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  1. All static and reserved on my router also, router id1 id2 In single player mode game works fine, I’ve also changed the Nic speed on both machines from auto to 100mb/s full duplex still didn’t make a difference again strange that it works fine in other games just not the id series
  2. Thank you for your tutorial - amazing that I can actually play this! but have been trying to get shop vs network setup on id6, 7 and 8. I also get the green light and blue lights and can sometime get a two player game working but Frequently breaks and crashes that it’s not playable in two player shop vs mode, all my other two player setup I have them working no issues wmmt5r, Sega Rally3, Daytona 3, mariokart, etc... have not seen anyone mention any issues with id games lately, I’m sure I have missed something !! Does anyone have this issue?