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  1. If you have any questions about the Japanese translation or the CHUNITHM specification, I will answer as much as I can.
  2. I could not break the encryption. Please tell me how to set it up.
  3. [Hidden Content] This is the link.
  4. The contents of the disc were like this. I will upload the file later.
  5. Hello. I finally got the CHUNITHM disc. But, unfortunately, the DVD drive was broken. Therefore, ripping takes time.
  6. The installation disk will arrive in a few days, so I'd like to upload the contents of the disk afterwards. And I want to try ripping a disc.
  7. You can read more about Nu's encryption on this blog. [Hidden Content]
  8. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Hello, I am a Japanese gamer. I play CHUNITHM and Ongeki and have an installation disc for CHUNITHM CRYSTAL. Is there anything I can do to help?
  9. Confirmed. Now upload the disc as soon as it arrives.
  10. Cannot confirm because the disk is not yet at hand. However, it seems that the contents of the acquaintance's Ongeki disk were like this. Probably the same for CHUNITHM discs.
  11. What is the magical tricks? I seem to have misunderstood. The disk I purchased does not seem to be able to install all the data.
  12. The files on the instrument disk are encrypted, but have you found a way to solve it? I wonder how it was solved. I friend of mine has a disk of Ongeki, but it is not helpless because the dump can not be.
  13. I bought this instrument disk earlier. Is this disk OK?