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  1. I copied the full disk0 from or2.bin using powerISO, and set teknoparrot game path to X:\...\disk0\Jennifer\Jennifer. Am I right in doing so? Are there any steps I missed?
  2. I have tried it and unfortunately, the crash still happened. Thank you for your help anyway. I hope this issue will be fixed in the near future.
  3. No, but I will try it.
  4. In that video I only played for six minutes and fifty-three seconds before it crashed. Hope I can find a solution to this. Do you have any suggestion?
  5. Hi, dude @mamefan2018 Have you ever encountered this problem? By the way, are mamefan2016 and mamefan2017 your friends?
  6. Hi, I used "Action!" to record this. I think it can work with win10. [Hidden Content]
  7. I have recorded a video and got a snapshot. Could you help to check it? video (at time 6:54) [Hidden Content] snapshot (at this moment it crashed)
  8. I made an exception for the budieloader file in my virus protection on win7 x64, but the crash still happened when playing outrun 2 sp. Is there a error log I can find for this? Has anyone encountered this problem? PS - I used "outrun2_nv_shaderfix_Jennifer" and "OUTRUN_2SP_SDX_1366x768_shadowfix" for this game.
  9. Well, it just crashed again just now, so I think maybe this problem has nothing to do with the UI.
  10. @skeleton081983 Could you please make a "car shadow fix" file for the monitor of 19", 5:4, 1280*1024 for Outrun 2 SP SDX? I am using the 1366*768 "car shadow fix" file for a monitor of 1280*1024. It's ok on window mode, but crashes on full screen mode.
  11. I am not sure if this issue was caused by TeknoParrot UI, but I have reinstalled it and come back to Everything works fine for now. Strange to say, I haven't received the UI update any more. Maybe the author has noticed this issue and cancelled this update.
  12. When I am playing Outrun 2 SP, sometimes the game will stop suddenly, the BudgieLoader.exe disappears, and back to teknoparrot. Have you ever encountered this problem?
  13. Now I know what happened. I only copied the directory "Jennifer" from disk0 from or2.bin, and set game path to Jennifer/Jennifer, X:\...\TeknoParrot\Game\Outrun 2 SP\Jennifer\Jennifer but I should copy the whole disk0 from or2.bin and set game path to Jennifer/Jennifer. X:\...\TeknoParrot\Game\Outrun 2 SP\disk0\Jennifer\Jennifer So I think that was why BudgieLoader.exe crashed - it failed to find some necessary files. -------- By the way, what the difference is between "on charge" and "on free"?
  14. Here is everything in my directory "jennifer". Is it OK?
  15. Um, I don't have a directory called "jentest", because I only copyed the directory "Jennifer" from disk0 from or2.bin, and set game path to Jennifer/Jennifer. Do you mean I should copy the whole disk0?