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  1. [Arcade PC] Daphne / Singe set (Laser Disc)

    Hey maabus, emuline won't let me download the batch file. Can you provide a MEGA link instead or a copy/paste batch script? thanks.
  2. [Request] Americas Army - Global VR

    I would talk to Mohkerz or Athlonazu385, they can work magic
  3. Hot buttered poodle I apologize. I love this game. I extracted the broken iso for Nicktoons Nitro and found some boot files in it and apparently I found some stuff for Nitro inside. Here is a zip file containing the stuff I found (contains the game files and some other stuff, could be used for cracking Nitro) Link: [Hidden Content]
  4. Well i guess the iso was defective Try ripping a CD copy of Nicktoons Nitro which you can get on Raw Thrills's website(rawthrills.com) Go to products, scroll all the way down click on Archive, click on Nicktoons Nitro. Click on Nicktoons Nitro Latest Software and buy it. Then burn the iso off the disc bought from Raw Thrills's website, then decrypt it.
  5. Athlonazu this is due to the fact Raw Thrills puts DRM so the isos are unreadable. I guess you should try getting a cd for Nicktoons Nitro off Raw Thrills website(rawthrills.com) and buying it its about 20 dollars, or try decrypting the iso. I forgot to mention the iso is encrypted and for people to burn onto discs for arcade machines.
  6. Thank you Athlonazu385!!!! I really want to play this game on PC!!!
  7. Can someone plz make a logo for the game? Thanks!
  8. Anyone please decrypt it. I REALLY want to play this on a PC.
  9. Nicktoons Nitro v1.10 by Raw Thrills has been dumped. I found a recovery disc for the game on archive.org.(iso image) Archive.org page: [Hidden Content] Manual: [Hidden Content] Someone plz decrypt game/get dongle working!
  10. Hey MOKHERZ, could you please dump and crack Nicktoons Nitro? I can't find any dumps online and I heard it requires vJoy to use it or something.