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  1. download n install SQLite browser: [Hidden Content] open the DB Browser (SQLite) and open the file (your minime location)/data/db.sqlite3 <-- I'd make a copy of this file just in case you break anything right click cm_user_data and click Browse table look for your username under the column user_name and change it on the right side Apply changes and click on Write Changes to save everything. That should be it EDIT: i just realized that the resizing makes my images unreadable but whatevs
  2. so if i download this a900 can i delete everything else in my options folder?
  3. [Arcade PC] Chunithm Amazon v1.30 + Omnimix

    [Hidden Content] i mean i did i just never posted here lol. I figured no one cared. It's there on my profile, but since i got my tassoler im just leaving it there, if anyone wants to take over feel free all source code is available. Kinda self explanatory, if enough people care i could make a quick tutorial but the codes just there.
  4. [Arcade PC] Chunithm Amazon v1.30 + Omnimix

    I dont have seaurchin so I can't really test any fixes ;(
  5. [Arcade PC] Chunithm Amazon v1.30 + Omnimix

    Yeah right now all I wanna do is fix the potential power-hogs my program has and once I have it running at a nice 60fps ill be able to know if its my code thats making it run slow. The camera app is hard-coded for 60fps so it really shouldnt impact the game much, it might be a problem with the game itself.
  6. [Arcade PC] Chunithm Amazon v1.30 + Omnimix

    ayy nice I still gotta figure out how to save my progress and then i'll be good to go, you know where I can get that set up?
  7. [Arcade PC] Chunithm Amazon v1.30 + Omnimix

    Try this one [Hidden Content] Its using the CameraHelper.dll from the github as opposed to the one i compiled
  8. [Arcade PC] Chunithm Amazon v1.30 + Omnimix

    Did you extract all of the contents into a new folder and run it from there? Idk why else it wouldnt, it works on my end
  9. [Arcade PC] Chunithm Amazon v1.30 + Omnimix

    Here ya go [Hidden Content] open it up, open a notepad and the boxes going green should then input the corresponding key into the notepad. If you need to change cameras, select the cam from the dropdown, click set, then close and reopen program (that fixed it for me ymmv) Air sensors (Bottom to top)/ . ' ; ] [
  10. [Arcade PC] Chunithm Amazon v1.30 + Omnimix

    I edited the source code so you wont be able to do this by yourself. The big thing to know is that this WILL NOT work with the brokenio dll or that program, only the full-io 32 key dll that came with the download.
  11. [Arcade PC] Chunithm Amazon v1.30 + Omnimix

    well the original app uses dll hacking/injecting, i just ignored all that and put a keyboard input into the squares, so it goes off the 32key dll thats included in the download instead of the custom one that youd have to use Air sensors (Bottom to top) / . ' ; ] [
  12. [Arcade PC] Chunithm Amazon v1.30 + Omnimix

    I think i got it working again, this is keyboard emulation so no fancy dll hacking but at least it works lol. Time to clean up some code and I'll get it uploaded
  13. [Arcade PC] Chunithm Amazon v1.30 + Omnimix

    sure, at least I want to make it possible to edit the ip address, right now its hardcoded. I'll get that sorted out and upload it. I had no idea about brokenithm, i guess that couldve saved me a day of coding but at least im learning a bunch :p. googling it only gives me a result for the ios code in github, is there a site where thats available?
  14. [Arcade PC] Chunithm Amazon v1.30 + Omnimix

    Looking at the code for the brokenithm it seems way more complex than my 2 day code lol, but its also a websocket client/server app. Big difference for my app is that it emulates keyboard instead of injecting into the game itself (i think thats what its doing? i'm not a good coder lol) and mines android. Unless im blind theres no download link for the chuni-hands on the forum post you linked. I'm guessing its temporarily down? I couldnt really work with the release itself either way, I'd need the working source code. I get a buncha compiler errors from the code in github and C++ compiling not something im good with. anyway i added a top row to simulate on my app so at least its something, Ima clean up code and release it soon.
  15. [Arcade PC] Chunithm Amazon v1.30 + Omnimix

    Could you tell me how you got the program to run? I cant get the code to compile at all. Maybe we can hack it to emulate keyboard. I'm working on this So if we could get the camera running we'd have a passable setup