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  1. Hi friends, I've a Nvidia gtx 750, can I play Mario Kart GP DX smoothly or better not bother downloading it? Thanks
  2. I had the same problem, I solved it using demulshooter 8.5.6
  3. Hi, Rambo game is still patreon or release?
  4. DemulShooter v8.5.7 [Hidden Content]
  5. Sorry, I have never used wiimote just aimtrak lightgun
  6. Thanks friend, I will try. Edit: YES!!! now work great HOD 4 and LGJ with demulshooter and 2 players with aimtrak guns. HOD4 on TP and LGJ with (use mouse as gun UNCHECKED). Thank you @punkdark2000
  7. Any version TP that work with demulshooter and HOD4 2p?
  8. Do you know how can I play with 2 aimtrak guns in HOD4 game and LGJ? I've tried with demulshooter but nothing, all lindbergh games can't start 2º player, with ringwide games I've not give any probleme with demulshooter.
  9. I use the hyperspin and checking hide cursor in rocketlauncher and it doesn't work directly from transformers.exe.
  10. I have put the nomousy files in the teknoparrot folder, marked running as administrator but the cursor never disappears in Transformers game. What will it be? I have windows 10 1803.