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  1. 29 minutes ago, mes211 said: i Have it ,but i don't know how im gonna get the dump from dongle........ Dump it with this program then upload the file somewhere on here, and I can make a bypass [Hidden Content]
  2. I tried to run Rambo and it wont start. Im getting the message The program '[0x690] BudgieLoader.exe' has exited with code -559038242 (0xdeadc0de). in he Visual Studio Debugger, anyone know how to fix this error? Is there an updated Budgieloader?
  3. How to download from usenet for free This guide allows you start download from usenet for free using free-usenet free subscription. This subscription does not require any personal info, has great (3100+ days) retention, allows you download more than 10GB traffic daily. It is completely free. Download and install one of popular free usenet downloaders: BinBar for Windows, nzbget or sabnzbd Create free Free-Usenet account, login, and generate free subscription on this page Configure your usenet downloader: go to Settings->Newsservers->Add and add new server using your free subscription credentials. You need set these fields: server hostname, port (check "ssl" if you use secure port), username, password, connections count. You can hit "Test connection" button. You should see "connection successfull" message. Save your configuration and restart your usenet downloader Find any .NZB file. Go to one of free usenet indexer (drunkenslug.com or nzbgeek.info or any other), create free account, login, find any content using search system or categories, download corresponding .NZB file. Turn back to your usenet downloader. Open downloaded .NZB file using it. Download should start automatically.
  4. Is that PGA game playable? It looked like it. Somewhere I can look for research on it? Reply............ Yeah Its playable, I currently have the install discs, dongle dump and emulator program, but you need to have a USB I/O card either a Nytric USBI/O, GVRI/O Mini, or a Nytric USBI/O Extreme, from my understanding in order to get it to boot, plus I haven't figured out a way to use a mouse and keyboard, and or controller, this is a Trackball game which you may already know. So who knows how to nop out I\O instructions, and de-hasp the executable so we dont have to use the dongle emulator, or I/O card, plus there is a card reader that needs it instructions removed or emulated somehow, this can be bypassed for local play but in order to play in tournaments and online you need a GlobalVr players card and card reader. Maybe JoyToKey will work for trackball emulation but I dont no how to configure it properly. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Jackalus AKA REAVER, Coffeeman AKA Mohkerz?
  6. How does one go about fixing a problem in Luigis Mansion where the display is outta range? Im using Tecknoparrot, I have tried editing the resolution to different settings, in the DefaultConfig.csv file located in the config folder. And by also ticking the checkbox in the TP GUI to windowed and to no availability it still doesn't work correctly, mind you the game runs great other than the fact that the display is too large to fit in the Teivision screen dimensions. Furthemore I got all the newest games working, without bothering any moderators or forums and that was a small task, But this one is baffeling me rite now, Im anxious to get this running correctly, What is the SOLUTION to running games in TP with custom resolutions if there is no configuration file to edit?
  7. @ Shippo right click the link above and open in new tab. Then click the go to site button!
  8. Some interesting tidbits...... [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  9. IGS Power Truck

    Hola a todos. Tengo una DONGLE del juego POWER TRUCK SPECIAL, si a alguien le interesa, podemos usarla para hacer funcionar el juego. Siento no poder escribir en ingles, pero espero puedan traducir mi texto....................................................... ¡Genial! Bueno, descargue el dongle y cárguelo en un sitio de alojamiento como megaupload o incluso google drive. Si necesitas ayuda puedo orientarte en la dirección correcta.
  10. Works for me on Windows 10 Pro v10.0.17763 Build 17763. Try updating your graphics card driver if you can, and I also had to install Net Framework from versions 1.1 all the way to 4.72 and also all the versions of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages.
  11. I got it figured out. Apparently it was just a corrupted download. After inserting some files from the install disc back into the extracted folder I ran sdaemon.exe and it kept coming up with bad CRC check failed messages and game wouldn't start past the pre-load screen . So I tried extracting in WinRar again and kept getting checksum failed messages. Then i scrapped that download and started with a fresh download. And voilà it finally ran with no issues after that. Thanks for chiming in to help!
  12. I'm having a problem extracting with 7z. I used the password that was provided. I also tried extracting with WinRar..... It only partially extracted some of the folders and files. Any help on this one guys?
  13. Here is a link to the original thread by ED12......... [Hidden Content],115417.0.html Here is a link to a new thread [Hidden Content] I Cant find the restore disks for the life of me, but there is a group on Facebook with all the needed dump files and restore ISO's here is a link......... PGA Tour Golf by Global VR & EA Sports Owners Page - Online [Hidden Content] Hope this can help you or someone out! And by the way thank you for uploading Madden!
  14. Ouch! why so harsh Mohkerz? I am new to the scene obviously, And I apologize sir I didn't mean to offend you in any way. Im just trying to play some of these arcade games. Don't no what to say about the name comment but its a online name and in no shape way or form does it reflect who I am in real life, Lol. And Ive been on 8cc and BYOAC trying to make sense of all this confusion when it comes to gaming Arcade style on unsupported rigs, well for me at least. I was trying to be proper in my talk when I spoke about de-hasping. On 8cc in some of the comments they are talking about not asking for dumps that have not been released publicly because they haven't been "deshaped" yet if I'm correct. And finally there is a dump of PGA TOUR Golf Team Challenge with the Hasp emulator that is working and has the feature of a online server that will allow folks to play online together since support for the original server was stopped by GVR some time ago. Im 40 years old and still learning bruh! Sorry I got off on a bad foot with you, no pun intended. And pretty please sir with a cherry on top if you have the time patience, or the means too upload the golf game, It would be so appreciated by myself and many others hopefully, Its one of my favorite games. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the day! Sincerely, Ramone