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  1. It don't save anything... I also posted this issue. So we have to wait until an update ate will be released. I tried it for hours on every ini file but nope no chance...Same on SF V and Tekken 7 RT
  2. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    Some update.. Today I spend alot of time into testing all Config and ini files in USF4 - SFV - Tekken. I tried everything.... Fact is that on all three games no canges via Test Menu will be saved.... USF4 is... Thank God... set as default on Diff. Level 4...not too easy... Tekken and SFV is set to Easy... I am not familiar in dumping ore similar stuff. I just play so please excuse my maby naiv and dumb questions. So you believe that someday these games will be dumped fully with all features? Thanx so far .
  3. [PC] Shoot'Em Up Recommendations

    I play this game very often but now it's time for a change. Can somebody recommend me a good 32 :9 screen? Does this invest make sense for just one game or are there further games which can be used in super wide mode Thanx
  4. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    I guess I'm using this jconfig version. I will check it l8tr after finished with work... In both games SF4 and SF5 all super specials from regular characters like Ken Ryo aso are working. I need the super move from Akuma to beat the shit out of the others 😂😂
  5. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    Hey I tested what keroro has posted... It is not saving any changes... That's too bad. Hope someone will fix it. This game is so great. Akumas super finish move does not work. Is that correct or do I something wrong? I play Akuma since he join the SF series LP LP >> LK HP 😭
  6. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    Well I also inspected these option today but I can't believe that this is the difficult level. Why? 1st Every Capcom Streetfighter Games has 8 Levels of difficulty. 2nd You can choose 1,2,3...could it be more like the winning rounds? Which makes way more sense. Anyway I will try. Tekken also don't have a clear option for difficult. But all arcade games have it. People should play often and fail often... That's how the arcade business goes Kind regards
  7. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    Any chance to encrease the difficult level? Same on Tekken RT. Ultra SF4 is very easy to set in the test menue. ThanX
  8. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    So just a short feedback. Installed a newer win version. SF5 running perfect. ThanX 4 support. Kind regards
  9. Found something interesting which let the window mode look better. The blue line is the small frame of every window. This is set in default to blue . Just go for window setting and set the window border to black. So why is the blue line only visible on the left side? Well this is because the game window which comes up while pressing alt+enter is not centerred correctly. I played around with the resolution but all other settings may look it more worse. I also change desktop back ground to white. Than you see that the window is shifted. Picture tomorrow cause I forgot to make a picture. So for today the best way is to place the Taskbar at the top. Set frame color to black. Than start game via jconfig in window mode. Alt + Tab change your control to desktop. Than easy enlarge the window to max size. Only bad thing is that the top window frame with the window description is visible all the time. Maybe someone is able to write script for positioning the full screen window in the middle of the native desktop resolution? Kind regards
  10. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    Hi No its working great. I figured out the problem. SCUD Race do sent FFB Signal but way more weaker than Daytona 1 and 2 does. So I always set the global FFB Strength at my wheel at 50 % Yesterdayi rise the strength up to 100% and the result is great. Not that powerfull like in the original arcade but good enough to play it well with nice FFB
  11. So I'm one step further. See Pic attached... 1st how to avoid those blue line on the left 2nd how to change difficult level 3rd the video between the battle... Is that normal that the speed isn't constant?
  12. Jconfig setup Tekken 7 not available Please reup ThanX
  13. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    Some great news... I installed SF5 on my notebook which do have the latest up to date version of windows 10 64 bit. I configured jconfig and voila..... It ran.. Way to slow cause the gpu sucks on this machine but this test is the truth. So I will get me a new seperat HD and put the latest available win version on it... Just one last question. What about these red vertical lines right from the credit counter? Thanx
  14. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    Well it is a high performance pc but I have a tripple OS running. Win 7 64 bit... Win 10 64 bit 1904 early setup for Games like Daytona 3 and Sega Rally 3..and a latest Win 10 64 bit. I will try it there later... Feedback comming. Thank you all for your support But on thing. What does this Windows feature has to do with jconfig? It is all about getting jconfig set. As soon as jconfig create the input. bin game crashes Kind regards
  15. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    Thanx for your patience... It still crashes after setting jconfig. Placed it at c:\SF5Arcade or C:)games\SF5Arcade