to full screen. Can anyone help?