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  1. TeknoBudgie - Counter-Strike Neo . [Hidden Content] FadeTitleTimeout = 300
  2. it worked for me without download and install visual studio.. the only thing that doesn‘t work for me is fullscreen
  3. anyone able to play this game fullscreen and not windowmode?
  4. Game Loader All Rh

    thanks for the new hd patch ... but the 1440x1080 resolution dont work for me :( it works with setting a custom resolution (1440x1080) in my graphic driver software
  5. maybe you need demulshooter or the mousefix, or your settings are wrong
  6. its a 1920x1080 hex edited file and works with gameloader
  7. how does it work? can you tell us please?
  8. @dex77 : thanks for your answer @spiderzsoft : it is confusing if you write RH Loader in your post, although its not needed...
  9. RH Loader load Teknoparrot, but not JConfig... How did you change your RH Loader settings to load JConfig for UDX+? Screenshot please
  10. demulshooter 8.5.6 is ok for tp
  11. demulshooter and lindbergh games only work with TP a update for demulshooter for new tp versions is in progress. correct me if i am wrong ;-)
  12. google is your friend.. [Hidden Content] „MJ5 is an arcade mahjong game developed by Sega AM2. It is a sequel to MJ4.“ Sega RingEdge correct me if i am wrong ;-)