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  1. I replaced the Cliff Hanger torrent sounds with files I found in the pinned post on this thread pointing to mega.nz. I found the files in Singe / Blank / Sounds. Despite many segfaults running on Big Sur, I completed all of the levels and it was so fantastic to relive the hours I spent playing and watching others play this game in the arcade as a child. Thanks so much @Karis for all of your hard work. The video looks better than ever and it was really fun (and tough) to play the new scenes. I probably made every wrong move x2 before getting it right.
  2. On a Mac playing Cliff Hanger I'm pretty regularly getting Segmentation fault during the "ninja scene" $ ./Menu.sh Playing CliffHanger v1.02 ./Menu.sh: line 3: 63166 Segmentation fault: 11 ./Singe-v2.00-macOS-x86_64 -k -w -d data -v Singe/menuBackground.mkv Singe/Menu.singe
  3. I got past the problem by replacing all of the .wav files with a short beep .wav file. It'd be nice to get those original sounds working, but at least it not stopping me from playing the game.
  4. I'm on a Mac. I have unzipped Cliff Hanger into the /Cliff folder and when I run ./Menu.sh it's recognized and it shows the attract mode video. When I tap 1 to start the game, the app exits and this is printed to the terminal: 284:soundLoad: Unrecognized audio format In Singe2/Cliff/Sounds there are 7 .wav files and I cannot play any of them in VLC, but I can play other .wav files on my computer. Anyone else run into this problem? Thanks for your help... I'm fired up to play Cliff Hanger after all of these years!