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  1. [PC] Arcade Games Recommendations

    Link don't work... Awesome game
  2. Ether Vapor (Shoot-Em-Up) Doujin

    Found it... Such a great game ❤️
  3. Hey there Just one request. Is it possible to write on the 1st page on every game a short hint... Pantheon yes or open free... Just some thoughts Cheers
  4. The Ghost Blade Dreamcast Iso ?

    Have some weird issue on Ghost Blade HD on pc. Game runs perfekt but.... After finishing game... After credits a loading screen appears and after 20 seconds game closes with ctd... I installed this game on my win 10 64 bit first edition. I don't wanna update this Windows cause there are also my Teknooarrot colelction installed which is running great. Is it possible that the problem on Ghost Blade HD occur from the windows version? Is there a fixed exe out there? Thanx
  5. Ether Vapor (Shoot-Em-Up) Doujin

    Please re-upload
  6. [PC] Shoot'Em Up Recommendations

    Got SW Ex since yesterday... Man this is truly awesome. I love the music and the graphics. This is worth to play
  7. SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy (Steam)

    Got a lot of original aes modules but never played any female character on any game... Oh wait one lil exception... I love twinkle star sprite 😂
  8. [Pc] Crimzon Clover (Shmup) [Doujin]

    Works.... Now same issue on Ghost Blade HD... Damn it
  9. [Pc] Crimzon Clover (Shmup) [Doujin]

    Hey thanx mate. Is there a seperat loader needed or does it works per exe Ty
  10. [Pc] Crimzon Clover (Shmup) [Doujin]

    Hi guys I have a strange issue with this great shmup. I am using an early win 10 64 but version. After finishing the game a loading screen appears.... Than black screen than ctd with the info that Tha game do not run correct. Anybody know the or maybe got a solution? Is there a other working version out? I am playing the steam version.
  11. Unholy Night Snes Rom Dumped

    Got the Rom but game do not work neither znes nor snesx aso
  12. Street Fighter One (Fight 2D).

    Thanks mate 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻☺️
  13. Yeah that's such a awesome sick game. Watched a review 👍🏻👌🏻
  14. Perfect site for mugen games

    Thats great. Thanx for sharing.... Need so much 😂
  15. That's why I have built me a tripple OS arcade PC. Win 7 64 bit win 10 64 but clean 1st edition and win 10 64 bit latest edition. I install the games where they run but it ain't comfortable cause I have to switch the OS regarding the games I wanna play but the best solution so far for me