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  1. Has anyone figured out how to get Rootage to save? I have the Asphyxia core plugin and it still give me an error after swiping the card and putting in a code. EDIT: Fixed this is both Rootage and Cannon Ballers by using Asphyxia 0.2.0a
  2. My game does lag a tiny bit sometimes normally anyway, so it's not like it's crazy unusual or anything. Maybe someone else who has a better PC should try it all together or maybe I'll invest in some more RAM or something to get my PC to run a little smoother. Chunithm is one of the only games that lags with it tho so I'm assuming it is just a power hog of a game.
  3. Minime saves your progress as long as you have it set as the same IP as it and hold enter to swipe the aime card. You have to play until it says thanks for playing. I have good news and bad news. The program you gave me works perfectly. I was able to hit the air notes easily and it was all good. However, the game crashes on me when I attempt to play some songs. Sadly with how long it takes to open Chuni sometimes, it means it's a pretty annoying thing. However, I have a copy of Seaurchin and I'm going to attempt to use it for that once I find some easier songs for it. Until then, I'm going to play around with the game files and maybe try it on the Amazon Plus download cause I've just been playing this original version with all the unlocks. Maybe that's doing something or maybe it's my PC lagging too hard because it does have the lag that your video showed too. However I've read other reports of this exact thing happening sometimes to other people with this game so I don't think it's your program. It's just weird that it doesn't do it when I play with the 8 key dll. Idk I'll do some testing and report back but for now, you allowed me to play a couple of songs with what felt like a legit controller (or as close to one as possible) so that's pretty friggin cool. Your program will definitely come in handy. I could see other people using it too for sure too. I'll let you know about Seaurchin.
  4. WE ARE IN BUSINESSSSS. Give me a minute to set everything up and ill try to show you everything in action. Dude thank you. It is typing in notepad!!!
  5. Yep, I'll try redownloading and try again. I'm not sure if maybe there is some sort of driver you have that I dont. EDIT: Still nothing :( I'm going to try to get the original working still I think. I really have no idea why the original works but not yours. I assume something on my end but idk what.
  6. Hey so when I try to open your program nothing happens, am I missing something? I click on chuni-hands.exe and the system just thinks. Nothing happens tho. I checked task manager and it isnt there. I am still able to run the original tho.
  7. omg thaaaank you!! You rock!! Now my elgato is acting up but once I get it all up and running ill show you my setup lol
  8. I have the game up and running great now with the 32 key set. Can you please provide me with the chuni-hands program that you are using? I am desperate to get this working. I finally got my IP set correctly through minime so I might try the original dll injection method again if not and see if that was the problem. For real though, you will be a legend if you link me to this chuni-hands you compiled. I am playing perfectly on a Midi keyboard, I just need the air keys now lol
  9. can you please please explain what file I need to edit to what to do this??? I will forever be grateful!!!
  10. omfg how did you get chuni-hands working???
  11. Can someone help me figure out how to get Minime to be on a different IP Address? It won't show anything except and I want to get it set up to my actual IP address to try to get Chuni-Hands working. I edited my SegaTools file to my correct address but I get network error when the game loads because Minime's command window says EDIT: Found it, for anyone who is wondering, it is in the folder "src" and titled "switchboard.ts" on line 7
  12. Here ya go. I found it and edited my earlier message too. [Hidden Content] Also don't worry about someone else having done it before you. You might end up making a better app or something that others who can't get Brokenithm to work can use. I'm interested for sure. sadly my coding knowledge is less than basic so I'm no help when it comes to that end of it.
  13. I'm highly interested in trying your app. Brokenithm works on android too. You just input the address it gives you into chrome or some other browser. Here's the link to the release of Chuni Hands. The forum link was for the how to use it. [Hidden Content] From: [Hidden Content] If possible, can a few people try it at least and see if they can get it working?
  14. I would love some help here. I got it from this github release section. I didn't compile it myself. It was version 0.4.0. [Hidden Content] You also need to install this and VS2019: [Hidden Content] I tried it with the 32 key set. I had my camera hooked up through the HD60 Elgato. It detects my movements but nothing else happens in game. I'll find the link to where I found the instructions too. Here is that: [Hidden Content] You need to translate the page tho Btw there is a program called Brokenithm that already emulates the touch slider and the air movements through a websocket on your phone or tablet. It works great but you're supposed to be able to use this with it already but it only crashes for me. Here is a link to that, it might need a special version or something to work with it tho. Google translate sucks and all the information is in Japanese. [Hidden Content] Edit: I'm wondering if it's because I had to set the ip address in segatools to the or whatever it is you aren't supposed to set it to. I had to patch the exe file to accept that ip because that was the only way I wouldn't get a network error. Maybe I need to fix that first, but I tried editing the chuni-hands.json file to put every possible IP address it could have needed. Maybe if I get minime working first with my real IP address like SegaTools wants.
  15. nope I couldn't get it working at all. It's supposed to communicate with chuniio.dll but nothing happens. I also tried it with Brokenithm and got closer but it kept crashing, as others also report on some Japanese forums so I'm really not sure what I was doing wrong, but I followed all the instructions I could find and the program detects my hand movements but nothing happens in the game. In other news, I found a copy of Seaurchin but it's an older version. Now to find some decent maps that aren't master level. I'll stick with this for now. I'm still playing with the Midi Keyboard and have started trying to map the 32 key set but it's so far been a failure and need a total rethink because I'm unable to properly play when the black keys are anything except the air keys and there are only 19 white keys on mine, which is not enough obviously. I might be able to get around this the way I did in Nostalgia though and map like every other key to 2 in game keys.