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  1. Music gungun! 2

    To access VERY HARD difficulties, at the song selection screen on the first song, press the sub-button 3 times, then the trigger 1 time, then the sub-button 3 times, then the trigger 1 time. This command cannot be entered on the second song.
  2. Roms For Citra Ds Using Torrent ?

    so i will modify my questions ARE all the roms in portalroms.com decrypted for citra ds emulator ?
  3. y a un conflit avec Nvidia expérience qui corrompt le dll nvd3dum.dll
  4. Nesica Taito X I/O Error fix

    You can not load the game with the .exe, you need a loader.
  5. Removing Administrator Rights On Games

    It works for all the games I have. Some games require you run them the first time as admin so that it can create a save file, but after that you should be fine.
  6. WMMT5 Multiplayer Lan TeknoParrot 1.51Hotfix2 ?

    Then you need to turn on your game and after you choose a car this screen will appear (4 photo). You and your friend will need to click red button Sorry for my eng
  7. Utilitaires pour debutants. Noob Tools.

    It was a lazy O(n^2) loop which could take minutes on big files with many patches like FnF Drift and others
  8. I setup everything as told ( Ip's, cabin and everything) on both PC's. I manage to get ingame and have 2 blue icons on top right corner
  9. [Tuto] Arcade Plus Love Pengo: How to install

    look at the posts below, some members / people add helpful information, thank them also
  10. [Solved]How to setup Jconfig for light gun games?

    So other people do not have to figure it out, again.
  11. Recherche Roms Otomedius + Config Touche

    la version dévrouillée avec tous les persos MAIS avec la possibilité de modifier le .arc pour mettre en fullHD car de ce que jai trouvé c'est soit l'un soit l'autre
  12. Rayman Prototype (Demo) Snes

    Attention ce n'est pas un jeux complet mais une DEMO collector.

    Effectivement j'avais un doute quand à la compatibilité de ce titre en revanche Ghost squad, Virtua cop 3 et Outrun 2 fonctionnent impec.
  14. wad VC : windjammers/Flying Power Disc

    Once all that is done, press Start on Player 1's controller and have fun!