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  1. [Tuto] Pinball FX 3 Cabinet Mode

    Petje - thank you very much for the detailed reply! Followed your instructions and it worked perfectly. Also thanks to ducon2016 - I'd been looking for this solution for a long time!
  2. [Tuto] Pinball FX 3 Cabinet Mode

    Hello! Could you please clarify how to patch the exe? I assume you're referring to "Pinball FX3.exe" that's contained in the main director for FX3. I'm just not sure how to edit/patch the exe as you describe above. Thank you!
  3. Anyone else happen to have this issue or any thoughts? Doesn't seem to be an issue with my PC since every other TP game runs great (battle pod, luigi's mansion, hotd4, transformers, etc). But with DD, the gameplay runs in slow motion - smooth 60fps but at like half speed...
  4. I'm pretty new to using jconfig but seemed to get DD up and running just fine. Only issue is that I'm experiencing a slow down as soon as a race starts - not a drop in FPS, still runs perfectly smooth just in slow motion. I've tried at 1080p, original resolution, windowed, etc. through the jconfig options but it produces the same result. I haven't had any performance issues with other TP/jconfig games so not sure what's going on. Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Not sure if this will work for you but I noticed that Service 1 and 2 corresponded to coin 1 and 2. So I remapped Service 1 and 2 to the coin buttons on my cabinet. Probably not ideal but at least it works!