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  1. I had tried one GUN4IR,but It's not so good . You sould add solder and make a LED lamps. I think this one , this wii romote control with touch mote is more better than GUN4IR. You only need to buy a wii motion control, a gun holder,a bluetooth connect and a usb wii sensor bar . And install the soft and play . I think you can buy gun holder ,bluetooth and sensor bar around RMB50 in China . And don't need any solder. For the speed ,it is the same as a bluetooth mouse .so It's good enough for gun shooting games.
  2. First of all ,I think there's a lot of gun games in TTX3's 1TB img . It's great for the arcade loves . In this IMG, using a mouse for gun games. so I tried to find a good gun for this . After I had tried a lot ,finally I think this one is the best and cheapest way for us to playing gun games. 1. A original nintendo wii motion joy stick set . and a gun which fit wii motion . I suggest you nerf's wii gun. 2. A usb enabled wii sensor bar. therer's alsome some wireless one ,but I have not tried yet. 3. A wii motion connnectable bluetooth connect . 4. A sofe named : touch mote ,you can download here:[Hidden Content] 5. Toshiba bluetooth drive soft ,you can find easy by goodle . A: start toshiba bluetooth drive soft ,and connect the wii motion joystick. B: open touch mote soft ,and setting up your wiimotion's key . It can be mouse , touch sensor, x360 joystick . It should try by your self .but for teknopart , mouse mainly, mame, xbox joystick mainly,. C: set up the key in game's setting .run the game and joy.
  3. so enable JVS is no use for this IMG. thank you . Is there any way can make fast io support two players?
  4. I had tried this on my vewlix L ,enable jvs ,but it isn't working. :( change to a fast io AMP pcb, fast io is working , but only 1p is ok. So is there anything wrong by my io or my x3 jvs port. anyone get the same problem like me ?
  5. I had tried enable JVS on my vewlix wiht JVS io,but nothing happened . I used a ttx3 with JVS port. Now I'm waiting my fast io amp pcb , I will try it again with fast io. wait my report.
  6. I'm very suggest every one add a 2.4 small keyborad on it ,and copy all the mame roms set on the harddisk ,so it will be the very complte arvade game libray for you .It's excelent for every one who loves arcades.
  7. I have a ordered a TTX4 with i7 4790s, and GTX1080 8G. so I tried some way to entered the devlpment mode, so that I can run this 1TB img ,I also copied all the whole mame roms into this disk(1.5T ,my disk). . so Now I can run almost all the interesting arcade by ttx4 and ttx3. Every one who has a chance to get one , you should try it. TTX4 is so silent thant x3. but first I found some game is problem, but after I connect with lan ,and update the drives for it .Now all the things are ok. and all the game can run by 4K ,but someone will be a part of your screen because of the resolution.
  8. I had found the problem is caused by my 4k display.So if you use a 4k display,the standard resolution will be 4k,so we should change back to 1080p,it will be all ok.
  9. I had tried , I found that if I don't run some big game before start SNK , or others , it will be good . Now I start up the TTX3, and enter Mame , DEmul , are ok , perfect running .
  10. My modle is i5 cpu, 8g and 660 card. I run the ES3 games or others are perfect ,bu I don't know why Meme ,naomi, automiwave are slow ,and the sound is bad . Is there any setting I should make ??? or I sould upgrade my TTX3. Now I bought a i7 2600 on shipping ,I will test it soon.
  11. I had tested it wiht my ttx3 ,but silent hill can not start up
  12. I had got a TTX4 , I had heard the the TTX3's 1TB atrax can be used on ttx4 also . so, is there anyone know how to enter TTX4's bios ?? so that I can use ttx3's atrax on it ?