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  1. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r775

    Hey great Job Mate ... Is it possible to put a check box in like in the older ui so it is possible to show only the "installed" Games / Roms ? Because games i do not have or play are not from interest in the list... Just an idea
  2. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r775

    Will there be someday a built where all games are working in one built ? Like Sega Rally 2, Dirt Devils, Emergency Ambulance etc.pp ? Sorry for my dumb question, but i do not have an working version for all Model 3 Games yet :( Kind regards
  3. Hi Racers, i still have a problem I am not able to config manual shifting Is there any tutorial for setting the game controls ? I am using for all ather arcade racers Thurstmaster TX300 Alcantara Edition and the TH8a Shiftbox Please i finallay wanna race
  4. How to install that ui? Just extract in the same folder? Kind regards
  5. Yes but changing speedo=kp/h do not have any effect. It is still mph...
  6. Hi there... Regarding the kp/h... I just played daytona 1 Arcade. In the service menu you have to switch Japan for getting kph. Localisation and version is put of service... Grey.. So is it possible to modify the exe for this? And I need help how to set the manual gear shift on the abxy buttons... Kind regards.
  7. Killer Instinct 1, 2 In The Final Burn

    Oh one of my still most played beat em ups ... But honestly this here is probably the best Version to play. Set CPU Overclock @134% Runs perfect on my crt. [Hidden Content]
  8. Hi there thanx for the pre configured version. I am also able to play the game with any controller thanx to this awesome tutorial here One more question ... I installed also the DS2K Thing. The changes wont be permanent. Do i have to set it in the ini instead the service menue ? And now the 1 000 000 Dollar Q: How to choose between automatic and manual gear shiftbox ? Manual is alsways locked. Kind regards ... Dont drink and drive Lets go wawayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
  9. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r775

    Hi there I finally now can play daytona 2. I have sometimes some missing textures on opponents car. Does this occur depending on my hardware or are there some shader packs I need to use? If there is a better gpu need let me know what you suggest... I have an i5 4x 3.80 ghz Gpus is arcade VGA 3000 Ultimarc 16gb ram... Also I have problems mit sega rally 2 looks weird and sometimes on Virtua fighter. Very kind regards.
  10. One more question regarding the xinput. Where do I have to play the extracted files? And on big whish... Would it be possible to edit first post with same checklist for dummies? Example 1. Link for game 2. Latest patch 3. Patch for controls 4. Setup checklist And so on.... I honestly highly regard your all work here. I have spent lots of money in the arcade for daytona 1 and 2. Played insanely. To play part 3 at home is pure awesome but I am not that familiar with some settings or configuration and this kind of checklist will help a lot. Very kind regards
  11. Thrustmaster leather incl shift Box and pedal box. I bought this for daytona 1 and to so if there is any option to use it would be great. If not please let me know what kind of device I need to buy... I really wann play this game.... Ah and one more thing I can't download patch 3.3 from 1st site. It will be blocked every time with the warning virus detected. I do not have any anti virus progamm. I selected the zip files file by file and the problem is the launcher exe inside....
  12. Hi there i have some big problems to set the controls. I can start the game. I pateched it I have the DK2Key I have tested plenty of tutorials regarding to set controls. Can somebody help me please ?