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  1. Hello Linglang. So it has been some days and even week until i am trying to setup LAN play on ID8 but without success. I setup everything as told ( Ip's, cabin and everything) on both PC's. I manage to get ingame and have 2 blue icons on top right corner, but i only get orange message on top left corner. Both machine are marked in top right with an "A", not A1 or A2, maybe it can hellp solve the problem, and when 1 go 1vs1 on cabin 1 pc , it is waiting for cabin 2, then i enter 1 vs 1 with cabin 2 and it try to look for cabin1 but show some message error ( XXXXXXX 8301 and YYYYYY (6018) ). Any clue ?
  2. Thanks for the fast reply Linglang, But i have already done most of step of your tutorial, just missed the D-Connect thing in the test menú but the result is the same, one " cabin is like waiting for the other and when cab2 try to connect got a red error message and game Will continue but offline. my dhcp was already turned off and al settings entry were done manually like you. Do i have to set a whole new LAN ? my PCs Ip where already set manually too, so i don't need to reconfigure them i think and all "numbers" are in their respective place.
  3. Hello, everybody. i am new here. I am trying to play ID8 on LAN. and there is no way i manage to get the 2 PC to work together. I got the 2 blue icons lit in the top right, 1 vs 1 disponible, pcs don't detect each other. I have tried many way of configuring network, and have entered test mode and configure each cab as A1 and A2 but nothing change. I must tell both PC are marked with a Little A in the corner , but no number appear. Have someone any idea of what is happening. Thanks for helping out.