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  1. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.225) | Arcade PC

    google is your friend.. [Hidden Content] „MJ5 is an arcade mahjong game developed by Sega AM2. It is a sequel to MJ4.“ Sega RingEdge correct me if i am wrong ;-)
  2. i made a autohotkey (ahk) script to launch victrooper with the locale emulator and close with escape-key. you only have to change the locale emulator path & victroopers path to your path. sorry for my bad english ;-)
  3. @keroando download the attached rar file, unzip it and copy it in the gamefolder (make a backup of the hodM4.elf first) patched 2player hod4M.rar and here is the link for the tp...140: [Hidden Content] releases GEN2/TeknoParrot_1.0.0.140.rar
  4. i can´t edit the elf file with a hex-editor. i don´t find the offset 0x2D5827 in the hod4M.elf. anyone can help me and send me a 1920x1080-patched/2-player elf file with the changed offset, please? got it i was using the new tp, with tp ...140 it works
  5. the GAME ISO download don´t work anymore :( where can i find the loader from mohkerz? can anyone reupload it or send me a link?
  6. @shadowflare7799 i had the same problem and found a solution you have to go to the testmenu and calibrate your guns, then it worked
  7. Game Loader All Rh

    @djexpert i tested it in HD (1920x1080) and it worked thank you
  8. Game Loader All Rh

    @wallmachine what bigbox-theme is this?? i want it too :D where can i find this bigbox theme?
  9. thanks for the fast answer, but how can i do this? do i need any extra tool like xpadder or joytokey or do I have to adapt a ini file? the triggerbutton works with the mouseenabler.exe but the mousecursor goes always back to the middle of the screen
  10. big thanks @mohkerz for the new far cry patch i use game loader all rh 3.3.2 and i tested it with and without the mouseenabler.exe but i have a problem.. the trigger-button (in my case the left mousebutton) don't work for me :( i think the mouseenabler.exe (v3) don't work anymore... how can i use the mouse again with this very cool game? did anyone have the same problem? please help i am on win10 1803 sorry for my bad english
  11. Game Loader All Rh

    big thanks @djexpert for the new version (3.3.2) of the game loader i have one problem with silent hill arcade... the mousecursor-change don't work for me :( i tested loadermode dg and 6 and press ctrl + f several times but the mousecursor is still the standard-windows-cursor... i am on win10 1803 did anyone have the same problem? please help sorry for my bad english
  12. [Arcade PC] Left4Dead Survivors (Taito Type X3)

    hi, how did i start the game with simulated nesys? need help, please