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  1. hey guys, i've been trying to get this working again (was working previously) for some time - I have the latest updates for TP but no matter what button assignment i use for the view, it doesn't work! I have a G25 Wheel and everything else works as expected inc ffb - anyone how can shed some light would be much apprieciated! Thanks
  2. Thanks for this - I was constantly getting 8305 errors if I had launch both A1 and A2 up together and no matter how much i changed the dipsw1 value to it was always hit or miss, what I found to work now 100% is to follow the guide but start A1 up first and once the game had fully loaded start up A2 - this is now working for me and maybe of help if anyone else is having the same issue!
  3. Thanks for pointing this out! Thanks again.
  4. This makes sense thanks! I’m running standalone but silly me downloaded the segatoolsTP fork!
  5. Thank you for this, spent some time doing the updates (minime/segatools/patched files) and now can get shop vs mode enabled .... the only thing well it's a BIG thing - my keyboard strokes are now no longer responding so keys 1,2,3 and ENTER are no longer working making this game unusable, has anyone encountered anything unusual like this? your help is much appreciated
  6. Can anyone tell me what the camera feature does in this game? My Logitech camera lights up like it would in mariokart and Daytona 3 and I can also get a live video (Albeit at a 90 degree angle) by going into the test camera function in the service mode?