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  1. I think it possible. But as far as I know, you need to assign a lightgun to the stick axis gamepad.
  2. I think removing realtek and using the default windows audio driver will fix the problem.
  3. You have this line, just change from False to True.
  4. 1. To fix tearing you need enable vsync bUseVSync=true 2. First player firing sounds in left speaker, second in right speaker.
  5. Just change you precision select on this in mouse settings. Empty.cur
  6. I play with touchmote. In jconfig, you cannot assign buttons from the mouse.
  7. For the sake of interest, I set all the graphics to a minimum, and the FPS fell in this place by helicopter. By default, there was a minimum of 36, and it became 31.
  8. Yep, i complete game on win11.
  9. TAA uses very low resources.
  10. Add this in engine ini. and save to the place where the text is highlighted. hotdsd\App\Hodzero\WindowsNoEditor\Hodzero\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Engine.ini [/Script/Engine.RendererSettings] r.TemporalAA.Upsampling=1 r.ScreenPercentage=200 [SystemSettings] r.PostProcessAAQuality=0