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  1. [Arcade PC] ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Ver.

    Same thing here, Nosferatu works correctly but Kasiori no clue how to press start. I press the key assigned to start and nothing. I have to dig on this
  2. I confirm the game works over win7, I just disabled Direct3D9 Wrapper, DX Window Mode Also i replaced the game.exe file, I downloaded from: [Hidden Content] The ingame volume is very low for me, is there any way to volume up this? I don't see any file or jconfig test mode button to change this.
  3. I have windows 7 and the game is working correctly. I just had to copy all the content of jconfig into the folder. Then configure jconfig (LEFT START AND COIN) Set on High Resolution and DirectSound Wrapper I had to set compatibility with Windows7 as well in game.exe properties. befor to do this I only got a white splash screen. Lightguns doesn't work, no demulshooter available for this game
  4. Heavy Fire: Afghanistan - Fixes and lightgun support

    Me too. Impossible to download Heavy Fire Afghanistan SKIDROW version, all the torrents and direct links are down. Only was able to find PROPHET version and the CRC is different than demulshooter GUI needs and aimtrack doesn't work in the game. Can anyone share a link with SKIDROW version?
  5. BOMBER GIRL Beta version (Konami)

    Solution: change date format to Japanese in Windows: Control Panel -> Date and Time -> Change Date and Time -> Change calendar settings -> change the format to Japanese
  6. Hello again! Finally I have fixed this. Simply I changed the Loader Mode from -1 to dg and now the game works correctly. If someone has this issue can try this workaround. I don't know why but I think this mode install dgVoodoo emulation in the game folder.
  7. Hello, I need some expertise help with Samurai Shodown Edge of Destiny/Samirai Spirits Sen. A few days ago I changed my GPU because I wasn't able to load some games like Tekken 7 FR and others. Now testing the games one by one I realized Samurai Shodown loads correctly, I can see the menu, select the character but all the 3d graphics are in black. I mean, it's like 2d graphics are working but 3d don't. Have you guys faced an issue like this anytime? I really dug in this problem in Emuline but I wasn't able to locate a solution for this weird issue. Of course I tried to install again directx/nvidia drivers, I also downloaded all the different Samurai Shodown copies I could find in the Internet and it happens the same always. This problem is broken my head. My system is win7 x64, my new GPU it's a geforce 1660 super. I also tried to replace or delete the d3d dll in the same folder of executable....nothing. The rest of the 3d games work but I suspect there's something different in nvidia panel configuration, but i don't know what. I attach some pictures. If anyone can help me it's really appreciated.