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  1. Running this game with regular Romset and HD Textures as well with a GTX 1060. Does this flashing issue also appear woth non modded Romset?
  2. Xenocider Dreamcast ISO/CDI

    Well to be honest. There are plenty or thousands of games which nobody cant buy anymore... Alot of people got those games illegal. Its not a good way but if you cant buy them for new anymore there is no public interest which do not mean that the illegal way will be tolerated. But if i have the chance to buy games official what do i want with this illegal crap? Xenocider Dreamcast Type those two words in ebay and there are more than enough to buy.
  3. [Trad] MarioKart GP DX English Mod

    Yo It wasn't a single save file. Once there was a version available here with everything unlocked. Didnt play MKDX for a long time.
  4. Amiga Arcade Project

    Hi there Got a cool idea last night. I want to built a amiga arcade... Thing. Like a Pandora arcade box... I built my pi in an arcade stick with a link slot for player two. Does anybody know where i can get the pimiga 1.5 full loded version? License Kickrom bought already... Thanx
  5. [PC] Shoot'Em Up Recommendations

    I agrre but one thing which should be cjanged... The games definitely needs a better power up system. Just one point per lever where you ve been powerd up is not much an boring. The grafix and atmosphere is great.
  6. [PC] Shoot'Em Up Recommendations

    Hey Shmup Maniacs Another two great games which were worth to play. I cleared part one normal and hard. Today i ve started part 2 and i played it for 4 hours. Wow what great music and gfx. Especially those slowmo explosions. Highly recommended Jets N guns Gold Jets N Guns 2 Both games are available on steam for les money. Have fun
  7. Amiga Full Romset

    Hello As far as i know the regular files are adf while using the win UAE... For what system do i need hdf and is there a romset for adf available? Thanx alot
  8. Amiga Full Romset

    Does anybody know if there is a full Amiga Romset available? On Amiga there a plenty of great games where do make alot of fun to play at arcade cabs too Kind regards
  9. Retrocade oldschool emulator RARE

    Yeah definitely need
  10. [PC] Shoot'Em Up Recommendations

    Hi guys Long time no input. Too bussy... But... Since Thunder Force 4 or Last Resort or Gates of Thunder... personally i didn't recognize any great rocking Shmup. Additionally to my Aracde Cab i have my Steamcade.... Arcade PC with official Steam Games.... Please Shmupfreaks give that game a chance. THIS IS DA SHIT IVE BEEN WATING FOR. The Music is absolutely mindblasting. And its cheap too. Hope i can find the ost on cd or download. My current favorite shmup. Ahhh and it supports Tate Mode Have fun
  11. [PC] Fighting Games Recommendations

    Finally Thanx Got it already in Ps4 and XXX. Download at ny steam cabinet already started
  12. Neo Geo Cd - Samurai Sprits Rpg - Traduit Fr

    God I wish it will be translated in English 🙏🙏🙏🙏
  13. Run it with Teknoparrot and youll be able to conifg the needed button easy.
  14. Shader CRT Multifonction : "Kick-ass looking games"

    Yes it is but causes laag which is bad on accurate and precise games likes shmups or beat em ups
  15. Shader CRT Multifonction : "Kick-ass looking games"

    Dont speak French well but yes it works with FBN but causes laag. I asked the developer to take care about this topic but I don't think there is a big interest. I personally use Reshade on alot of games and even on current games. Kind regards