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  1. I don't know, best I remember japanese DTs had cards that players could save data on. They could get different card backs and save progress in the rpg minigame in the later versions.
  2. [PC] Shoot'Em Up Recommendations

    Can't go wrong with some Kenta Cho games like rRootage. [Hidden Content]
  3. I meant the game runs and plays fine, didn't know the links are dead.
  4. Any chance of a linux version? Had no luck with WINE.
  5. Have you ripped all the previous 3d models? If so, is there somewhere to view them?
  6. Hirocon Use the v6_test launcher if you are having trouble with the mouse, Its in windowed mode ferandob87 make sure all the files are in D:\JD6 and run the launcher as admin
  7. Yup, more duelist get added, and existing ones deck can and usually will change depending on the terminal ver. I don't think there are any differences between TCG and OCG terminals other than language though.
  8. The game is working fine for me, just haven't got any cards to scan.
  9. Thanks to Mohkerz and everyone that worked on this. I'm so glad to be replaying it after the stores got rid of em. Anyone have any luck getting cards to scan?