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  1. Is there anyway someone can post the above version of "Crime Patrol" at a site that DOESN'T force you to install unwanted junk programs??? I also can't download at 4shared because I don't use ANY social media & I will not give out my email to ANY site that FORCES me to download ADWARE... ESPECIALLY since you still have to even AFTER signing-up(check the fine-print)! I can't be the only 1 that has a problem with 4shared being the site chosen to host the file(almost ANY site would be an improvement over that Dictatorial,Malware-loaded Landfill)... PLEASE,link to "CRIME PATROL" somewhere OTHER than sites that MAKE you download unwanted "software" before getting the file for the game ... That can't be too much to ask,considering how this is the ONLY file for this game that I've seen,with these kind of graphics...
  2. Is there anyway someone can post a new link to download the game? The limit was reached on Yandex so no one can download the Main game file anymore... The Sound&Video-Fix file is still available for the moment tho(downloading that now in case it too will be unavailable soon)... Sorry,but there are NO other ways to get this game that I've seen so far or I wouldn't request this... Also,my name is just to make it clear I don't understand any language other than english.But GoogleTranslate is making it easy to understand the majority of what is posted here. I just wanted to make it clear in case I misunderstand something... Many Thanks to everyone working to make this rare game available &(more importantly)WORKING to those outside Japan(Like others here,I'm a fan of SilentHill & Lightgun Games,also)! P.S.-If it's possible,someone should post it on GoogleDrive or something. Yandex takes HOURS & also Crashes during download too much to be a good choice for posting(failed just as it was near the end)... Just asking if possible...