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  1. [Dumps] Namco System 357 et 369

    This is my link [Hidden Content]
  2. Thanks for you help but it doesnt work even with RH Game loader too :( these are my settings with GameLoader
  3. 2 ways are not working :( any another idea ? i have same problem with Transofrmers game and i didng fix it too :(
  4. Hello people im trying to play House of The Dead 4 but i have a problem about it. I have set the Start Button on the keyboard but it is not working in the game. So i cant start the game. Any idea how can i active the keyboard buttons for this game ?
  5. Downloading and it is %30 Now. Thanks for this great game. I hope the Jconfig will be ready soon
  6. [Hidden Content] (KONAMI)/Dance Dance Revolution/ check this link
  7. Hello how do you play this game without any graphic issues ? I try too many methods but all of them has problem.
  8. Hello guys. i try 1.21 teknoparrot gui. But i have some problems. I couldnt make it to play any games fullscreen. Windowed mode is ok ( too many games is not working even windowed modde ) but no lcuk with fullscreen. i was using all RH loader 1.06 and it was fine. Is there any setting for the fullscreen ?
  9. Hello guys. I have a problem with capcom game's bezels.Normally there is bezel automatically. But i coldnt make it. I install Nesica HD and SD patches but not working. I tried another pc it is working but not in my laptop. It is window10 and there is no problem with another games. Only capcom games. Anyi idea ?
  10. How can we use this kind of shader with Demul ?. You talked about injectors, what is that and how can we use it ? thanks...
  11. thanks for information. I tried as you like but still IO error :( All of the nesica games working but this game is no. I try everything and every config but still io error. As i said, without RH loader it is working but, no HD and no controller. Edit: The game is now working. I used typex config2. exe for the controller. Loader mode 4 is working in fullscreen. Blood and English patch is working. There is some ghraphical problem in fullscreen but HD fix didnt work with it. I dont know why And last thing. I delete the typemisc.bin from the SV folder otherwise it has give error about 3D
  12. Hello guys I have a problem with Samurai shodown sen Nesica version. I try every loader mode with RH loader but there is io error still. I try to launch it without RH loader with Rfidinject.exe, it is working but its not full screen and controller doesnt work But with the RH loader there is always io error. what should i do
  13. Hello guys i can play too many Ring games with Teknoparrot 1.03. But when i try to sonic Teknoloader has an error '' Failed to load Process ! '' and it stays in command mode. what is the problem do you think ?
  14. Game Loader All Rh

    Thanks for the infos and Arcade Loader But when i try to play Lets go island with loader 278 it says '' use tekno parrot 1.02'' i think it is not working with 1.03
  15. how did you fix it ? i have still the same problem