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  1. Hi, Is there any share for Zero Version 2.11 yet? Thanks!
  2. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    This is driving me crazy. Whenever I test force feedback via GUI it says : controller does not support haptics. I am using the G29 and at one point it did actually work. I have tried uninstalling/installing drivers, rebooting, reinstall demul/ffb plugin and nothing works. any ideas? thanks EDIT: Figured it out. I uninstalled the new G HUB and installed the old LGS. This seemed to fix the issue. I now have a new issue. Once IDAS3 starts up I can tell FFB is working because at the kick-back menu the wheel resets itself and I can also feel vibration in races. However, the wheel is very stiff and it feels like its fighting me and always wants to return to neutral position. There is also clicks and jitter when I try to fight it. Any idea what is causing this? Thanks!