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  1. Shader CRT Multifonction : "Kick-ass looking games"

    I had the same problem with Dirty Pigskin Football, changed the default SleepTime value (ms) in "\reshade-shaders\ReShade.ini" (default is 2000) to 1000 and it seems to have fixed it
  2. Looking into Hypseus it looks great, I will give it a go soon. So All the Files I have will work, I would just nee to convert the video for some games Correct?? Any other questions I'll post there
  3. Shootout at Old Tucson

    Hey Thanks, Nvram was the trick, switching ports not quite what I was looking for Just left it as is, still didn't register on the left on screen and it seems there is know 2 player support
  4. Shootout at Old Tucson

    Its been a few months but, No, my setup only plays 1 player and scores on the right side of the screen?? Retroarch opera core(did try the old 4DO core and had the same results). Trying to figure out why couldn't find anything but people with the same problem, its funny because the first time I start the game after setup it scores on the left players side then anytime after that it scores on the right?? Also there is no option i could find to hide the mouse using the opera core, but I launch through Launchbox and set the option there. The only other problem I'm having is every time I start the game I have to recalibrate the Gun from the service menu because the machine resets all game setting when starting, don't know how to fix that?
  5. Thanks for the video, that's about the best it will get I guess, someone mentioned in the forums about Zorton Brothers and Marbella Vice working in Winuae, I have Gallaghers Galaxy fully working using Winuae but have no video files for the others
  6. I know its been a long time but does anyone have any info on getting Marbella Vice and Zorton Bros up and running on Winuae, I have Gallagher's Gallery but cannot find any info on setting up the others, Thanks
  7. Another Question, When I start the game there is no play selection or hints?? It just flashes action on the bottom of the screen I have no idea what button to use since I dont know what play its running??
  8. Thanks for the help, Everything is running with loader and bat file. Had my Frame file Wrong and seperate from the game, Just wondering I have on screen hints turned on in daphne loader but i am getting none during the game is yours working? Thanks again
  9. Still no luck, Im not sure what is wrong I even tried using the launch games bat provided in the first post under the launcher, same error" daphne could not open framefile"
  10. I have had no luck trying to run gtg, I keep getting cannot read Frame file errors, Do you have a working .bat file ?? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the reply, was not using Hypseus, Looked into it but haven't tried it, Instructions area little vague to me, running windows on an arcade cabinet
  12. Just wondering would i remap keys using the dainput.ini for an arcade cabinet with an ipac?? This thing looks great, Thanks