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  1. [Frontend] A Freeware Ringedge2 Multi (Project)

    "Big thanks to Mitsurugi_w, Darksoft, and Brizzo of Arcade Projects for finally allowing this to be published." Notes for how to perform ReKey / NoKey / AddKey softmod on RingEdge / RingWide TrueCrypt containers - [Hidden Content]
  2. [Hidden Content] "In the Internet there are rumors about the existence of hack firmware DIMM-board version 3.17 with support for reading CD-ROM. The author is ElSemi.""it's private, you can not look. although you can try asking around for arcade-projects""this hack (the essence - a patch of 2 bytes in the firmware) is available only for a circle of persons who himself was engaged or is engaged in research of Sega DIMM, which can be counted on the fingers of one hand. until Elsemi himself decides to make this hack public - no one else, myself included, will do it himself." "It turns out that SEGA themselves provided for the ability to run from a CD-ROM and the hack just uses this piece of code? Something similar happened with the multi-region BIOS." File Archive: [Hidden Content] Description here: [Hidden Content]