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  1. I try to uninstall and re install all the files from this guide, then I update my drivers, I change the priority of my graphic card to NVIDIA and not the intel integrate, I launch everything as admin. But I have the same problem. I've been on it for many hours each day, and I don't found the solution to solves this edit : we can't see anything from the photo so, here is the script : --- Begin chuni_pre_startup --- Failed to load shader compiler! --- End chuni_pre_startup --- Clock: Returning JST timezone Gfx: Direct3DCreate9 hook hit Gfx: IDirect3D9::CreateDevice hook hit SetupAPI: Interface {b7970f0c-...} -> Device node $eeprom EEPROM: Open device EEPROM: Get geometry SetupAPI: Interface {741b5fca-...} -> Device node $sram SRAM: Open device SRAM: Get geometry SetupAPI: Interface {279a9f67-...} -> Device node $ds DS: Open device DS: Get geometry DS: Setup IOCTL SetupAPI: Interface {e9a26688-...} -> Device node $gpio GPIO: Open device GPIO: Describe GPIO ports Security: Opened handle Security: nusec_ioctl_get_nvram_geometry Security: nusec_ioctl_get_nearfull Hwmon: Opened device DS: Read sector 00000000 EEPROM: Read off 40 len 50 EEPROM: Read off 90 len b0 EEPROM: Read off 140 len b0 EEPROM: Read off 1f0 len 30 EEPROM: Read off 220 len 40 EEPROM: Read off 1000 len 78 EEPROM: Read off 10f0 len 468 SetupAPI: Interface {db6bbb45-...} -> Device node $jvs JVS Port: Open device JVS I/O: Starting Chunithm backend DLL JVS Port: Port startup (?) JVS I/O: Reset (param d9) JVS I/O: Reset (param d9) JVS Port: Sense line 2.5 V (address unassigned) JVS I/O: Assign addr 01 sense 0 JVS Port: Sense line 0.0 V (address assigned) JVS I/O: Get features JVS I/O: Get command format version JVS I/O: Get JVS version JVS I/O: Get communication version JVS I/O: Read ID Netenv: GetAdaptersInfo: Virtualized LAN configuration: Netenv: Interface IP : 192.168.100. 11 Netenv: Router IP : Netenv: MAC Address : 01:02:03:04:05:06 Game processes have terminated Appuyez sur une touche pour continuer...
  2. how do you do that ? I have a GTX1050 but i have no idea for the GPU, and how to use "the latest GPU drivers" Édit : I install the last update for my drivers and nothing change
  3. When i launch the file start.ini the program says "failed to load shader compiler" This is the final step for launch chunithm If you have an idea for what i need for solve this problem, i'm so very thankfull.
  4. Hello petje Can you help me for the problem with the shader pls I do everything you wrote but it's stuck a this step Sorry for the bad english
  5. hello everyone, thanks for all of your work. I have a problem with the start.ini, when i launch it, he tell me this : --- Begin chuni_pre_startup --- Failed to load shader compiler! --- End chuni_pre_startup --- [AiMe Reader Host] ---------------------------------------- Pushing ESC key if you want to exit. ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- Reader [Key:65792, COM12] is initialized. ---------------------------------------- I have the good files bin and i set the segatools.ini like you explain it and i launch the minime before all of it. I have the segatool V004 and minime V13.