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  1. as there been any change to the option a114 file or is the one on the first page fine
  2. Only have a few of these songs, is there an option file for these? dont have songs like deep in abyss but do have the two hololive songs
  3. i just did a fresh install of it and works fine now
  4. I do have that, why i quoted asking for help
  5. yeah i put it through [Hidden Content] and on start up saying the title server is bad
  6. it still only lets me play as guest
  7. getting the disc image file is corrupted too
  8. thanks for sharing and does any know how extract from vhd
  9. It doesn't let me slected the ticket is the problem, as i said it says there arn't any worlds end songs so it wont let me. even though have them in the music folder and the cuesheets for them
  10. how do you unlock worlds end, game tells me there arnt any worlds end songs
  11. what are the A015 A016 A017 A020 in the options folder for? and should i leave them or is it safe to add them to the A00 folder
  12. I'm already connecting via 3.0 so t hat isnt the problem. but i just reinstalled the default firmware and used 32 keys dll in the zip and got it working with that
  13. i did follow up that but in game controler doesnt work. also not picking up any keyboard inputs
  14. How do you set up tasoller controler to work with this