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  1. You seem to be missing some songs from the initial Chunithm Amazon, I would get it and selectively copy over the missing cuefiles and music files.
  2. Did you sort out the subnet to use? Normally its just your IP address but with the last number set to 0
  3. No one has these songs, because they're not even released at the arcades yet! The latest hololive songs aren't even announced on the official Chunithm Twitter. For every version of Chunithm, there's always cuefiles set far ahead in the music list so that Sega can just enable them through future updates with options data. Very thankful to @paradise for sharing everything so far It's worth a try. The message says something like 'Network processing - Please wait a moment', so it's something network related you'll have to fix.
  4. Is there anything different to how we did it previously? I'm happy to play my Crystal build as well and don't need any of the new characters/rewards, so I just copied the new cuefiles/music folders from the Crystal Plus VHD to my Crystal folder. Seems to be working fine as far as I can see.
  5. A lot of progress has been happening these past couple of days so I don't blame you if it looks confusing. Below is my understanding of the basic steps you should do to get started. Prerequisites to download: - Amazon Crystal (thanks petje! - password: bbs.bemanicn.cc) [Hidden Content] - A020 expansion - Songs released between Crystal and Crystal Plus (thanks tomo_unity!) [Hidden Content] - A017 expansion - Songs expired by previous versions [Hidden Content] - Segatools v004 MEGA - Minime v013 (thanks 7zxkv!) [Hidden Content] - Guide.txt from MEGA 1. Extract Chunithm Crystal (preferably to a C:\ drive location e.g. C:\Chunithm\SDBT_1.40.00) 2. Extract the contents of the A020 expansion to your SDBT_1.40.00\app\data\A000 folder 3. Extract the contents of the A017 expansion to your SDBT_1.40.00\app\data\A000 folder 4. Open Segatools v004 and copy the contents of the chuni folder into SDBT_1.40.00\app\bin 5. Extract Minime v013 (e.g. C:\Chunithm\minime_v013) 6. Follow the Guide.txt to configure your segatools.ini file and the game itself (you'll need to know your PC's IP address and other details for this step) 7. Play the game! (by launching start.bat for minime v013 first, checking that there is an OK message and then start.bat for Chunithm) From this point, you can upgrade your Crystal installation to Crystal Plus and then Paradise if you like. However, since neither version is fully tested at this point, you can still use the new content in a stable Crystal installation by copying over the A000 content and overwriting your Crystal A000 directory's content. After that, do the same with the Paradise upgrade. Recommended but optional: - Use the Bemani patcher on your chuniApp.exe to increase the timers and other handy options ([Hidden Content]) - Use the Tasoller LED patch if you have a Tasoller controller and want to use it exclusively for this game (thanks Mike T!) - Use the Crystal Force Unlock patch if you like everything unlocked from the start (thanks redalchemy!) Thanks to everyone!
  6. My mistake, but that's also a bit odd, I have a total of 916 cue files and 789 music files for my installation. I wonder what's missing from yours. music0811~music0821 doesn't exist in mine either though, and music files above 0831 are for future Crystal songs and beyond. I think I've seen every version so far store cuefiles far past what music files the game has. It's tough to verify since most of us don't have access to download the unlockers at ppxclub, but you can easily open the archive and see yourself what it unlocks. Combining them is easy, just overwrite one or the other with whichever one you want to take priority. For song unlocks, you'll only really unlock new songs if they have new music folder files (that aren't just the XML files).
  7. I've had a quick check and cueFile/music 299 is located in the vanilla Amazon release, while 54 is within the Omnimix. Mate, that is legit amazing work! The only thing holding me to Amazon was the events, no more!
  8. Yes that's right. Think about when Crystal Plus ends up releasing, you can just copy the folder with all the additional music you've prepared instead of mucking about from scratch.
  9. 1. I only know of that one, if you do find any others you'll run into them in-game. 2. Forget open_maps_courses and use the Crystal Force Unlock. The ticket patches would probably work but I haven't tried them. My advice is to open those patch files and understand that all they do is replace XML files, they are nothing more than an extremely simple number or true/false change. You can even go through the Chunithm files and modify these things to your liking yourself if you wanted to. 3. Makes no difference, putting it in the options or A900 folder just makes it easier to differentiate what changes you've made to your Chunithm installation and modify them if need be.
  10. Okay, if you have a fresh copy of all three versions, you can do the below as a quick way to get all the songs. 1. Place the Omnimix A900 folder into Crystal. 2. Copy all folders from Amazon A000\cuefiles, A000\music and A000\movies to Crystal's A900 directory structure. If it asks to overwrite, say no. 3. Copy all folders from Amazon Plus A000\cuefiles, A000\music and A000\movies to Crystal's A900 directory structure. If it asks to overwrite, say no. 4. Copy all folders from Amazon Plus option\A**\cuefiles, option\A**\music and option\A**\movies to Crystal's A900 directory structure. If it asks to overwrite, say no. 5. Delete music0723 from Crystal's A900\music directory, this is a duplicate song, there may be others with this method so just delete them if you find them in-game. 6. Use redalchemy's Crystal Force Unlock patch. FYI, for any version of Chunithm, you can find the new and expired songs in the each version's general information section (情報まとめ): CHUNITHM CRYSTAL情報まとめ -CHUNITHM【チュウニズム】攻略wiki - Gamerch Go down to the 配信終了楽曲  section (Music ending distribution). No they will not, they're designed for Amazon and are old. Use redalchemy's Crystal Force Unlock patch
  11. They are content added via network (think of it as DLC). You can either unlock an event to use them or just put them in the A000 if you want them unlocked by default 2. A000 for Amazon is the equivalent of the options folder in Amazon Plus, they're the songs added between Amazon initial release and Amazon Plus. Most of them should be already in Crystal unless the music license has expired. 3. The Omnimix A900 folder only includes the songs expired by Amazon and previous versions, I am assuming you already have this when I suggested looking for the expired songs in Crystal. If you can't spare 5 minutes to look up a handful of expired songs for Crystal, then there's no other way I can help you.
