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  1. I did that, both launcher and gha executables... no way... I tried to use with win7 compatibility mode too, no luck :| I don't know where it fails, I manually created a reg file for fix that. Is there a manual command line (cmd) to execute the unlockmainmenu and load the aspyr configuration file?
  2. @Mohkerz I get able to boot the game but launcher is not good for me I've win10 and this is how I did for start the game I manually edit the registry with language and path and launched gha.exe The game start in test mode and I can get able to start using a key combo.... Xbox360 guitars do work nice, also the power star... Start menu is not unlocked so... If I use your launcher it clean the registry and the game does not boot... Any solution? Thanks a lot
  3. Someone get It worked with an Intel GPU? I can get It works on my gt1030 but It doesn't with an older Intel HD 4600... It loads for 10seconds, but nothing get on screen (patched exe and run as admin) @Mohkerz any idea?
  4. No working links... Can someone reupp It? Thanks