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  1. I dont know how to get the Daily Missions but look is possible.... Someone in the chat ask him but the guy dont want to tell us
  2. Usaneko have 2 or 3 online game features.... The only thing that dont have are the daily quests
  3. I think it works with Usaneko but im not sure..... And Peace is to new maybe, perhaps in the future
  4. If you are using spicetools disable this... Maybe will help
  5. Maybe but i dont know how..... Im gonna research about it
  6. Jsksksks..... Dude that means that the songs are not available in easy try pressing yellow to put in normal
  7. ¿Greyed¿ Sorry but i dont understand this.....
  8. I use a program called locale emulator [Hidden Content] There are many tutorials of how to use that program but is so easy you dont gonna have any trouble or you can put you PC on Japanese [Thanks to my friend Noodles to show me how to do that]
  9. To save your progress you need to do this: Using Asphyxia is pretty simple - you just run it and leave its window running. In SpiceTools config, you set the -url parameter to what's shown in the Asphyxia window (I think it's localhost:8083 or something like that). Also, make sure the "-ea" flag is *NOT* enabled. You'll notice Asphyxia will create a couple of *.json files in the directory - those files contain your score/profile data. After that start your game with spice.exe and press this key Now the game will load the eamusement card.... Press four numbers you like and you are ready to go [All my thanks to my friend Noodles for show me how to do that]
  10. Here this is how my game looks like... If you need help reply me maybe i can help you
  11. Maybe i can help you i have the USANEKO fully working with save feature and all.... Even the text right all the songs and that but i cant do the Daily Missions but i dont care, if you need help just reply me in a couple of hours im gonna upload a little gameplay to show you
  12. Show how you game folder looks like maybe you dont have certain file.... and... Spicetools.bat what.... You only need to extract spicetools and open it
  13. Hmm... Maybe i make a tutorial but... I dont speak english but is easy you just need to do all the steps from the page 2 on this forum.... But if you need help reply me just want thing ¿You install Spicetools? ¿You try to install usaneko first?
  14. Finally i get the [Pop N Music Peace] fully Working with Save Score and everything ¡Thanks for the help guys..!