  12. It's mostly from the Omnimix, you don't really need the songs from the Amazon Plus options folder as most of them are in Crystal by default. There's a small list of songs removed in Crystal at the Gamerch Chunithm wiki, match those names up to the MusicSort.xml and you'll have the folders you need (both cuefile and music) to copy to the A900 Omnimix folder in Crystal.
  13. That's my theory as well, so we'll have to make do with what we have for now. I've got Secret Base appearing in my game, first thing you have to check is if the correct cuefile needs to be copied from the previous version to Crystal as they actually get deleted between versions I believe. Or you could do it the easier way and use the A900 folder from the Omnimix pack in Crystal.
  14. Thanks! That's got the Crystal events unlocked. I'm trying to copy over the Amazon events for fun and it seems to be showing up correctly but the game is unable to calculate the steps after each song so the map doesn't advance, more tinkering ahead.
  15. Those are likely songs that were gradually added over time to Chunithm Crystal via Events etc. The Crystal version out at the moment is the vanilla release so there doesn't seem to be anything other than the songs it came with at the initial release date.
  16. Did you find a way to get the Events to activate and allow you to use the event maps in Crystal? I could never figure out so Courses and Events maps are always locked out for me.
  17. You've been manually editing each XML file to unlock them? Bugger :( Grab Notepad++. Then in Explorer, search for the files you want to change (e.g. Music.xml for the songs). Select all results and drag them into Notepad++, then wait for it to open them all. In N++, use find and replace (e.g. 'firstLock>true' with 'firstLock>false') and click Replace in all opened files. Click Save All in N++ menu bar and you're all done.
  18. You definitely can, the downside is that this version of Crystal doesn't have any network added songs that came after release (no items in the options folder either), so it's only got a handful of new songs over Amazon Plus.
  19. Appreciate the heads up It's up on a thread at ppxclub.com
  20. I have now learnt all of the additional songs and their unlocks can be found in the SDBT_1.35.00\options folder! While I am still unable to get the events/courses to work in Amazon Plus, you can actually copy the contents of each of the options folders into the main A000 to unlock all of the locked songs (including the Arcaea collaboration songs), can't believe I didn't see this sooner. Edit each Music.xml to set <firstLock> to false to allow them to be used without having the event unlock them. If anyone knows how to enable the events to work, I'd be very keen to know.
  21. First, use 7zip to extract the iso to a folder on your C:\ drive (e.g. C:\Chunithm). Secondly, get the newer version of minime-v013 from the previous couple of pages in this thread. Minime can go anywhere, but the contents of the chuni folder in segatools needs to be extracted into the Chunithm bin folder (e.g. C:\Chunithm\SDBT_1.30.00\app\bin) From there, you can use the Guide instructions located where you got the Chunithm ISO on the first post of this thread to get it working. After everything's set up, all you need to do to launch the game is run minime, see that the status is OK and then run chuniapp.exe from the Chunithm bin folder.
  22. I'm rather interested as well. I also notice that this person has the Arcaea songs and newer Amazon Plus network updated songs which aren't in the publicly available copies. How mysterious.
  23. I have seen a Project Diva Nu PCB with Chunithm Crystal data being sold on ebay very recently, but nothing I can see that is publicly available. We'll just have to be patient on this one. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a single other controller released. Yuancon is planning one but that one is probably going to be the same ballpark price if not more. The only cheaper way would be to try building it yourself with Openithm but not sure if there'll be a big savings unless you own your own 3D printer or can make your own case for cheap. The English patch is part of the Omnimix pack for regular Amazon. If it doesn't do anything for Amazon Plus, look in the surfboard directory and you'll find DDS image files with all the translations. See if you can cut out the english parts and paste them onto the Amazon Plus DDS files.
  24. This happens when it can't connect to your minime server. Make sure to check seagtools.ini and have the 'default' setting under [dns] to list your exact local IP address (if you don't know this, open command prompt and use 'ipconfig'). Then set the correct 'subnet' under [keychip], usually the same as the IP address except for the number after the last dot is 0. Run minime before running Chunithm to verify. I'm afraid I haven't used this, but do you know if Chuni-Hands outputs as a controller? If it does, you might be able to use Xpadder to map the controller inputs to keyboard inputs to run it into Chunithm.
  25. The message says it's searching for the Distribution server. Have you followed the steps to enter Test/Setup mode (F1 from memory) and set it to use something local? It'll otherwise usually hang here forever until you do that.